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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)


第一节(共5小题;每小题1. 5分,满分7. 5分)


例:How much is the shirt?

A. £ 19. 15.                                 B.  £ 9. 18.                        C. £ 9. 15. 


1. Where does the conversation most probably take place?

A. In a factory.                      B. In a hospital.                 C. In the office. 

2. What is the man doing?

A. Turning off the TV.  B. Turning on the TV.         C. Waiting for a TV programme. 

3. What does the woman do?

A. She's a student.        B. She's a salesperson.         C. She's a teacher. 

4. Who will go to see the performance tonight?

A. John and Anne.       B. Michael and Anne.         C. John and Michael. 

5. What does the man mean?

A. He doesn't have enough time to learn English. 

B. He doesn't study English very hard. 

C. He isn't good at English. 

第二节(共15小题;每小题1. 5分,满分22. 5分)



6. What did the agent ask Lily to do?

A. Act in an ad.                 B. Be a TV star.                C. Be a model. 

7. Why does the man agree with the agent?

A. It's challenging.        B. It can make money.     C. Lily can have a colorful childhood. 

听第7段材料,回答第8. 9题。

8. What's the relationship between the speakers?

A. Doctor and patient.  B. Boss and clerk.       C. Husband and wife. 

9. What did the woman do with the man's trouble?

A. She prepared some hot water for him. 

B. She told him to go to bed. 

C. She telephoned the boss immediately. 


10. What happened to Betty?

A. She was disturbed at the concert. 

B. She was removed by the security guard. 

C. She fought with a boy. 

11. What can we learn about Betty?

A. She doesn't like children.      B. She often goes to concerts.   C. She seldom argues with others. 

12. What does the man suggest Betty do?

A. Leave the theatre.               B. Ask for help.                            C. Fight back. 


13. What are the dates for the second course?

A. From July 3rd to July 20th. 

B. From July 20th to August 10th. 

C. From July 24th to August 10th. 

14. Where will the man live during the course?

A. In a hotel.               B. In a local family.                C. In the school campus. 

15. How much should the man pay for the course he chooses?

A. £ 400.                   B.  £ 500.                                   C.  £ 550. 

16. What does the woman ask the man to do in advance?

A. Pay the fee of the course. 

B. Look through their website. 

C. Visit their school in person. 


17. What expression can you get from the faces of the subway riders?

A. Busyness.             B. Excitement.            C. Tiredness. 

18. How long has the speaker been using the subway?

A. About 25 years.  B. About 35 years.    C. About 55 years. 

19. What did the subway mean to the speaker's childhood?

A. A dreamy exploration.  B. A fearful journey.       C. A comfortable experience. 

20. What did Rosie Ruiz manage to do by getting on the subway?

A. Test the subway speed.  B. Cheat in a competition.  C. Steal from the passengers. 


第一节(共15小题;每小题2. 5分,满分37. 5分)



The Lake District Attractions Guide

Lowther Castle & Gardens

Unique historic restoration project; 130 acres of wild gardens dating from the 17th century to

explore, and a beautiful architectural castle ruin, period summerhouses, panoramic lakeland views. and wild play areas. Restored stable courtyard cafe, gift shop and gallery. 

Open:Daily from 10:00 to 17:00(16:00 in winter). 

Lakeland Climbing Centre

We are one of the UK's largest indoor aerial adventure Centres offering climbing and aerial activities for all the family(5 years +). Our award-winning Centre contains Kendal Wall(tallest wall in the country), awesome bouldering rooms, CrazyClimb and Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure. Free car parking. Pre-booking recommended. 

Open:Mon to Fri 10:00-22:00. Sat, Sun& BHa:10:00-19:00(10:00-17:00 May to Aug). 

Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry

This atmospheric museum takes you buck through time to explore the story of the lake District and its inhabitants. Discover the unique traditions of the region through recreated period rooms and workshops lost trades to see how rural people lived, worked and played. 

Open; Monday to Saturday and Summer Sundays. 

10:30-17:00 Summer. 10:30-16:00 Winter. 

21. When is the Lowther Castle & Gardens open in Winter?

A. 10:30-16:00.     B. 10:00-16:00.    C. 10:30-17:00.  D. 10:00-17:00. 

22. What can visitors do at Lakeland Climbing Centre?

A. Buy some gifts in a gift shop. 

B. Climb the tallest wall in the world. 

C. Go on an indoor aerial adventure. 

D. Explore the story of the inhabitants. 

23. Where should visitors go if they want to discover the unique traditions of Lake District?

A. Lowther Castle&Gardens. 

B. Lakeland Climbing Centre. 

C. Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure. 

D. Museum of Lakeland Life &Industry. 


Market traders and street vendors(小贩)are making a comeback across China, and this time

they find themselves equipped with a new set of digital skills essential to directing the vast consumer market. To make mom-and-pop retail stands active, the country's leading e-commerce platforms are lending a helping hand, offering a series of services from inventory support to accessible financing backed by technologies to finally promote domestic(国内的)spending and employment. 

Domestic wholesale site 1688. com is among the first group of tech players with such offerings. At the heart of the action plan is an effort to link street vendors directly with factories, effectively avoiding middlemen and saving time and costs. "The large number of small-scale merchants on the site has managed to gain the upper hand in price negotiations, while manufacturers are more willing to mass-produce goods as the economy of scale serves to reduce costs, thus creating u win-win situation, "general manager Wang Hai said. On the financial front, 1688's parent Alibaba Group is offering interest-free loans worth a total of 70 billion yuan ( $9. 8 billion), with which qualified merchants can purchase goods in quantity. Risk assessment for each applicant is conducted by sister service Mybank. 

Meanwhile, e-commerce giant JD. com has promised to secure quality goods worth more than 50 billion yuan and is offering each stall keeper up to 100, 000 yuan worth of interest-free loans for the purpose of filling their inventory. To stabilize(稳定)employment, JD decided to add a number of job positions that either require flexible working hours, allow working from home or are designed to promote startup businesses. For posts related to logistics, delivery, warehouse management and packaging, people from poverty-stricken areas should be employed first. 

"The novel coronavirus outbreak will accelerate the digital transformation of the real economy, and individual traders and smaller stores are no exception, "said Xu Lei, CEO of JD' s retail unit. "We have the ability and, more important, the responsibility to inject vitality(活力)into these entities, thus contributing to the economic rebound and stabilizing employment. "

24. How do e-commerce platforms help mom-and-pop retail stands?

A. By offering digital skills. 

B. By providing commercial services. 

C. By expanding the consumer market. 

D. By increasing employment opportunities. 

25. According to Wang Hai, 1688. com' s action plan may be an example of

A. barking up the wrong tree

B. putting the cart before the horse

C. robbing Peter to pay Paul

D. killing two birds with one stone

26. What do we know about JD' s plan to create more posts?

A. It covers various job selections. 

B. It aims at expanding their business. 

C. Employees will have to work regularly. 

D. Employees in poor areas will get funds. 

27. What is Xu Lei's attitude towards the development of economy?

A. Disappointed.  B. Confident.  C. Doubtful.  D. Uncaring. 


Although we're surrounded by millions of them every day, most of us don't think about bricks too often. For thousands of years, the humble clay-fired brick hasn't changed. 

They're made from natural materials, but there are problems with bricks at every step of their production. Bricks are made from clay-a type of soil found all over the world. Clay mining harms plant growth. In conventional brick production, the clay is shaped and baked in kilns(窑)heated by fossil fuels, which contributes to climate change. Once made, bricks must be transported to construction sites, generating more carbon emissions. With so many bricks produced globally, their impact adds up. 

Gabriela Medero, a professor at Scotland's Heriot-Watt University, decided to find solutions to that. With her university's support, Medero set up Kenoteq in 2009. The company's signature product is the K-Briq. Made from more than 90% construction waste, Medero says the K-Briq- which does not need to be fired in a kiln-produces less than a tenth of the carbon emissions of conventional bricks. With the company testing new machinery to start manufacturing, Medero hopes her bricks will help to build a more sustainable world. 

The K-Briq will be comparably priced to old bricks. Additionally, as a new product, the K-Briq has been subjected to strict assessment and authoritative certification. Reusing old bricks is an expensive process and there is no standardized way to check the strength, safety or durability(耐久性)of recycled bricks. Medero says that K-Briqs could solve both these problems. She claims that  K-Briqs are stronger and more durable than fired clay bricks. 

Over the next 18 months, Medero plans to get K-Briq machinery on-site at recycling plants. "This will reduce transport-related emissions because trucks can collect K-Briqs when they drop off construction waste, "says Medero. 

28. What inspired Medero to reinvent the conventional bricks?

A. The poor quality of the bricks. 

B. The outdated style of the bricks. 

C. The high cost of manufacturing bricks. 

D. The problems with the brick production. 

29. Why is the K-Briq production sustainable?

A. It won't produce extra waste. 

B. It brings no pollution to the air. 

C. The plants occupy much less land than before. 

D. The products are mainly made from construction waste. 

30. What is paragraph 4 mainly about?

A. The popularity of the K-Briqs. 

B. The advantages of K-Briqs over traditional bricks. 

C. The special materials used in K-Briqs. 

D. The advanced technology used for K-Briqs. 

31. Why does Medero decide to put K-Briq machines at recycling factories?

A. To ensure fewer emissions. 

B. To speed up the production. 

C. To lower the production cost. 

D. To collect more construction waste. 


Margaret Mead, the most famous anthropologist(人类学家)in the world, was born in the USA in 1901, the oldest of five children. Her father was a professor of finance and her mother was a sociologist. After studying psychology as an undergraduate, Mead began a PhD in the relatively new field of anthropology. Mead was particularly interested in primitive communities because she believed that such isolated cultures could serve as"laboratories"that would reveal ways of living that the modern world had forgotten about but needed to remember. 

Having travelled to Samon, a few tiny volcanic, tropical islands in the center of the Pacific Ocean, Mead gradually got interested in gender roles and discovered that modern societies are far more strict in this area than primitive ones. For example, Americans tend to think of men as productive, sensible, and aggressive, while women are often told they're more light-hearted, peaceful, and nurturing. But in her 1935 book, Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies, 

Mead studied tribes in Papua New Guinea and recorded that in the Arapesh tribe, both men and women were peaceful and nurturing, while among the Mundugurnor tribe, men and women were both ruthless and aggressive. 

Mead's striking conclusion is that it isn't gender that makes women curl their hair or listen to people's feelings, or race that makes some nations regularly attack their neighbors. Rather, it's the social expectations and norms that have laid the groundwork for each individual's psychological makeup. "We must recognize, "she reminded her readers, "that beneath the superficial(表面上的)classifications of sex and race, the same potentialities always exist, occurring again generation after generation, only to perish because society has no place for them. "

She is regarded as one of the most influential social scientists of the last century. People around the world mourned the death of Margaret Mead in 1978. A year later, the president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, honored the social scientist with America's highest award for civilians. 

32. What can we learn about Mead from the text?

A. She was influenced by her mother to be an anthropologist. 

B. She majored in psychology and anthropology as an undergraduate. 

C. She believed isolated cultures could expose forgotten ways of living to the modern world. 

D. She discovered modern societies are less strict in gender roles than primitive ones. 

33. It can be inferred from Mead's study in tribes that

A. the world is filled with separate cultures. 

B. no gender characteristics are ever simply"human nature". 

C. knowing another culture will help us reflect on our own. 

D. social standards are responsible for individual's development. 

34. What does the underlined word"them"in the third paragraph refer to?

A. Shared potential among humans. 

B. Classifications of gender and race. 

C. Social expectations and norms. 

D. Individual's psychological makeups. 

35. What's the passage mainly about?

A. The difference between men and women. 

B. The recommendation of Mead's book. 

C. The introduction about a great anthropologist. 

D. The groundwork for each individual's makeup. 

第二节(共5小题;每小题2. 5分,满分12. 5分)



Apps such as WeChat and TikTok have gained popularity in recent years. 36 Also TikTok is

already a household name globally, maybe one of the Chinese brands to truly be recognized universally. 

WeChat is particularly relied upon as a secure part of the structure of our technologically advancing societies. 37 Moreover, a court in Haidian allows litigants(诉讼当事人)to communicate with their lawyers through WeChat video connections. 

Many features of WeChat alongside its well-thought-out design has meant that the app has dominated its competitors domestically, especially during the disorderly origin years of 2012-13, when it was gaining traction. 

The ability to move through web pages without tags and save articles alongside other offline

content within the app simplified the online experience. 38 This is a fantastic application designed to combine the comprehensive nature of the web experience with the simplistic convenience of mobile apps. 

39 An example is that, instead of a loading white screen, users, when opening a PWA app such as WeChat, will simply at first see the content that had been previously browsing, allowing them to pick up where they left off, much like reading a book. 

The intuitive(直观的)design is what makes WeChat not just an app in communicating with friends and family. 40 You can also order a taxi through it. All of these extra features boil down to the one single universal strength of detail in design and multiple app service integration. 

A. Residents in Guangzhou can use the app to store their ID cards. 

B. Many may bring up the fact that you can pay for goods and services. 

C. WeChat alone, as of 2020, boasts more than I billion users worldwide. 

D. The app itself has no doubt also been an influence on many Western apps. 

E. In a web browser, a list of favourite sites saves for future use while browsing. 

F. Users didn't have to switch constantly from app to app depending on the type of multimedia they consumed. 

G. The continuity(连续性)in the online and offline browsing experience makes WeChat successful in keeping our attention on the display of our phones. 




When I opened my door this morning, I saw a sign that says, "Good morning, beautiful business. "It is a reminder to me of just how beautiful our business can be when we put all our care and energy into it. 

I 41 the White Dog Cafe in 1983 on the first floor of my house. It is the house I have lived in since I was a child. Today, much of the food 1 42 comes from the same land where my 43 once farmed. Years ago, it was a simple coffee take-away shop serving students who lived nearby. Over the years, we have 44 our menu and grown to 45 five buildings. I owe my success to making decisions not for the purpose of maximizing(使··. . . . 最大化)46 but instead maximizing the 47 with our customers and community. Today I still have the 48 way of doing business-the way it was in the old days with the family farm, the family inn. When I make a 49, it comes 50 for my decision to be made in the common interest of all 51. 

Business schools teach "grow or die". But I make a conscious decision to continue to be a "small"business 52 I know when we grow in physical size, we would 53 something very important-authentic relationships with the people around us. I have come to realize that we can measure our 54 by measuring how much we improve our knowledge, achieve 55 and deepen our relationships. 

41. A. openedB. ruinedC. visitedD. disturbed

42. A. requestB. manageC. serveD. support

43. A. professorsB. ancestorsC. sponsorsD. customers

44. A. draggedB. triedC. expandedD. carried

45. A. buildB. constructC. buryD. occupy

46. A. imagesB. feelingsC. opportunitiesD. profits

47. A. relationshipsB. promisesC. experiencesD. projects

48. A. neat-handedB. short-sightedC. hard-earnedD. old-fashioned

49. A. decisionB. importanceC. scheduleD. diagram

50. A. extremelyB. awkwardlyC. naturallyD. secretly

51. A. involvedB. invitedC. informedD. interested

52. A. althoughB. becauseC. untilD. before

53. A. take upB. learn aboutC. carry outD. give up

54. A. lifestyleB. figureC. programD. success

55. A. patienceB. protectionC. happinessD. kindness

第二节(共10小题;每小题1. 5分,满分15分)


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has started plans for a"cycling and walking revolution". It, 

if fully 56______(realize), could change the way people move around towns and cities. 

The move comes as authorities' attempt 57_______(improve)public health by arousing people's interest in traveling by bike and on foot. The plans, which are 58_____(special)designed for England, are to be funded by £ 2 billion. 

Wide-ranging in their scope, they include 59_______(aspect)such us:providing cycling training to children and adults 60_______ they want it, developing a network of protected bike routes, and creating "low-traffic neighborhoods. "

Xavier Brice, the CEO of Sustrans, a charity which focused on cycling and walking, 61_____(say)the new plans marked"a big step forward"by the government. "By 62______(help)more people to leave the car at home for shorter journeys, this package of measures will cut pollution and improve the safety of our streets, "he added. 

The coronavirus pandemic has already had a significant effect 63_____ the way people move about. Public transport use in the UK has fallen greatly while some parts of the country 64____(change) their roads lately to make 65 _____easier for people to get around by walking or by bike. 



假定你是李华,你的美国的好友Jack想了解一下在2020年9月8日上午北京人民大会堂隆重举行的“全国抗击新冠肺炎疫情表彰大会”(the meeting commending role models in the

country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic)的情况,请你给他写封邮件,内容包括:

1. 表彰大会举行的时间及地点;

2. 简要介绍受表彰的对象及奖项(钟南山-共和国勋章,张伯礼等-人民英雄);

3. 表彰大会的意义及目的。

参考词汇:共和国勋章:the Medal of the Republic

人民英雄:People's Hero


1. 词数80左右:

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。






Honesty is a vital quality of human behavior and always regarded as a virtue. Every time people refer to the topic, I would recall an unforgettable experience which had a deep impact on my growth. 

I was 16 when one morning, Dad told me I could drive him to Mijas, a town 18 miles away and then take the car in a nearby garage to get it serviced. At that time, I had just passed the driving test, and I hardly had a chance to use the car, so I said yes without hesitation. 

I drove my father to Mijas, promising to pick him up again at 4 pm, then I went to a nearby garage, and put the car in there. Since I had several hours to spare, I decided to go to a movie theater near the garage to see a movie. However, I was so absorbed in the plot of the movie that l forgot the time. When the last movie finished, I looked at my watch:6 pm. I was two hours late!

I thought my father would be very angry if he knew what I was doing. And he would never let me drive again. So I decided to make up an excuse. Then, I drove to the appointed place, my father was sitting in a corner, waiting patiently. I first apologized for being late, then told him that I wanted to get there as soon as possible, but that something was wrong with some of the main parts of the car. 

I would never forget the way he looked at me. "I'm very disappointed that you thought you had to lie to me, Jason. "My father looked at me again and said, "When you didnt show up on time, I called the gas station and asked if there was anything wrong. They told me you never picked up the car. So, you see, I know there's nothing wrong with the car at all. "

Paragraph 1

A wave of guilt swept over me. 



Paragraph 2

"I'm going to walk home now and think where I have gone wrong all these years, "father said to




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