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1. _____ of danger in the street at night, she had to go home, with a friend ____ her.

   A. Warning, following     B. Having warned, following

   C. Having been warned, following      D. Warned, followed

2. Michael never dreamt of ___ for him to be  sent abroad very soon.

   A. being a chance    B. there's a chance   C. there to be a chance   D. there being a chance

3. Farmland ___ quickly, so they are considering _____ a programme to solve the problem.

   A. is getting lost, starting   B. is lost, to start   C. is losing, starting    D. loses, to start 

4. Which do you enjoy ______ your holiday, going abroad or staying at home?

   A. spending      B. to spend    C. being spent  D. spend

5. This problem is far from      , so it has to be discussed again at tomorrow's meeting.

   A. settledB. settlingC. being settledD. being settling

6.  What is the way George thought of      enough money to buy the house?

   A. to getB. gettingC. having gotD. being got

7. -Henry doesn't seem like the same person.

-       so much in the war has made him more thoughtful.

   A. For him to seeB. His seeingC. Having seenD. To be seeing

8 . -I really appreciate         to holiday with you on this nice island .

    -It's my pleasure .

   A. have time B. having time C. to have time D. to having time 

9 .They really have a great time too , designing everything , drawing the blue prints ,       the angles and so on .                    

   A. looking out B. taking out C. finding out D. figuring out     

10. David apologized for ______ to inform me of the change in the plan.

   A. his being not able        B. him not to be able

   C.  his not being able        D. him to he not able

11. At the seventh International Ballet Competitions , Fernando Bujones won the first gold medal ever          to an American male dancer .

   A. awarded B. to be award C. being awarded D. should be awarding 

12.The student, if well _____ , will pass the examination without much difficulty.

   A. preparing        B. prepared        C. to prepare       D. ready

13.      a little money , Jane was able to buy her mother a lovely new watch .

   A. To save B. Saving C. Saved D. Having saved  

14.We saw new houses        wherever we went on our visit.

   A. builtB. being builtC. buildingD. to build

15.That gas pipeline project,       in July 2002 and        in 2005, will be China's longest gas pipeline in history.

   A. starting; completing B. started; to be completed

   C. to start; completedD. starting; completed

16. Tom does speak Chinese well, but his reading and writing skills leave much _______.

   A. to improveB. to be improvedC. improvingD. improved

17. To get an education, _______.

   A. working hard is very important               B. working hard is needed

   C. one must work hard                        D. it is needed to work hard

18.-Where is our English teacher?

    -She is in the classroom, _____ the exercises _________ the students have done at home.

   A. explaining; /B. explaining; for

   C. explained; toD. explained; from

19. Comparison may make something appear more beautiful than it is when        alone.

   A. to seeB. seeingC. is seenD. seen

20.-What happened to you on your way back to the hotel last night ?

    -I lost my way in complete darkness and ,        things worse , it began to pour .

   A. making B. to make C. having made D. made 

21. It rained nonstop for ten days , completely       our holiday.

   A. to ruin B. ruined C. having ruined D. ruining 

22. ______ as the "First Lady of Speech", Dr Lillian Glass is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on communication skills.

   A. KnowingB. Having knownC. KnownD. To be known

23.At the computer operation test, one is supposed to stay at his own machine, keep his eyes on his screen, ______ to anyone.

   A. and not to speakB. but could not speak

   C. instead of speakingD. or rather speak

24. The bank is reported in the local newspaper      in broad daylight yesterday.

   A. being robbedB. to have been robbed

   C. robbedD. having been robbed

25. He sat back on the chair, took a book and began to read, ___.

   A. being looked at ease            B. looked rather at ease

   C. to look rather at ease            D. looking rather at ease

26. With online course Crazy English has over 20 million students all over China          the class through the Internet .

   A. attend B. attended C. attending D. to be attending 

27. In order not to be disturbed ,I spent three days       in my study.

   A. lockingB. lockedC. to lockD. lock

28. As we all know, it was _____ that resulted in the terrible car accident.

   A. because of her carelessnessB. her being careless

   C. because she was carelessD. she was so careless

29. With a lot of difficult problems ____, the manager felt worried all the time.

   A. settled        B. to be settled        C. settling         D. to settle

30. ____ at a college or university in the USA, Chinese and other international students must demonstrate a strong ability in spoken and written English.

   A. Having been accepted      B. To be accepted     C. Being accepted           D. Accepted


1. C

warn这一动作发生在主句动作had to go之前,应用-ing的完成形式,且与主句的主语存在着被动关系;a friend与follow之间是主动关系。故选C。

2. D

of为介词,后应用-ing形式,且此处是there be结构。故选D。

3. A

由题意知,农田逐步消失,故应用is getting lost,表示渐进的过程;consider作考虑讲时,后应接动词的-ing形式或带有疑问词的不定式结构。故选A。

4. B

此题极易受enjoy后接动词-ing形式的干扰,从而错选A或C。其实,enjoy的宾语是which,即在going abroad与staying at home作出选择;to spend your holiday是作目的状语的。故选B。

5. C


6. A

此题可采用减元法。 George thought of 是way 的定语从句,可以去掉,则该句变为What is the way_____ enough money to buy the house?way的定语可用to do或of doing。故选A。

7. B

很明显答语在结构上缺少主语。To do 与-ing都可充当主语,但 to do充当主语多表示某一具体的动作,且多表将来。故选B。

8. B

appreciate enjoy finish avoid动词后应用动词的-ing形式充当宾语。故选B。

9. D

figure out 与design,draw是并列的,作状语,结构形式上也应一样。故选D。

10. C

介词for后应用动词的-ing形式,排除B、D;所有非谓语动词的否定词not都应加在非谓语动词之前,即not to do ,not doing, not having done, not done,故选C。

11. A


12. B

本题考查过去分词充当条件状语的用法。此题可采用增元法,把if从句补全为if he is well_______ ,显然,B为正确答案。

13. D


14. B

本题考查非谓语动词充当宾语补足语的用法。过去分词表示被动和完成,-ing形式表示正在进行;在see 、watch、 make、 hear等词后的宾语补足语应用不带to的不定式,表示动作的全过程。本句句意为不管我们到哪儿参观,都看到新房子正在建设,且build与houses存在被动关系;故选B。

15. B


16. B


17. C

非谓语动词作状语,其逻辑主语要和主句的主语保持一致。to get的逻辑主语应为one(人)。故选C。

18. A

explain的逻辑主语是she,用explaining表伴随状语,the students have done at home为定语从句,省略了关系代词that/which。故选A。

19. D

本题可采用增元法。When it is_____alone(当单独看它时)。显然,D为最佳选项。

20. B

to make things worse/worse still/what's worse更糟糕的是,是一固定短语,多充当插入成份。故选B。

21. D


22. C

know 与Dr Lillian Glass存在被动关系,应用过去分词。故选C。

23. A

not speak与to stay at his own machine,keep his eyes on his screen是并列关系,形式应一致。故选A。

24. B

动词不定式完成时的用法有二一是表示过去完成的动作,二是表示与过去事实相反的动作。本题考查Sb is reported/said to do结构中完成时的用法。故选B。

25. D


26. C

本题考查have sb do/doing;have sth done的用法区别。have sb do 让某人做某事,have sb doing,让某人处于某种状态,have sth done让别人做某事。故选C。

27. B

本题应跳出思维定势的干扰,不是考查spend some time doing的用法。此句的语义环境为为了不被打扰,我把自己关在书房里呆了三天。lock in my study 作伴随状语。故选B。

28. B

本题可采用减元法,把强调句型中的It was…that…去掉,就不难看出该句缺少主语。Her

being careless是-ing形式复合结构,在句中充当主语。故选B。

29. B

本题考察with+宾语复合结构的用法。用动词不定式to be settled作宾语补足语,表示动作还未发生。经理之所以这么焦急是因为有很多困难要处理。

30. B

要想被美国的大学接受,外国留学生要有较好的口语和书面语的能力。动词不定式to be accepted在句中作目的状语。

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