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试卷满分150分, 考试时间120分钟。   适用范围:全国新高考地区  难度:中等






第一部分 听力 (共两节, 满分30分) 略

第二部分 阅读 (共两节, 满分50分)

第一节 (共15小题;每小题2.5分, 满分37.5分)

    阅读下列短文, 从每题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中, 选出最佳选项。


As You Wish

    by Chelsea Sedoti. Sourcebooks, 2019

    Reviewed by Charlotte, Stuart-Hobson MS.

    In the small town of Madison, Nevada, teens turning 18 have one wish. Some wish for popularity, money, physical enhancements (增强)and maybe love. Eldon is turning 18 soon, and has lots to consider before choosing his wish, or maybe not wishing at all.

    From Charlotte“Great book overall, really cool concept, just too long. The title and synopsis(概要) on the back cover, pulled me in, and didn't disappoint. ”Royce Rolls

   by Margaret Stohl. Freeform/Disney2018.

   Reviewed by Maddie, Stuart Hobson    Middle School.

    Bent has been a TV star since she was 12, and plays a teen who loves making trouble. In this funny description of life as a star, she finds another way to look at her world through friendships.

   From Maddie:“This book was interesting and brought new insight into how scripted(用稿子写的)‘reality TV’really is. "

Queens of Geek

    by Jen Wilde. Swoon Reads, 2018.

Reviewed by Jacqueline, Richard Wright PCS.

Two teens on an adventure to the US from Australia. The book is told from each teen’s  perspective (观点 ) as their travels continue.

    From Jacqueline: “It is refreshing to know  that some authors really try to understand the  teens that they are writing about. 1 like this book a lot.”

I Hate Everyone But You

    By Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin.     Wednesday Books, 2018.

    Reviewed by Latia, Richard Wright PCS.

 Written in the form of emails, two best friends from high school share their college adventures with each other.

    From Latia :“ I chose the book because of the cover-the cellphone on the front really  grabbed me. But I feel kind of disappointed at the book because it didn’t really relate to me. The characters were college students, and I’m in high school.” 

21.How does Charlotte like As You Wish?


    C.Cool but too realistic. D.Good but too long.

22.What may you prefer to read if you are interested in travel?

    A.AsYou Wish. B.Royce Rolls.

    C.Queens o f Geek.D.I Hate Everyone But You.

23.What can we learn about Bent?

    A.She was an actor at the age of 12.B.She is a teen who loves making trouble.

    C.She had a big wish on her 18th birthday.    D.She shares her friendship in her book.


Every year, countless individuals are impacted by cancer. Our goal is to walk away from cancer as we give strength to those fighting this life-threatening disease. Walk Cancer Away invites everyone to participate in our annual family friendly walk event and join together to share the strong will power found inside each of us with those around us. With each step we take, with each story shared, and with each donation made we are one step closer to finding a cure. To date, we have raised over $ 700,000 for Dr. Nancy Kemeny’s Colorectal(结肠直肠的) Research Fund at Memorial Slogan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), together with thousands of people supporting this cause over the last 12 years we are committed to.

Walk Cancer Away began as a walk in honor of James N. Rentas. Deeply influenced by his loss due to colorectal cancer, the Rentas family came together 12 years ago to help others who are suffering the disease. Dr. Nancy Kemeny at Memorial Slogan Kettering Cancer Center, who was the doctor treating James N, Rentas, mirrors that same goal.  Her efforts and that of her team at MSKCC are focused on researching to overcome the disease and find a cure.

    Together, they have made great achievements over the years and have provided years of life for those who face adversity.

    In many cases, their continued efforts have led to full remission(缓解) of the cancer in patients. With the deepest gratitude we are thankful to all those who support and participate in the event each year, because without you this would not be possible.

    Although Walk Cancer Away started just 12 years ago, we are forever honored to be able to join in this event that so many of us find so close to our hearts. We ask you, your family, and your friends to join in this year’s Walk Cancer Away Event.

24.What does Walk Cancer Away intend to do?

    A.To contact those suffering from cancer.

    B.To share experiences from cancer victims.

    C.To give money to cancer patients’ family.

    D.To find a way to defeat cancer at length.

25.What do we know about James N. Rentas according to Para. 2?

    A.He died of cancer.B.He donated his fortune.

    C.He did research on cancer.D.He founded Walk Away Cancer.

26.Dr. Nancy and her team at MEKCC have provided years of life for those facing .

    A.an unfavorable situation from natureB.a serious disease hard to cure

    C.a loss of a family memberD.an unpleasant treatment

27.Why does the author make this speech?

    A.To introduce the history of an event.

    B.To raise money for cancer research.

    C.To call on people to join in the activity.

    D.To express thanks to all the participants.


There have been numerous wake-up calls about the effects of climate change on sea life. As ocean waters heat up, they are making coral lose color. Growing levels of carbon dioxide are making seawater more acidic. Now climate change is starting to affect fish's sense of smell, a phenomenon that will worsen in the coining years if global warming continues growing.

A sense of smell is what the fish can't do without. They use it to find food, detect upcoming danger, escape from predators(捕食者),find safe environments, and even recognize one another. “Future levels of carbon dioxide can have large negative effects on the sense of smell of fish, which can affect fish population numbers and the entire ecosystem,” said an ocean life expert. “This can be prevented, but we must reduce carbon emissions now before it's too late.”

Experts believe that about half of carbon dioxide emissions produced by human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels-have over time ended up in the oceans, lowering the pH of seawater, and making it more acidic.

Researchers found that sea bass(鲈鱼)exposed to the more acidic conditions swam less and were less likely to react when encountering the smell of a predator. Also, they were more likely to “freeze", a sign of anxiety, according to the study. They found the longer the fish were in high CO2, the worse they got along. The researchers also measured the ability of the fish to detect certain odors(气味)in different levels of acidity(酸度).The study showed that their ability to detect and respond to some odors connected with food and threatening situations was more strongly affected than other odors.

The research is important because 20 percent of the protein consumed by 3 million people comes from seafood, and about 50 percent of this comes from fish caught from the wild. “Therefore, increases in carbon dioxide in the ocean have the potential to affect all fish species, including those that many people rely on food and livelihood,“ the ocean life expert warned.

28. What do we know from the first paragraph?

A. Global warming will continue in the coming years.

B. Global warming is starting to affect fish's sense of smell.

C. The temperature of seawater is rising to a dangerous level.

D. Few people are worried about the impact of climate change.

29. Why does the author attach great importance to the sense of smell of fish?

A. It can affect the survival of fish.

B. Fish can stay safe with their sense of smell.

C. Fish rely on their sense of smell to find food.

D. Fish can find each other by their sharp noses.

30. Why does the author mention human activities in the text?

A. He wants to blame human beings for global warming.

B. He wants to criticize human beings for overuse of fossil fuels.

C. He concludes that human activities can destroy the sense of smell of fish.

D. He concludes that human activities can improve the ecosystem of the ocean.

31. What is the author's attitude toward the future of fish industry?

A. Satisfied.B. Enthusiastic.

C. Disappointed.D. Concerned.


ByteDance(今日头条)Group's TikTok, an overseas version of Chinese short video sharing app Douyin, faces an existential crisis in the United States, as murmurs of a “crackdown(强制取缔from the White House forced the Chinese company to engage in talks on selling its US business to Microsoft.

TikTok is the fastest-growing registered global mobile internet app, with more than 100 million users, and its rapid growth, especially in the US, is seen as a threat to Facebook. The US government has long viewed globally competitive Chinese high-tech companies including Huawei as a threat and done whatever it could to crack down on(打击)them in the name of “national security”.

The US government has not introduced any specific policy against TikTok, only threatened it through a number of unclear statements.

According to the latest media reports, Microsoft is prepared to press ahead with the negotiations to take over TikTok's US operations and complete the negotiations by Sept 15, following talks between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and US President Donald Trump.

This means that TikTok will have to hand its fate over to some unpredictable power, and even have to sell its assets without the option of setting a price.

The US government has failed to find a reasonable legal excuse to deal with TikTok. All private data of TikTok's US users are stored in the US and are unlikely to be transferred. Considering the US government is trying to deal with TikTok in a political way, TikTok should consider incorporating(合并)the dispute into the US legal process to assert(坚持)its legal rights and interests.

TiKTok's core value lies in its unique algorithms, a product of artificial intelligence that represents the expertise of Chinese engineers and programmers with high-value intellectual property.

The US government's move, which has forced ByteDance to sell TikTok to a US company, is similar to a forced technology transfer and an example of the US' open seizure of Chinese intellectual property.

If ByteDance sells TikTok to a US company for “security reasons", that would set a dangerous precedent, motivating other countries where TikTok operates to follow the US administration's example and cause a chain reaction.

ByteDance is a young Chinese private company that cannot deal with a political game played by the US. But as a Chinese company that has gone global, ByteDance has reasons to take up legal means to defend its legal rights. The Chinese government can also consider examining whether the technology transfer in the deal violates China's law and harms the country's national interests.

32. What is the most valuable as for TikTok?

A. Its global popularity.

B. Its artificial intelligence.

C. Its registered global mobile internet app.

D. Its private data of TikTok's worldwide users.

33. Why does the American government force the Chinese company to hand over TikTok's US operations to a US company?

A. Out of so-called political reasons.B. Out of so-called debt reasons.

C. Out of so-called technical reasons.D. Out of so-called security reasons.

34. What does the underlined word “seizure“ probably mean in Para. 8?

A. An untrue spoken statement about someone.

B. The use of legal authority to take sth from sb.

C. The crime of stealing sth from a person or place.

D. The act of trying to hurt somebody using physical violence.

35. What can be the best title for the news report?

A. TikTok must defend its rights legally

B. TikTok is seen as a threat to Facebook

C. ByteDance has to sell TikTok to a US company

D. ByteDance agrees to transfer technology

第二节 (共5小题;每小题2.5分, 满分12.5分)    

根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。

Young People Enjoy Reading More during Lockdown

More than a third of young people in the UK say they have read more during the coronavirus outbreak. 36  .

Between January and March 2020, the National Literacy Trust and Puffin asked 58,346 young people, aged nine to eighteen, in the UK about their reading habits. They then repeated this with 4,141 young people during lockdown, between May and early June.  37    .

38  . Nearly 60% of those questioned said that reading made them feel better. More than 46% had read a new book and around 14% said they re-read books that they had already enjoyed.

There was an increase in the gap between girls’ and boys’ reading habits. The report found girls enjoyed reading more than boys during lockdown. At the start of 2020, girls were enjoying reading 2.3% more than boys were. This difference rose to 11.5% during lockdown. Before the lockdown, more girls read every day than boys. 39   .

Some children reported that they did not have access to books during lockdown, because schools and libraries were closed. Others said they did not have a quiet space where they could read, and that without encouragement from teachers and friends, they had not felt like reading as much as they used to. 40  . More than half of boys said that listening to audiobooks made them more interested in reading, and 43.2% said it had increased their interest in writing. Half of the people asked said that reading had encouraged them to dream about the future.

A. The survey found that not only were young people reading more, but more than a quarter said they were enjoying reading more.

B. When it came to listening to audiobooks, slightly more boys than girls were found to enjoy them.

C. The findings were released on 13 July by the National Literacy Trust and Puffin, which is one of the world’s leading publishers of children’s books.

D. The lockdown has changed their reading habits.

E. Subtly different from those previously surveyed, their ages range from eight to eighteen.

F. This gap widened during lockdown too.

G. The survey reveals how much the young people enjoy reading during lockdown.

第三部分 语言运用 (共两节, 满分30分)

第一节 (共15小题;每小题1分, 满分15分)

阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

Dino Impagliazzo cuts onions like a professional cook. The Italian man makes a greatvegetable soup,    41    most of his longtime “customers” can’t    42    pay for a piece of bread. Working with a much younger man, the 90-year-old, Impagliazzo is known as Rom’s “chef of the    43   .”

Three days a week, he sets out to gather    44    with other volunteers. They are all part of RomAmoR(RomeLove), a group that he started. The    45    go to markets and bakeries to collect    46    food. The other four days of the week, RomAmoR volunteers cook food and   47    it in different places across the city. Such efforts help Impagliazzo    48    his dream of feeding the homeless.

It all    49    15 years ago when a homeless man at a Rome train station asked impagliazzo for money to buy a sandwich. “I realized that perhaps    50    buying one sandwich, making some sandwiches for him and for the friends who were there would be better, and thus began our    51   ,” he said.

He launched (开始从事) his work to    52    the needy with other retired people. Now there are more than 300 volunteers, both young and old. Impagliazzo recently received a(n)   53    from Italian President. He was recognized as a “hero of our times”. He never    54   his idea would become so    55   .

41. A. thoughB. butC. soD. when

42. A. stillB. eitherC. evenD. yet

43. A poorB. oldC. richD. yet

44. A. clothesB. childrenC. moneyD. food

45. A. cooksB. friendsC. volunteersD. managers

46. A. frozenB. donatedC. fastD. canned

47. A. serveB. gatherC. sellD. throw

48. A. put forwardB. see toC. take overD. live out

49. A. arrivedB. predictedC. beganD. appeared

50. A. instead ofB. because ofC. in case ofD. for lack of

51. A. trainingB. adventureC. explorationD. research

52. A. inspireB. protectC. feedD. save

53. A. awardB. permitC. cupD. menu

54. A. promisedB. agreedC. admittedD. dreamed

55. A. impressiveB. lovableC. successfulD. colorful

第二节 (共10小题;每小题1.5分, 满分15分)

    阅读下面短文, 在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

To raise snails well, you need to spray water to the container every morning and evening,56__________(change) soil every two weeks, and feed them with bok-choy and sweet fruits-this is57 _____________Sun Youxiang, a fourth-grade primary school student in Hangzhou, capital city of east China's Zhejinang province, concluded after raising snails for one year.

From three white jade snails at the very beginning to more than 60 snails of four generations now, he has done a great job in his assignment for his science class. Witnessing the reproduction of animals 58___________ (be) a precious experience for kids. Their 59 __________(create),patience, and respect for life will be stimulated as they learn to take care of animals on their own. Sun's teacher said the assignment served 60__________ a good example of life education. Practice is an essential step in learning, which will benefit the kids for a life time.

Life education allows kids to know how 61__________ (live) with nature and creatures in a friendly way. Starting from this year, science will become an 62 _____(equal) important subject as Chinese and Math in primary schools, 63 __________aims to improve students' knowledge about the surroundings. 64___________ (draw) by curiosity, more kids will be willing to observe and think through practicing, which will add to our recognition of the world in 65_______ long run.

第四部分 写作 (共两节, 满分40分)    

第一节 (满分15分)    

假如你是两周前从电动车上摔下来并且右腿流血较多的高三学生李华,目前你已康复。你 打算写一封感谢信给当时曾经帮助过你的某公司职员David的经理Mr. Green,表达你对 David的感激。




3.希望经理传达谢意给David. 注意:



Dear Mr Green,

I'm Li Hua,                                                                                                    

第二节 (满分25分)


Once there was a ship travelling on the rough sea and on the ship there was a pair of couple. All of a sudden, the ship met with an accident and the couple had no choice but to run to the lifeboat without delay. After reaching there, they realized that there was space only for one person. At that very moment, the husband pushed his wife behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat himself, leaving his wife standing on the sinking ship, shouting something desperately to her husband, eyes filled with tears.”

The teacher stopped her story-telling and asked her students, “Guys, guess what it was that she shouted.”

Most students answered, “I hate you!”

After listening to all this reply, the teacher glanced through the whole class again and noticed that there was a boy sitting silently throughout. Then she asked him the same question.

The boy answered, “I believe she would have shouted — Take care of our child.”

Listening to his remarks, the teacher was surprised and asked the boy doubtfully, “Have you heard of this story before?”

Shaking his head, the boy said softly and sadly, “No, I haven’t. But that’s what my mother said to my father before she died of a deadly disease.”

Moved and feeling sad, the teacher replied, “Your answer is absolutely right!”

Then she continued, “Let’s take up the story. The ship sank eventually and the husband went home and brought up their daughter alone. Many years later after the death of the man, their daughter was tidying up all his belongings when she found his diary. In his diary she found that when her parents were on the ship, her mother had already been diagnosed (诊断) with advanced illness and at the critical moment, the father rushed to the only chance of survival.”




Paragraph 1: 

In his diary, the man mentioned he wished to sink to the ocean with his wife but for their daughter he had to live.                                                                                                                                                          

Paragraph 2: 

The story was finished and the class was silent.                                                                                                   


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