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1.全卷分试题卷和答题纸两部分,试题卷12页,答題纸2页,合计14页,有四部 分考查内容,满分为150分,考试时间为120分钟.




做题时,先将答案标在试卷上。录音内容结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上的答 案转涂到答题纸上。


听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出 最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有10秒钟的时间来回答有关 小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。

1. What color is the cat?

A. Black.     B. Grey.     C. Brown.

2. Where does the conversation most probably take place?

A. On a boat.     B. In a car.     C. On a plane.

3. How much did the woman’s boyfriend pay for the ring?

A. $2,500.     B. $3,000.     C. $ 5,000.

4. How do the speakers intend to travel?

A. By bus.     B. By bike.     C. By subway.

5. What will the weather in Arizona be like in the coming week?

A. Rainy.     B. Warm.     C. Cold.



听第6段材料,回答第6. 7题。

6. What are the speakers discussing?

A. When to watch the movie.

B. How to watch the movie.

C. Where to watch the movie.

7. What do we know about the movie?

A. It is an English film.

B. If is an award-winning film.

C. It is a foreign film to the speakers・


8. What does the woman think of her boss?

A. Rude.     B. Foolish.     C. Careless.

9. What do we know about the woman?

A. She is managing a school.

B. She has found a new job.

C. She has left her position.

10. What does the man probably want to be?

A. A dancer     B. A dance teacher.     C. A shopkeeper.


11. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A. Friends.     B. Family members.     C. Teacher and student.

12. What do we know about Masika?

A. She is good at musical instruments.

B. She was born during the wet season.

C. She studied in Beijing as a little girl.

13. Which country is the woman probably from?

A. England.     B. China.     C. Kenya.


14. What is mainly happening in the conversation?

A. The woman is asking a government officer for help.

B. Two friends are chatting about the environment.

C. The man is interviewing the woman for a job.

15. What is the reason for the woman's interest in River Thames?

A. She enjoys boating on it with her friends.

B. She wants people to have a good environment.

C. She wonders how it will affect sea animals.

16. When did River Thames get badly polluted according to the woman?

A. About 50 years ago. B. About 60 years ago. C. About 70 years ago.

17. What would the woman do first about River Thames?

A. Start by cleaning it.

B. Work with other groups.

C. Ask city leaders for money.


18. How old is the speaker?

A. 16 years old.     B. 18 years old.     C. 21 years old.

19. What was the first lesson of the day?

A. Maths.     B. Physics.     C. English.

20. How did the speaker feel in the end?

A. Grateful.     B. Puzzled.     C. Disappointed.



阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 纸上将该项涂黑。


My dad was a farmer in the Midwest and he spent his winters selling insurance. Dad could really talk up anyone and his favorite thing to do was find out their income. Once we were at Chicago's O'Hare airport. Dad was sitting with me as I waited for my flight to Fort Lauderdale. A Russian guy who sat down next to my dad could not speak a word of English but this did not stop my dad. He found out his business, how many children he had and of course how much he made.

I used to be a little embarrassed by this, but I changed later. It was in the last year of dad's life. As I was home visiting with my husband and twins and I was in the car with my mom, she told me a story about how she was in the doctor's office with dad and how he was his usual self-talking away to the others in the waiting room. She said he started talking to this young man in a wheel chair who could not talk, could not move his arms or head, really couldn't do anything. But dad was asking questions and got the young man to smile in response. And he carried on like that with the disabled man till he was called back to the doctor's office. When the young man and his father got up to see the doctor, the father of the young man came over and shook my dad's hands and said, "Thank you for speaking to my son. Most people just turn away when they see him.''

My father ended up dying later that month, a sudden heart attack. Fortunately, all the 9 children of his had been home that summer to visit. I told this story at his funeral(葬礼). Truly, my dad was one who never knew a stranger.

1. What was the author's dad most interested in when talking with strangers?

A. What fields they worked in.

B. What insurance they bought.

C. How much they made yearly.

D. How many children they had.

2. The young man's father thanked the author's dad for .

A. calling in the doctor in time

B. chatting with his disabled son

C. comforting the other patients

D. teaching his disabled son to smile

3. Why did the author tell the story mentioned in Paragraph 2 at her dad's funeral?

A. To well remember her dad.

B. To entertain the whole family.

C. To introduce her dad's business.

D. To change strangers, opinion of her dad.


The Good Gym was created by Ivo Gormley, 29, who discovered that combining a weekly run with a visit to a housebound(足不出户的)friend of the family was just the inspiration he needed to keep him exercising. It helped that his elderly friend was a former boxer who could offer training tips. As Gormley did his suggested sit-ups, he thought about this: how few people have the time or energy to volunteer and yet use gyms to burn off energy, and how little dialogue there is between working people and the elderly.

Through working with charities and local community centers, the Good Gym matches runners with an individual(个人 )coach 一 a housebound elderly person who would like a regular visitor. They are encouraged to take a newspaper or a modest gift to the value of £1.

Cawley, 38, a hairdresser, heard about the Good Gym through Twitter. "It seemed such a great idea," she said. It took four months for her to be checked by the Criminal Records Bureau・ Then she got Mulcahy to run to, based on the distance she requested.

Having a break in her running works well from a training point of view: she does a speed run to Mulcahy's house, rests there, then does a more gentle, warm-down jog on the way home. Cawley is from Stockport and has no grandparents in London, so she enjoys chatting to her elderly coach. While the Good Gym advises runners to stay for about 10 minutes, Cawley sometimes chats to Mulcahy for an hour. Although he has family, and regular visits from professional carers, Cawley thinks he enjoys a visit from someone who does not worry like relatives and is not there out of professional duty. She didn't really know what he thought of "this person turning up and chatting to him” until she told him she was going away on holiday. He said, "I'll really miss you."

4. What inspired Ivo Gormley to start the Good Gym?

A. His elderly coach's advice.

B. People's care for the elderly.

C. His own personal experience.

D. People's craziness about sports.

5. What was Cawley's attitude towards the Good Gym?

A. Unclear. B. Supportive. C. Doubtful. D. Unconcerned.

6. Why did Mulcahy enjoy Cawley's regular visits?

A. The visiting time of Cawley is longer.

B. Cawley treated him like her granddad.

C  The care from Cawley is very professional.

D. He felt more comfortable with Cawley's visits.


Computer technology has changed the way we deal with the world, from allowing us to communicate with others more easily to entertaining us with video chatting. Newer generations are growing up with this technology, but we should know that the computer is a double-edged sword. It does have its benefits, primarily in education and gaining information, but it can also be harmful to children during a very important time of growth. Too much computer use can affect children's physical and mental health as well as social skills.

Using the computer is an activity much like watching television. You don't get very much exercise, simply sitting down. Computers cause other health problems as well. Too much use of a keyboard and a mouse can cause hand injuries, back problems and so on. At a time when children are growing physically, it's especially important to note the benefits of physical activity.

Too much computer use can affect a child's attention and focus(专注度). Though some computer games have been shown to help a child develop certain cognitive(认知的)skills, there are still many games and other forms of computer entertainment doing nothing to develop a child's mind. Addiction(上瘾)to programs, games and videos makes it more difficult for children to focus on tasks for a long period of time, and this can affect a student's studies and grades. In more extreme cases, children with computer addiction will fail their classes completely. Computer addiction is a very troublesome thing, and once it starts, it's very difficult to stop.

Computer use is also an activity which most children enjoying doing alone, and it can go hand in hand with addiction. Children who spend more time on the computer than other people in general, may fail to develop necessary social skills. Social skills are important not only for communicating with others, but for developing self-respect and working in social environments, both of which are very important for children's growth.

7. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word in Paragraph 2?

A. Know about. B. Set down.

C. Pick out. D. Depend on.

8. In the author's opinion, kids’ too much computer use can lead to     .

A. physical violence B. cognitive disorder

C. shortage of entertainment D. poor performance in study

9. Children with computer addiction may get unsocial because     .

A. they ignore social environments

B  they seldom communicate with others

C. they think social skills unnecessary

D. they find it hard to develop self-respect

10. What is the real concern of the author?

A. Children's physical growth.

B. Children’s learning situation.

C. The influence of the computer on children.

D. The importance of computer technology to children.


根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多 余选项。

The standing broad jump is an exercise where the jumpers must jump as far as possible. Unlike other classic Olympic events, the jumper cannot run to build up strength. This exercise takes great attention, and it can be difficult to improve. ___11___

___12___ Use a form to fill out the greatest distance you have reached every workout. You should also write down which techniques you have used so that you will know what actually works on you. Set a distance goal for a future date, and once you reach this goal, set a new one.

Throughout the jump, jumpers should always look forward, toward their goal distance. ___13___ Try to achieve a great distance without jumping very high at the takeoff and be sure that all of your energy is pointing forward rather than upward.

Using the power from your upper body to push yourself forward can help you achieve a great distance. This can be a great way to warm up before trying the jump. Start by standing in the correct position with your toes lined up and feet shoulder-width apart. ___14___ Now bend your knees and jump as your arms move forward again.

Having more strength in your legs will allow you to jump a greater distance. Practicing the standing broad jump will exercise your legs as well, but having strong leg muscles to begin with will help you achieve greater distances. ___15___

A. However, improvement is well worth it.

B. This will set the direction they want the body to.

C. The best way to improve is to have a goal in mind.

D. Improving the standing broad jump requires great attention.

E. You must stand in one spot to jump without any kind of lead-in.

F. So you should exercise your legs as much as possible to build muscles.

G. Next, move your arms forward, then backward and up over your head.



阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该项涂黑。

I had moved to Arizona just before the start of my high school. This was a new school and I did not ___16___anyone・

On the first day of school at lunch after getting my meal  I sat down at a(n) ___17___table. As I began to eat, I ___18___ another girl sitting alone, so I ___19___ to go and sit with her. ___20___ , there was no reason for me to have a whole table to myself, so I walked over and said, "Hi, do you ___21___ if I sit with you?" She was ___22___ at first, but then smiled and ___23___ .

We chatted happily and became close friends. Towards the end of our senior year she told me she'd been ___24___ by a college and would be moving away. I was sad that I would ___25___ her but also was happy for her,

She then shared with me something very ___26___. "Do you remember the first day of school when you ___27___with me during lunch?" she asked. "Of course! Why do you ask?”I replied. "I want to let you know how___28___ you are and that you really make a ___29___,"  she continued.

"I felt really down that day, to the point that I had ___30___ detailed plans on how I would kill myself. If you hadn't done that, I wouldn't ___31___ be standing here. You ___32___my life and all it took was ___33___ a friend."

It's been years since the ___34___ . I still chat with her and I can't help but ___35___ every time.

16. A. like B. know C. help D. find

17. A. common B. small C. empty D. unusual

18. A. noticed B. disturbed C. remembered D. frightened

19. A. begged B. decided C. promised D. pretended

20. A. Thus B. Instead C. However D. Anyway

21. A. mind B. doubt C. ask D. worry

22. A. moved B. surprised C. interested D. relaxed

23. A. apologized B. sighed C. agreed D. argued

24. A. inspired B. accepted C. punished D. refused

25. A. forget B. follow C. cheat D. miss

26. A. shocking B. exciting C. rewarding D. disappointing

27. A. set off B. broke up C. fought on D. sat down

28. A. honest B. serious C. special D. clever

29. A. suggestion B. choice C. mistake D. difference

30  A. changed B. prepared C. discussed D. ruined

31. A. relatively B. especially C. regularly D. probably

32. A. spared B. started C. saved D. improved

33. A. being B. expecting C. losing D. pleasing

34. A. term B. cooperation C. incident D. celebration

35. A. smile B. debate C. explore D. compete



Once upon a time, there was a poor fisherman ___36___ always dreamed of becoming rich. He wished to become ___37___ millionaire, and so did his wife. He got a piece of news that a ship full of diamonds and gold had sunk in the nearby seashore. Because of this, for a long time he kept searching that whole area ___38___ this treasure.

One day, while he was sitting on the boat daydreaming, he suddenly felt that the fishing rod(鱼竿) ___39___ (sink) down rapidly by a heavy object. He ___40___ (excite) pulled hard at it, and ___41___ came into sight made him shout, "Wow! A big, shiny gold chain!" He pulled hard at the gold chain to get ___42___ into the boat, but there seemed ___43___ (be) no end to it. His boat started to sink and the sea water filled his boat. However, he began dreaming of a big house, a big piece of land and buying ___44___ (horse) and …He kept pulling at the chain while the boat kept sinking. He tried to float on water before the ship had entirely sunk in the water. Unfortunately, with his feet ____45____ (catch) in the gold chain, he drowned.




46.我们非常感谢你为保护我们的孩子不受伤害所做的努力。(appreciate; protect)(用所给单词,翻译句子)

47.他假装对大城市的生活很熟悉,这让我很生气。(pretend; familiar) (用所给单词,翻译句子)

48.向老师咨询你在学习中所遇到的问题,你会受益匪浅。(consult; benefit) (用所给单词,翻译句子)

49.我们最终到达了一个群山环抱的村庄,那里的美景给我们留下了深刻印象。(surround; impress) (用所给单词,翻译句子)

50.当被问及时,她确认未经允许学生不应接近湖边。(confirm; permission) (用所给单词,翻译句子)


51.假定你是李华,你的澳大利亚朋友Tony将去中国朋友家做客,发邮件向你询问有关 习俗。请你回复邮件,内容包括:

1. 到达时间:

2. 合适的礼物;

3. 其它注意事项。

注意:1. 词数80左右;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

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