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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)



1. What does the woman plan to do this weekend?

A. Visit Tom.    B. Attend a party.    C. Go to the beach.

2. How will the woman pay?

A. In cash.    B. By check.    C. By card.

3. What does Jim do?

4.What does the man suggest the woman do?

A. Learn slowly.    B. Practise more.    C. Take lessons.

5. Whose birthday party will the speakers attend? 

A.  Amy's.    B. Derek's.    C. Karl's

第二节(共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5 分)

听下面5段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的A,B,C三个选项中选出最佳选项。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题5秒钟;听完后, 各小题将给出5秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独白读两遍


6 What is the woman probably doing?

A. Buying a jacket.

B. Sending a package.

C. Getting through customs(海关).  

7. How many coins will the woman give to the man?

A. Three.    B. Four.    C. Five.


8. What's the news about?

A. A new job.    B. A popular restaurant.    C. An amazing movie.

9. Why does the woman come to see the man?

A. To tell him about a meeting.

B. To invite him to dinner.

C. To know about a job.

10.What day is it today?

A. Thursday.    B. Friday.    C. Saturday.


11. What is the woman doing?

A. Listening to music.    B. Seeing a film.    C. Writing a letter.

12. How long will the woman stay in Japan?

A. For a month.    B. For a year.    C. For two years.

13  What will the woman do before she leaves for Japan?

A. Attend a language class.

B. Apply for a new program.

C. Read more Japanese novels.


14. What kind of coffee does the man prefer?

A. Black.    B. Strong.    C. Sweet.

15. Which drink does the man like most?

A. Tea.    B. Coffee.    C. Juice.

16. What is the man going to do?

A. Leave a tip.    B. Get a jar.    C. Meet a friend.


17. Who founded the British Museum?

A. Sir Hans Sloane.    B. King George II.    C. The UK government.

18. What can we learn about the museum?

A. It is round.    B. It is totally free.    C. It has global collections.

19. Where is the Easter Island Statue exhibited?

A. In Room4.    B. In Room24.    C In Room 40.

20.Who is Neil?

A. A travel guide.     B.A tourist.    C. A program host.

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)




Enchanting Places as if in Fairy Tale(童话)

Bibury, U.K.

Artist William Morris believed Bibury to be "the most beautiful village in England" when he visited in the 1800s. The enchanting town still has the quint homes and rural charm that any fairy tale should start in. When, you live in a town like this, it's hard to be unhappy.

Colmar, France

It's easy to see why this small town in the Alsace region of France is known as "little Venice", Lining its canal-which is just begging for a lazy boat ride-are colorful buildings and cobblestone streets.

Rakotzbrücke Bridge, Germany

Passing under Rakotzbrücke Bridge in Kromlau, Germany, you just might feel like you're on your way to selling your soul. So it is known as "devil's bridge" along with other ancient bridges. When reflected(倒映)in the water, the structure makes a perfect circle.

Hallstatt, Austria(奥地利)

You might feel like you're living in a fairy tale when you see photos of adorable lakeside village of Hallstatt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with about 800 people, the tiny village more than makes up for its small population with its stunning landscape.

1. Which place is the "most beautiful village in England"?

A. BiburyB. Colmar

C. Rakotzbrücke BridgeD. Hallstatt

2. Why is Colmar known as "little Venice"?

A. People might feel like in a fairy tale.

B. People admire its colorful buildings and busy streets.

C. People are sure to feel happy when living in Colmar.

D. People can enjoy relaxing boat trip along the canal.

3. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Rakotzbrücke Bridge is a "devil's bridge" as if someone steals your soul.

B. Hallstatt is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site for a small population.

C. Small villages are lining along Colmar's canal.

D. These enchanting places are all in Europe.

【答案】1. A    2. D    3. D


"Why did the fox steal my shoes?" sounds like the start of a brain teaser(脑筋急转弯). But for people in Berlin, it was a real question that a local fox behind a series of shoe thefts.

About two weeks ago, Meyer, a local person who lives in Berlin, noticed that one of his new running shoes had disappeared from his porch, and he decided to examine the thief.

Meyer quickly learned that he was not the thief's only victim(受害者), and a tip helped him catch the fox. Days later, Meyer spotted the fox again; he followed it and discovered the fox 's secret place of more than100 shoes.

Meyer got a photo of the thieving fox and its ill-got shoes, which he shared on Twitter. The shoes contained(包含) sneakers, and slippers of different colors, shapes, and sizes, though the largest number of shoes is Crocs.

This isn't the first time that an urban fox has shown a seeming shoe fetish(恋物). In August 2010, a fox in Melbourne, repeatedly visited a woman's porch and stole three boots over the course of a week. In a small town in western Germany, a female fox stole about 110 to 120 shoes in just one night, presumably " for her babies to play with", according to Reuters.

It's unknown whether all of these foxes were acting independently or whether their actions were linked, perhaps as an international shoe-stealing group with a bad purpose that humans can only imagine.

4. What can we know about Meyer according to the passage?

A. His shoes were stolen.

B. He was physically attacked by a fox.

C. He was the thief's only victim.

D. His favorite shoes were Crocs.

5. What did Meyer do when he found the fox's hiding place?

A. He drove the fox away.

B. He destroyed the fox's hiding place.

C. He took different kinds of shoes back.

D. He took a picture and posted it on a social media.

6. Which does the underlined word mean?

A. TotallyB. PartlyC. CertainlyD. Possibly

7. How does the author sound in the last paragraph?

A. DelightedB. SeriousC. HumorousD. Terrified

【答案】4. A    5. D    6. D    7. C


People used to say that British food was boring and bland (乏味的). Nowadays people in Britain have a world of food to choose from.

Travel around London and you'll find food from around the globe. You might come across restaurants and cafes serving foreign food from Armenia, Bangladesh, China, France, etc. Take a look on the Internet and you'll find even more, from Africa, South and Central America and the Pacific. Some restaurants mix different cuisines(烹饪)to create fusion(融合) food . It is similar across the rest of the UK, and growing.

It hasn't always been the case. Once upon a time, other Western Europeans described British food as boring and bland, too heavy and full of fat, with tasteless soups and puddings only the British could love. Sixty years ago, there were only four Indian restaurants in the UK. Now there are over 9,500. There were Italian restaurants in Britain in the nineteenth century but no real Chinese restaurant until the 1930s. The first Indian restaurant opened three hundred years ago.

So why did the British grow bored with their food? Firstly soldiers, administrators and planters who had worked overseas encouraged others to try out new food. In the 1970s, the British began to take holidays abroad and discovered new tastes. And at the same time, people from around the world settled in the UK to live and work, bringing food from home which attracted the British.

Traditionally, Britain 's national dish has always been fish and chips, but it is more exotic (异国风味)than that. Many people, including former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, now consider chicken tikka masala the national dish. It contains chicken in creamy sauce, Indian style. You won't find it in India though-one story is that it was invented by an Indian chef in Glasgow in the 1930s. It has come to symbolize(象征)multicultural Britain and could be considered as an example of "fusion" food.

8. What is the main idea of Paragraph 2?

A. London is a multicultural global city.

B. It is easy for Londoners to travel to different countries.

C. Many restaurants in London belong to different countries.

D. People in Britain have different kinds of food to choose from.

9. Which of the following statement is true?

A. Indian cooking has a long history in the UK.

B. Western Europeans used to enjoy British food.

C. Four Indian restaurants opened in the UK three hundred years ago.

D. Real Chinese restaurant opened in the UK in the nineteenth century.

10. Which is not the reason why British People grew bored with their food?

A. British people working abroad encouraged others to try out new food.

B. Travel offered British people opportunities to change their diet.

C. Non-British people working in the UK brought food from their countries.

D. British food mainly contains fish and chips, which is boring and tasteless.

11. Why did Robin Cook consider chicken tikka masala the national dish?

A. Because it was invented by an Indian chef.

B. Because it is a traditional British dish and more exotic.

C. Because it is a kind of fusion food and the sign of a multicultural Britain.

D. Because British doesn't have as many dishes to show off as other countries 

【答案】8. D    9. A    10. D    11. C


Macao is only forty miles from Hong Kong and it is easy to reach  You can get there by sea. It is an interesting place and it had a long history. Macao is part of China and most people living there are Chinese.

The first Europeans to go to Macao came from Portugal. More than four hundred years ago the Portuguese went there to trade with China. Some settled and made their homes there. They built strong forts to guard the city and the harbor. They also built churches, schools, hospitals and other places. Slowly the city grew. People from many countries came to live and work in Macao.

Today many people visit Macao. Some only go there to watch dog-racing or motor-racing or to gamble with their money. But Macao is a quiet and peaceful place. It is pleasant just to walk around and look at old buildings and forts. You feel you are back in the old days. Of course, some of the buildings are now in ruins. The Church of St. Paul has only the front wall with many steps leading up to it. But it is still interesting to see.

When you are hot and tired, there are small cool gardens to rest in. when you are hungry, there are good restaurants with many kinds of food. Nearby there are some islands, which are also nice and are easy to get to. There is certainly a lot to do in Macao.

12. Macao is easy to get to because_________.

A. it is part of China and most people there are Chinese

B. it is an interesting place

C. it is very fast and cheap by sea

D. it is not far away from Hong Kong

13. You feel in Macao you are back in the old days because_________.

A. most of the buildings are now in ruins

B. you can watch dog-racing or motor-racing

C. you can go about to see the old buildings and forts

D. it is a peaceful place

14. Where will you have a break when you feel worn out?

A. In good restaurants.B. In small cool gardens.

C. On some islands.D. In beautiful parks.

15. The writer’ s idea seems to be that_________.

A. people from many countries came to live and work in Macao

B. Portuguese were willing to do business in China

C. people in Macao serve good food

D. Macao is a quiet and peaceful place with a lot to see and to do

【答案】12. D    13. C    14. B    15. D



How to Make Friends

Having friends may well keep you healthier and help you deal with difficulties better. It is not very hard to make friends. Continue reading to find out how to make friends.

___16___There are many ways to do this-talking about the weather ("At least it's not raining like last week!"), asking for help or saying words of praise ("I love your shoes.")

Introduce yourself at the end of the conversation. It can be as simple as saying "Oh, by the way, my name is..." ___17___.Remember his or her name!

Join a sports team. As long as you enjoy the sport, you don't have to be really good at playing a sport in order to make friends with others.___18___.If you play the guitar or sing, try joining a band.

Be a good listener.___19___.Ask questions about their interests, and just take the time to learn more about them.

Encourage your friend. A very good friend encourages their friend.___20___. Never make fun or laugh at your friend in front of others. If someone is making fun of them, a good friend will come to save their friend.

A. Start a conversation.

B. Find out common interests.

C. And sports team isn't the only way.

D. The key to being a good friend is the ability to keep secrets.

E. They will remain with them in both good as well as bad times.

F. Once you introduce yourself, the other person will do the same.

G. Listen carefully to what people say, and remember important information about them.

【答案】16. A    17. F    18. C    19. G    20. E

第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)



      The friendship between us lasts forever. Mary Allen was my best friend— ___21___a sister. We did ___22___together, piano lessons, movies, swimming, horseback riding, and ___23___.

When I was 13,my family moved. Mary and I kept in___24___through letters, and we saw ___25___on special occasions—like my wedding and ___26___.Soon we were busy___27___children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less___28___.One day a card that I ___29___came back stamped “Address Unknown”.I had no ___30___how to find Mary.

Over the years, I thought of Mary often. I wanted to 1___31___stories of my children and then grandchildren. I needed to share my sorrow when my brother and then my mother died. There was an ___32___place in my heart that only a friend like Mary ___33___fill.

One day I was reading a newspaper ___34___I noticed a picture of a young woman 1___35___looked a lot like Mary and whose last name was Wagman—Mary’s married name.“There must be thousands of Wagmans,” I thought,but I wrote to her ___36___.

She called as soon as she got my letter.“Mrs Tobin!” she said ___37___,“Mary Allen Wagman is my mother.” Minutes later I heard a voice that I ___38___at once, even after 50 years. We laughed and cried and asked about each other’s lives.

Now the empty place in my heart is ___39___,and there’s one thing that Mary and I know___40___: we won’t lose each other again!

21. A. likeB. soC. namelyD. as

22. A. everythingB. nothingC. nowhereD. everywhere

23. A. suchB. muchC. so onD. many

24. A. secretB. touchC. friendD. pace

25. A. otherB. othersC. each otherD. another

26. A. Mary’sB. hisC. MaryD. their

27. A. forB. inC. atD. with

28. A. oftenB. possiblyC. probablyD. hardly

29. A. gaveB. tookC. sentD. missed

30. A. doubtB. ideaC. questionD. wonder

31. A. readB. shareC. findD. discover

32. A. eagerB. equalC. emptyD. enough

33. A. couldB. canC. willD. must

34. A. whileB. sinceC. onceD. when

35. A. whomB. whoC. whichD. whose

36. A. anywayB. howeverC. meanwhileD. therefore

37. A. disappointedlyB. rudelyC. excitedlyD. coldly

38. A. realizedB. acceptedC. receivedD. recognized

39. A. clearedB. fixedC. filledD. removed

40. A. by chanceB. on purposeC. for sureD. in a way

【答案】21. A    22. A    23. C    24. B    25. C    26. A    27. D    28. A    29. C    30. B    31. B    32. C    33. A    34. D    35. B    36. A    37. C    38. D    39. C    40. C


English has changed ___41___time. Actually all languages change and develop ___42___ cultures meet and communicate with each other. English now is also spoken ___43___ a foreign or second language in South Asia. For example, India has a very large number of fluent English ___44___(speak) because Britain ___45___(rule) India from 1765 to 1947. During that time English became the language for government and ___46___(educate). English is also spoken in Singapore and Malaysia and countries in Africa such as South Africa. Today the number of people ___47___(learn) English in China ___48___(increase) rapidly. In fact, China may have ___49___ largest number of English learners. Will Chinese English develop ___50___ own identity? Only time will tell.

【答案】41. over    

42. when    43. as    

44. speakers    

45. ruled    46. education    

47. learning    

48. is increasing    

49. the    50. its

第四部分 写作(共两节, 满分35)

第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

51. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。






As is known by all, the Internet is playing a more and more important part on our daily life. On the Internet, we can not only read news at home and abroad but also get much information as possibly. For an example, we often send e-mails and make telephone call to our families and friends. What’s more, they can go to school on the Internet, read different kinds of books and even teaches ourselves English. We can also listen to music, watching sports and play computer games. We can even do shopping without left our houses.

【答案】1. by→to

2. on→in

3. 在much前加as

4. possibly→possible

5. 删除an

6. call→calls

7. they→we

8. teaches→teach

9. watching→watch

10. left→leaving


52. 作为高一新生,你要在第一节外教口语课上做自我介绍,内容需要包括以下要点:

1.英文名、年龄;   2.家庭情况;   3.业余爱好;  4.想和同学们交朋友。


Hello  everyone! I'm happy to introduce myself to you.




Thank you!

【答案】Hello, everyone! I’m happy to introduce myself to you. My name is Lisa. I’m sixteen years old. There are three people in my family, and just like most of you, I’m the only child, which is very common in Chinese families. My father works in a hospital and my mother is a shop assisstant in a shopping mall. We love each other dearly.

Besides my courses, I have various hobbies, such as reading, drawing and swimming. In my spare time, I have also collected a lot of stamps, which are very precious now because we seldom post a letter nowadays.

In a word, I’m pleased to be one of you and I sincerely hope that we can become good friends in our daily life.

Thank you!

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