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Welcome Unit FIRST IMPRESSION 第一印象

10:45p.m. Han Jing s World


So this is it-senior high school at last. I'm not outgoing so I’m a little anxious right now. I want to make a good first impression. Will I make any friends? What if no one talks to me?

晚上10:45  韩静的世界


就是这样,终于到了高中了! 我性格不外向,所以我现在有点儿焦虑。我想给人留下好的第一印象。我会交到朋友吗?要是没人跟我说话怎么办?


I just had my first maths class at senior high school! The class was difficult, but the teacher was kind and friendly. He even told us a funny story and everyone laughed so much! I found most of my classmates and teachers friendly and helpful.




This afternoon. We had our chemistry class in the science lab. The lab is new and the lesson was great, but the guy next to me tried to talk to me the whole time. I couldn’t concentrate on the experiment. I really wanted to tell him to please be quiet and leave me alone. 




What a day! This morning. I was worried that no one would talk to me. But I was wrong. I didn't feel awkward or frightened at all. I miss my friends from junior high school, but I believe I will make new friends here and there’s a lot to explore at senior high. I feel much more confident than I felt this morning. I think that tomorrow will be a great day!



Reading for Writing

Ann. 15

Lakeside High School, USA

My name is Ann Wells and I’m a Grade 10 student at Lakeside High School. I’m an active person and I love sports, I’m curious about everything. I often ask questions, but I learn best by doing. My favourite subject is physics, Dancing and skating are my hobbies, and I also like to read short stories. I plan to become an engineer in the future.



Thando,16,South Hill High School, South Africa

I’m Thando Gowon. I’m 16 this year. I come from South Africa. I’m a Grade 10 student al South Hill High School. I look good, think fast, and play hard. You'll never see me without a book or a pen. If I'm not in class, I’m either in the library or in the computer lab. Al the weekends, I play computer games if I’m not busy studying. My dream is to  start my own IT company

赞杜:16岁,南山中学, 南非




Hi! My name is Adam and I’m a freshman at senior high school. Going from junior high school to senior high school is a really big challenge. The first week was a little confusing.嗨!我叫亚当,是高中一年级的新生。从初中到高中真是一项巨大的挑战。第一周有点让人困惑。

First,I had to think very carefully about which courses I wanted to take. The school adviser helped me choose the suitable ones:maths,English,chemistry,world history,and Chinese. I know that Chinese is a very difficult language,but I hope to be fluent when I graduate. My adviser recommended that I should sign up for advanced literature because I like English and I’m good at it.首先,我必须非常仔细地考虑我想上哪些课程。学校指导老师帮我选择了适合我的课程:数学、英语、化学、世界历史和汉语。我知道汉语是一种非常难的语言,但我希望毕业时能说得很流利。因为我喜欢英语而且成绩不错,我的指导老师建议我选修高级文学。

I had to choose extra-curricular activities,too. I tried to join the school football team,but the coach told me that I didn’t play well enough. Obviously,I was unhappy,but I won’t quit. I’ll find a way to improve on my own so that I can make the team next year. I joined a volunteer club instead. Every Wednesday,we work at a soup kitchen and hand out food to homeless people in the community.我也不得不选择课外活动。我试图加入学校足球队,但教练告诉我,我踢得不够好。显然,我很不开心,但我不会放弃。我会自己想办法改进,这样我明年就能入选球队了。相反,我加入了一个志愿者俱乐部。每周三,我们会在施舍处干活,把食物分发给社区里的无家可归者。

I know I’ll have to study harder as a senior high school student and get used to being responsible for a lot more. I’m a bit worried about keeping up with the other students in my advanced course,and it’ll be quite difficult to get used to all the homework. Still,I’m happy to be here. Studying hard isn’t always fun,but I’ll be well prepared for university or whatever else comes in the future.我知道作为一名高中生,我必须更加努力地学习,并习惯对更多的事情负责。我有点担心在我的高级课程中跟上其他学生的水平,要习惯所有的作业会相当困难。不过,我还是很高兴来到这里。努力学习并不总是有趣的,但我会为大学或未来发生的任何其他事情做好充分准备。

10 September 2018


Reading for Writing  P18

Dear Worried Friend,


You wrote that you are very worried about your friend,Chen Lei. I understand quite well that you are anxious and feel terrible. You think that your friend plays computer games too often and spends too much time online.


I recommend that you talk to your friend about his behaviour. It is not unusual forteenagers of your generation to be attracted to computer games and the online world. But spending too much time online is unhealthy and makes it very difficult to focus on other things in life. Some students even become addicted to the Internet and cannot concentrate on school and family life. I think you should encourage your friend to try new hobbies. Why not discuss the problem together? I am sure he will listen to you,since you are his good friend.


All the best,


Susan Luo


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