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1. 答第Ⅰ卷前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号填写在答题卡上。

2. 选出每小题答案后,用铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如需改动,用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案标号。不能答在本试卷上,否则无效。





1. What is the time now?

A. 7:00 pm.             B. 7:30 pm.                 C. 8:00 pm.

2. What drink does Anna want?

A. Peach juice.         B. Some coffee.             C. Tomato juice.

3. What is the man doing?

A. Buying a car.         B. Renting a car.             C. Booking a ticket.

4. Who is interested in fashion designing?

A. James.             B. Lily.                     C. Michael.

5. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. The city scenery.     B. Sightseeing on weekend.     C. Avacation plan.




6. Why doesn’t the woman buy the jackets?

A. She doesn’t need one.

B. She finds them expensive.

C. She doesn’t think they’re beautiful.

7. What is the woman’s attitude toward the skirts?

A. Satisfied.             B. Disappointed.             C. Uninterested.


8. What did the man look like two years ago?

A. He was slim.         B. He was short.             C. He was overweight.

9. What makes the man active?

A. Playing basketball.     B. Having enough sleep.     C. Eating a healthy diet.


10. Where will the pictures be shown?

A. In the classrooms.         B. In the school hall.         C. In the meeting rooms.

11. Who will open the art show?

A. A pop singer.             B. ATV actor.                 C. The headteacher.

12. What is Rebecca going to do at the art show?

A. Sell tickets.                B. Serve drinks.                C. Introduce the pictures.


13. What do we know about Quebec City?

A. The Battlefields Park is a famous historical place.

B. It has the largest waterfall in the center of the city.

C. The winter ski resort is only opened at daytime for adults.

14. What can we do in Mont-Sainte-Anne?

A. Enjoying the outdoor concerts.

B. Trying skiing at different levels.

C. Taking photos of the largest waterfall.

15. What is the passage mainly about?

A. The long history of Quebec City.

B. The main attractions in Quebec City.

C. The social customs of Quebec City.





Jane Goodall was born in Bournemouth, England, on April 3, 1934. As a child, she had a natural love for the outdoors and animals. When Jane was about eight she read the Tarzan and Dr. Dolittle series and, in love with Africa, dreamed of traveling to work with the animals.

Finally, at age 23, she left for Nairobi, Kenya. There, Jane met famed Dr. Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey, who offered her a job at the local natural history museum. She worked there for a time before Leakey decided to send her to the Gombe Stream Game Reserve in Tanzania to study wild chimpanzees. He felt her strong interest in animals and nature, and her knowledge as well as high energy made her a great candidate to study the chimpanzees.

In December 1958, Jane returned home to England and Leakey began to make arrangements for the expedition (考察), securing the appropriate permissions from the government and raising funds. In May 1960, Jane learned that Leakey had gained funding from the Wilkie Brothers Foundation.

Jane arrived by boat at the Gombe Stream Game Reserve on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika with her mother. The early weeks at Gombe were challenging. Jane developed a fever that delayed the start of her work. Finally, an older chimpanzee named David Greybeard, began to allow Jane to watch him. As a high ranking male of the chimpanzee community, his acceptance meant other group members also allowed Jane to observe. It was David Greybeard whom Jane first witnessed using tools. Excited, she telegraphed Dr. Leakey about her observation. He wrote back, “Now we must redefine ‘tool,’ and ‘man,’ or accept chimpanzees as humans.”

Jane continued to work in the field and, with Leakey’s help, began her doctoral program without an undergraduate degree in 1962. At Cambridge University, she found herself at odds with senior scientists over the methods she used — how she had named the chimpanzees rather than using the more common numbering system, and for suggesting that the chimps have emotions and personalities. She further upset those in power at the university when she wrote her first book, My Friends, the Wild Chimpanzees, aimed at the general public rather than an academic audience. The book was wildly popular, and her academic peers were outraged. Dr. Jane Goodall earned her Ph.D. on February 9, 1966, and continued to work at Gombe for the next twenty years.

1. It can be inferred from the passage that ______ .

A. Jane was the first to discover chimpanzees use tools

B. a journey to Kenya rooted Jane’s deep love for animals

C. Dr. Leakey easily raised funds from the Wilkie Brothers Foundation

D. Jane’s work at the Gombe Stream Game Reserve went along smoothly

2. What is the academic peers’ attitude towards Jane’s first book?

A. Extremely puzzled.B. Genuinely pleased.

C. Really angry.D. Truly sensitive.

3. What does the underlined sentence imply in paragraph 5?

A. Jane’s study of chimpanzees received no support from scientists.

B. Jane’s method inspired more scientists to make further discoveries.

C. Jane’s achievements quickly attracted attention from senior scientists.

D. Senior scientists disagreed with Jane’s method in observing chimpanzees.

4. What message is mainly conveyed in the passage?

A. Passion and hard work can make a difference in scientific research.

B. Cooperation is the key to making significant discoveries.

C. Challenging senior scientists is a must in gaining fame.

D. High energy counts in achieving great success.


Thirty-two cases of illegal hunting or trading wild animals have been uncovered involving 33 suspects since a crackdown against illegal wildlife trade was launched on April 10.

Beijing police seized 74 wild animals grouped in China into the first-grade and second-grade state protected animals  including African grey parrots and cockatoos, as well as nearly 50 wild birds and 21 pangolin scales.

On April 16, police in the capital city’s Chaoyang district caught two suspects, who were respectively identified as Liu and Wang, for buying wild animals, and recovered more than 40 wild birds, including one cockatoo and one African grey parrot, at their homes, the statement said, adding the two suspects have been detained (拘留).

In another case, a 35-year-old man surnamed Hu was also sentenced to imprisonment in Daxing district after he was found selling wild animals through QQ, a popular instant messaging tool in the country. He was caught on April 14.

The bureau highlighted the importance of protecting the wildlife, noting Chinese laws and a new decision adopted by the nation’s top legislature (立法机关) have also shown the country’s determination against illegal trade of wild animals.

The Chinese Criminal Law clarifies that those illegally hunting, buying, selling or transporting wild animals on the state protection list, endangered animals or the wildlife-related products will face an imprisonment of more than 10 years and fines if their behaviors are identified as “extremely serious”.

On Feb 24, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the country’s top legislative body, also passed the decision that clearly states all wildlife on the protection list of the existing Wild Animal Protect Law or other laws, and all wild animals, including those artificially bred and farmed, are not permitted to be hunted or traded.

With the strict crackdown campaign against illegal trade of wild animals on the go in Beijing, the whole nation is attaching great importance to wild life protection.

5. The author mentions the cases at the very beginning of the passage to ______ .

A. explain the new laws on wildlife protection

B. show the present situation of wildlife extinction

C. highlight the problem of illegal trade of wild animals

D. introduce Beijing’s campaign against illegal wildlife trade

6. What can we learn from the first three paragraphs?

A. The number of wild animals is decreasing sharply.

B. Hunting and trading wildlife has become a nationwide concern.

C. Effective actions have been taken to prevent wildlife from illegal trade.

D. The strong action to stop trading illegal wild animals has a long way to go.

7. According to the Chinese Criminal Law, ______ .

A. serious actions of trading wild animals will face fierce punishment

B. people risk heavy fines but no imprisonment for trade of wildlife

C. the trade of wildlife-related products will receive no punishment

D. those who hunt illegally may face 10 years of imprisonment

8. Which best describes the author’s tone in the passage?

A. Determined.B. Hopeful.C. Unconcerned.D. Doubtful.


An international team of scientists has discovered a stellar black hole in Earth’s “cosmic backyard” containing the mass of 70 suns.

It’s a black hole that forms after stars die, collapse, and explode. Researchers had long believed that the size limit was only 20 times the mass of our sun because as these stars die, they lose most of their mass through explosions that force matter and gas swept away by stellar winds.

This theory has now been toppled by LB-1, the newly discovered black hole. Located about 15,000 light years away, it has a mass 70 times greater than our sun, according to a press release from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our galaxy (星系), according to most of the present models of stellar evolution,” said Liu Jifeng, head of the team that made the discovery.

“LB-1 is twice as massive as what we thought possible. Now theorists will have to take up the challenge of explaining its formation.”

Scientists are now scratching their heads at how LB-1 got so huge.

The team has proposed some theories. LB-1’s sheer size suggests that it “was not formed from the collapse of only one star,” the study said — instead, it could potentially be two smaller black holes orbiting each other.

Another possibility is that it formed from “fallback supernova (超行星).” This is when a supernova — the last stage of an exploding star — ejects (喷射) material during the explosion, which then falls back into the supernova, creating a black hole. This fallback formation is theoretically possible, but scientists have never been able to prove or observe it.

There are several types of black holes and stellar black holes like LB-1 are on the smaller side, according to NASA. Supermassive black holes are much bigger — they can be billions of times the mass of our sun.

Scientists believe supermassive black holes may have connection with the formation of galaxies, as they often exist at the center of the mass star stems but it is still not clear exactly how, or which form first.

9. According to scientists, what might account for the formation of LB-1?

A. The material ejected in the explosion of a supernova.

B. The smaller black holes moving around each other.

C. The evolution of the solar system.

D. The collapse of a certain star.

10  What does the word “toppled” in paragraph 3 probably mean?

A. ConfirmedB. Strengthened.C. Overturned.D. Refused.

11  What is the purpose of writing this article?

A. To inform readers of the basic knowledge about black holes.

B. To share the recent development of the black hole discovery.

C. To show the importance of discovering black holes for science.

D. To report achievements scientists have made in black hole theory.

12. What might be the best title for the passage?

A. The Latest Discovery of Galaxies

B. Proposed Theories of Black Holes

C. The Possible Formation of the Black Holes

D. Biggest Stellar-mass Black Hole Discovered



Besides being fun, well-managed festivals and events offer a host of economic and social benefits to communities. ____13____ There are risks and costs related to the effort.

Festivals attract visitors and boost the economy. ____14____ On-site spending includes admission fees, parking fees, food, beverage and souvenir sales — and more. But off-site spending related to festivals brings income for communities, too. For example, visitors stop at local gas stations, souvenir shops, and restaurants — the list goes on. Festivals also provide free marketing and advertising for local businesses as visitors talk about their fun experiences when they go back home. If visitors post comments and photos about their experiences on Facebook or other social media, so much the better. The economic benefits of successful festivals affect local tourism and non-tourism-related businesses alike.

____15____ Planning and conducting festivals involves many members of the community, which produces a number of social benefits. “The best thing about being involved with festivals and events is the opportunity to help build a community, develop a sense of pride within a community, and engage a community,” says Chris Romano, a business consultant with Thrivent Financial Services. “Honestly, in my professional career, I’ve never found something outside a community festival that can do that to the same degree.” Experts agree that hometown pride is a critical factor in the development and improvement of any community. People with community pride are more likely to speak positively about their town to others and to volunteer with organizations and activities that support the common good.

Festivals will teach visitors new things. Whatever a festival’s theme, it’s bound to be instructional and visitors are bound to learn from it. Of course, education is another social benefit of festivals. ____16____ Learning is a big byproduct of the annual Lady Slipper Celebration in the northwestern Minnesota community of Blackduck. The community launched the celebration, named after the Minnesota state flower, to showcase and promote understanding of the area’s natural resources and Native American culture. This educational experience helped visitors connect to the area, who were pleased with their experience and planned to return to the area.

A. But hosting festivals also poses challenges.

B. Festivals may help to improve community pride.

C. Festivals play a significant role in developing relationships.

D. This is hands-on, experiential learning offered in the fun context of celebration.

E. They spend money, which boosts the local economy both on and off the festival site.

F. While a successful event raises a community’s fame, a less-than-successful effort does just the opposite.




After four silent years, the 27-year-old has finally introduced herself to the world again with Hello, the opening song from her third album 25. The album will ____17____ on Nov 20. As soon as her comeback single debuted (首发) on Oct 23, Hello ____18____ became the most downloaded song on the iTunes charts in 85 different countries, and ____19____ the record for the most views on the video website Vevo in 24 hours.

Although Adele is a very ____20____ singer now, music wasn’t always ____21____ she saw herself doing. At age 10, when she saw her grandmother’s ____22____ over the death of Adele’s grandfather, she ____23____ herself as a heart surgeon (外科医生). “I wanted to fix people’s hearts,” she said, remembering the childhood ____24____ she’d had in biology classes ____25____ she found out that her real talent was for singing.

Adele didn’t go to medical school, but many would ____26____ that she still has healing powers. Her songs find “the kind of memory every listener holds somewhere in their ____27____ .This kind of emotion is what people have always liked in Adele”, said The Telegraph. “She writes a pop diary, ____28____ the simple secrets of her heart.”

____29____   Adele keeps her own diaries of her albums. Most successful pop stars make albums at a fast pace, but not Adele. After her second album 21___30___the 2012 Grammy Award for Album of the Year, she made it ___31___with her label that she would spend “four or five years” making her next album. “I’m in it for the long run,” she told Vogue magazine. “You’re only as ____32____ as your next record.”

Instead of chasing ____33____, Adele moved to the countryside and remained ____34____ . In her free time, she loved to watch TV ____35____ Teen Mom, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead. Living life as normally as possible is ____36____ to the singer’s art.

17. A. carry onB. come outC. settle downD. turn up

18. A. slightlyB. brieflyC. approximatelyD. quickly

19. A. brokeB. consultedC. soughtD. measured

20. A. familiarB. successfulC. modestD. considerate

21. A. thatB. whichC. whatD. when

22. A. attentionB. reliefC. faultD. pain

23. A. picturedB. spottedC. remindedD. forgave

24. A. devotionB. beliefC. interestD. scene

25. A. onceB. untilC. as thoughD. now that

26. A. argueB. admireC. appreciateD. agree

27. A. heartB. lifeC. childhoodD. generation

28. A. hidingB. earningC. sharingD. exploring

29. A. In her turnB. In factC. By chanceD. On the contrary

30. A. announcedB. respectedC. deliveredD. won

31. A. obviousB. energeticC. worthwhileD. unexpected

32. A. limitedB. violentC. goodD. cheerful

33. A. supportB. fameC. dreamD. independence

34. A. silentB. secureC. powerfulD. faithful

35. A. projectsB. performancesC. quizD. series

36. A. fundamentalB. impressiveC. attractiveD. unbelievable





Mark Twain  the pen name of Samuel Clemens, was an American writer, journalist and humorist. He won a worldwide audience for his ____37____ (novel) of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Clemens was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, of a Virginian family. He was brought up in Hannibal, Missouri. ____38____ his father’s death in 1847, he was apprenticed (当学徒) to a printer and wrote for his brother’s newspaper, and he worked unbelievably hard. He later worked as a licensed Mississippi river-boat pilot. The Civil War put an end to the steam boat traffic, and Clemens moved to Virginia City, ____39____ he edited the Territorial Enterprise. On February 3, 1863, “Mark Twain” was born when he signed a ____40____ (humor) travel account with that pen name.

In 1864, Twain left for California, and worked in San Francisco as a reporter. He visited Hawaii as a reporter for the Sacramento Union, ____41____ (publish) letters on his trip and giving lectures. He set out on a world tour, traveling in France and Italy. His experiences were recorded in 1869 in the Innocents Abroad, which ____42____ (gain) him wide popularity.

Between 1876 and 1884 he published several masterpieces, ____43____ which time, Twain also produced many essays. Twain died on April 21, 1910. After all these years, many of his masterpieces ____44____ (appreciate) today by people all over the world.









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