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  英 语









1. Where does the conversation take place? 

A. In a shop

B. In a restaurant.    

C. In a police station.

2. How old is the man? 

A. 19.B. 22.C. 30.

3. What do we know about the man?

A. He once went to Italy.

B. He owns a restaurant.

C. He is skilled at cooking.

4. What does the man suggest the woman do?

A. Check the map.

B. Ask the conductor.

C. Get off immediately.

5. What are the speakers talking about? 

A. Cleaning teeth.

B.Tooth problems.  

C. Seeing the dentist. 




6. Why does the man thank the woman? 

A. She has helped him a lot.

B. She has invited him for coffee.

C. She has agreed to see him on Monday.

7. When does the conversation take place?

A. Before class.B. After class.C. During class.


8. What did the woman dream?

A. The boss was going to fire her.

B. She was going to give up her job.

C. The man was going to give up his job.

9. What does the man think of his present job? 

A. It’s satisfying.B. It’s boring.C. It’s disappointing.  

10. What’s the relationship between the speakers?

A.Workmates.B. Husband and wife.C. Manager and employee.


11. Why is the woman going to the hospital?

A. To take a test.

B. To see a friend.

C. To see her doctor.

12. What does the man say about No.7 buses?

A. They don’t go to the hospital.

B. They are often behind schedule.

C. They don’t run as often as No.13 buses.

13. Which bus will the woman take?

A. No.6.               B. No.7.                C. No.13.


14. Which game are the two speakers going to watch?

A. China against Japan.

B. England against Germany.

C. Thailand against Malaysia.

15. Who booked the tickets?

A. Mary.              B. Toby.                  C. May.

16. What do we know about English footballers?

A. They will never be beaten.

B. They pay more attention to famous footballers.

C. They always have younger team players.

17. What is still unclear?

A. When the match will start.

B. Which country China will play against.

C. Which team the English footballers will beat.


18. How many differences does the passage mention? 

A. Three.            B. Four.                C. Five.

19. How do Chinese hosts and hostesses show their friendliness?

A. By saying “Help yourself”.

B. By offering quite a number of choices.

C. By persuading the guests to eat more.

20. What does the speaker mainly talk about?

A. Differences in ways of eating.

B. Differences in ways of drinking.

C. Differences in ways of communicating.

第二部分: 阅读理解(共两节, 满分35分)

第一节(共10小题; 每小题2.5分, 满分25分)



I'll always remember that day in 1994 when I received a call from my friend Jack. “Hey, Bill, " he said. "I'm going to end the Christmas lighting business. Would your sons be interested in making a few dollars over Christmas vacation?"

I had two sons in college, and Jack explained that he had many customers who paid him to string(串联)lights at their homes. He said he’d sell me the lights for only $ 300. I thought it was a great idea because my sons could earn some money to help with their expenses, but they weren't especially interested. Unwillingly, they agreed to work over their vacations from school.

Jack drove his car to my home and unloaded boxes and boxes of Christmas lights and various other decorations. Since the lights weren't new, they all had to be tested before installation(安装). I also started calling customers to set up installation dates. It seemed everybody wanted it done at the same time. This meant we'd have to start early each day and work long hours to complete all the jobs in the few weekends before Christmas. That doesn't really fit in with the schedule of 20-year-olds who go out every night. So on most mornings, I'd be up before the sun and head out to start decorating alone. My sons did help, but all I remember are the times I spent alone. When it was time to take down the decorations, the boys were back in school and that also became my job.

We made some money the first few years, but each year, the complaints increased. Each year, we lost customers. One day a homeowner in Eaton's Neck told us that if we didn't take down his lights soon, he'd take them down himself and keep them. That was the last year of our business.

21.What was the main purpose of Jack's call?

A. To hand over his business.

B. To find a business partner.

C. To help him make some profits.

D. To donate some Christmas decorations.

22. Why did the author get up early on most mornings?

A. To avoid the traffic jam.

B. To finish testing the lights.

C. To satisfy the customers’ demands.

D. To fit in with his son’s schedule.

23. What does the passage imply about the author’s lighting business?

A. It ended for a bigger business.

B. It didn’t go well in the end.

C. He always depended on his sons.

D. He didn’t make any money from it.


There have been a lot of reports recently surrounding 5G, the next generation of wireless technology for the world. But what is this technology and how might it change our lives?

5G stands for fifth generation, meaning the next step in the development of technology to replace the current 4G system. 4G was the replacement for 3G, which came after 2G, and so on. Earlier "G" systems were designed to improve mobile communication operations. Each new technology brought major improvements in speed and greatly increased network capacity(容量). The new 5G system promises more of the same. However, technology experts say there is a major way that 5G is different than the earlier systems. It will move well beyond mobile network technology to affect many more devices and industries than other "G" versions.

Wireless industry groups say 5G will help fuel future "smart cities" by connecting sensor(传感器)networks. 5G is also expected to connect self-driving cars and support new technologies involving virtual reality. Higher 5G speeds could also permit doctors to commonly perform remote medical operations. Factories and businesses could use 5G technology to increase automation and improve the collection of information.

Every coin has two sides.  Much of the data could contain private details about individuals, businesses or government organizations. The increased data flow would give internet attackers a lot more possibilities to steal and misuse data. In addition, the wider use of a 5G wireless network means any breakdown of the system would have more widespread and severe results. Such difficulties could affect public safety as well as world economic activity.

24. What major effects will 5G have on our lives?

A. It will influence more devices and industries.  

B. It will improve internet speed and network capacity.

C. It will be under the control of mobile network technology.

D. It will contribute to the mobile communication operations.

25.What can we learn about "smart cities" from the passage?

A. Smart city is only based on wireless industry.

B. Self-driving cars have been in wide use in smart cities.

C. Many smart cities have been built all over the world.

D. The development of 5G promotes the construction of smart cities.

26.What is the last paragraph mainly about?

A. The function of 5G technology.

B. The future of 5G technology.

C. The possible risks of 5G technology.

D. The advantages of 5G technology.

27.What’s the author’s attitude towards 5G?

A. Indifferent.B. Objective.C. Supportive.D. Negative.


Cortana, Alexa, Siri, These are names of robotic voices that are often programmed on electronic tablets. They also become default (默认) identities for people with speech disorders who rely on technology to communicate. Now some speech scientists are developing personalized voices to reflect the broader diversity of the people who use them. To do it, they are tapping into a vast network of volunteers who are donating their voices to share with people who can’t speak.

The effort to build an international “Human Voicebank” has attracted more than 17,000 volunteers from 110 countries, including Priyanka Pandya, a 16-year-old from Columbia, Md., who plans to spend her winter vacation recording a string of sentences into her computer “To be able to give somebody the gift of voice, I think that’s really, really powerful,” she said.

“Everyone has a voice,” said Rupal Patel, founder of Vocalic, the company that started the voicebank. “Even people who are unable to speak have sounds that are unique to them.” Her company designs personalized voices by recording the unique sounds of the user, and then mixing them with 6 to 10 hours of recordings from a voice donor, matched by age, gender and region. The company is developing voices now for its first 100 customers.

Also, people’s voices change. The company is looking for donors who are willing to record their voices, and then record them again a few years later, as they get older.

Some of the first customers say they are happy with the results, John A. Gregoire was one of the first customers to receive a personalized voice from Vocalic last December. The voice came eight years after he developed ALS (肌萎缩侧索硬化症) and more than six years have passed since his voice became unintelligible to everyone except his wife and youngest son. “Having a distinctive voice is like getting something back that was stolen.” John said.

28. What can we know about the voicebank?

A. It collects all kinds of voices.

B. It is widely supported by public .

C. It helps to recognize special voices.

D. It is designed for people of all ages.

29. What does the underlined word “unintelligible” mean in the last paragraph?

A. Unclear.B. Gentle. C. Cold.D. Unkind.

30. What could be the best title of the text?

A.Volunteers donate their voices to Vocalic. 

B. Vocalic is devoted to building a voicebank.

C. Voicebank wins fame among with speech problems .

D. Voicebank can benefit people with speech problems .




“You are what you eat.”   31  . But the opposite is also true. In fact, if you’re between the ages of 10 and 19, eating too much junk food can harm your body and your brain. 

Junk food shapes adolescent brains in ways that impair their ability to think, learn and remember. It can also make it harder to control impulsive behaviors, says Amy Reichelt.   32  .

She and two other researchers at Western recently reviewed more than 100 studies (including their own) about how poor food choices can impact adolescent brains. 

They discovered one problem: Adolescent brains are not yet fully formed.   33  . First, adolescent brains are still developing the ability to assess risks and control actions. Second, teen brains get more pleasure than adult brains do from rewarding behaviors such as eating junk food. Third, adolescent brains can be more easily influenced by their environment.   34  . It can also be influenced by diet. Together, these all can combine to make junk food both hard to resist and extra bad for teen health.

Other researchers have found links between brain health and what teenage kids eat. Felice Jacka is one of them. She is an expert in nutrition and psychiatry at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia.

In one 2013 study, she and her team recruited more than 2,000 11- to 14-year-olds living in London, England. They analyzed their emotions and behavior over the previous two weeks in the research. The researchers scored each kid’s answers for signs of depression, and found adolescents who ate the most junk food were nearly 50 percent more likely to show signs of depression.

  35  . The data are unclear. Some research suggests that processed foods, such as lunch meat, increases inflammation(炎症)in the body and the brain. Inflammation is one of the body’s responses to cellular injury and involves swelling. Other research has linked inflammation with depression. 

A. Why might eating junk food be linked to depression? 

B. This can include any stress you’re feeling, any isolation or any drugs you may be taking. 

C. And that actually leads to three problems.

D. When people say that, they mean a healthy diet can boost your health. 

E. That means eating junk food does harm to adolescent health.

F. It may even up a teen’s risk of depression and anxiety, she notes.

G. Why should adolescents resist eating junk food?

第一节:完形填空(共20小题; 每小题1.5分, 满分30分)


On Dec.17 , 2019, Andrew noticed a balloon’s string was   36   to a piece of paper. “Dayami,” it read on one side, in a child’s   37   . Andrew turned the paper over. It was a Christmas   38  . He wondered whether he could find the girl who had sent this one.

It would be difficult,   39   Andrew had a few clues. About 20 miles to the southwest, just across the   40   , was the city of Nogales, Mexico.

“Based on the prevailing wind, I was pretty sure that’s   41   it came from,” he said.

On December 22, 2019, he decided to send a private Facebook   42   to a radio station in Nogales. 

To his   43  , the next morning, Andrew   44   to one message from the radio station: They had   45   Dayami, an eight-year-old girl, and her family, who indeed lived in Nogales. Would they be   46   to arrange a get-together at the radio station?

Andrew went with his wife to Walmat. They bought just about everything on Dayami’s list   47   the dollhouse (it was sold out). They also bought a few other toys, as they had learned that Dayami had a younger   48  , four-year-old Ximena.

Then the Andrew drove for 45 minutes, crossing the border into Nogales, and finally met two very   49   little girls.

Their parents   50   to the Andrew that Dayami had been writing a letter a Santa and sending it by   51   for years, but this was the first time anyone had found the note.

“Their eyes were   52   open with wonder,” Andrew said of the two sisters’ reaction. “Like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this really did work!’”

 “It was a beautiful, beautiful experience,” Andrew said. He paused “Quite   53   for us,” he added.

Andrew, 61, has lived in southeastern Bisbee for more than three decades. Ten years ago, he and his wife   54   their only child, a son. They have no grandchildren.

“We are now have friends for life,” Andrew said. “And, for a day, that border fence with its concertina wire   55   away.”


37.A.writingB.act C.voice D.shape 


39.A.andB.so C.  butD.because 


41.A.whereB.how C.whyD.when



44.A.arose B.dancedC.walkedD.awoke



47.A.different fromB.rather thanC.other thanD.free from

48.A.brother B.friendC.relativeD.sister

49.A.shy B.excitedC.embarrassedD.depressed


51.A.stringB.windC.words D.balloon


53.A.movingB.interestingC.healing D.amusing








   Sisters Who Make Waves focuses on female stars who are above 30. The eldest one is in her 50th. They   56   (gain) fame for a long time, including Ning Jing, Wan Qian, Annie Shiizuka Inou, Zhang Yuqi, etc. They are unlike well-behaved girls   57   always bow low in Produce 101 and Idol Producer.

Ning Jing, Annie Shiizuka Inou , and Christy Chung, who are all in their 50s, began on the path   58   (fight) for a spot in a girl band, which is supposed to be a  59   (choose) of young girls.

Lan Yingying, who struggles to be the best, always   60   (burn)  with ambition. She is hard-working,   61   (effect), and shows positive energies in herself.

Actress Zhang Yuqi came for the spotlight even though she can’t sing or dance.   62   she trained hard till her legs hurt so much.Without stereotyped young faces, they refuse to be defined by age. They are brave, fearless and they try their best to create a kind of “youth” who never fades   63  public.

One comment that “Suddenly I’m not that afraid of getting old” gets the most   64   (like). It is believed that Chinese women’s aesthetic orientation(美学观点), which has been narrowed for many years, is   65   (final) welcoming a new day. We start to look at feminine charm beyond ages, looks, and even wrinkles.

第四部分:写作 (共两节,满分40分)


假定你是李华,你的英国笔友Bruce 要来体验元宵节,请你帮他预定酒店,并回一封邮件,告知你所找的酒店的具体情况。内容包括:













Caitlyn stepped into the warm, wet sand and wiggled her toes. The white, foamy waves raced over her feet and up her legs and then pulled back again. Caitlyn loved playing in the ocean water.

“Ouch!” said the girl, as her foot stepped on something hard. She looked down. At the bottom of the ocean was a large shell. Caitlyn bent down to pick it up. It was a pretty pink conch shell with points and curves and an opening that looked like a horn. She held it up to her ear, hoping to hear the whooshing sound for which they were known. Instead, she heard something quite different.

“Hey kid! How are you doing? Want to hear a joke?”

Caitlyn nearly dropped the shell. Holding it back up to her head, she tried again.

“What’s the most musical part of a fish?” the shell asked.

“I – I don’t know,” Caitlyn whispered.

“Their scales! Ha, ha!” laughed the shell. Caitlyn looked around to see if anyone was looking at her. They weren’t.

“I’m just getting warmed up, kid! Why don’t fish play basketball?” It seemed to be waiting for a reply.

“Uh, I’m not sure?” Caitlyn said. Was she dreaming?

The shell answered its own joke. “Because they are afraid of the net! Ha, ha!”    Caitlyn had to laugh. Okay, that was sort of funny.

The girl giggled. On and on the conch shell talked with her. For the rest of the week, Caitlyn would walk into the shallow water and sit with the shell held against her ear.She smiled and chuckled as it whispered corny jokes.    

On the last day of her vacation, Caitlyn decided she couldn’t leave the shell behind. “You’re coming home with me,” she said to the pretty shell. She thought it would be happy. It wasn’t. “My home is in the ocean,” it replied, without any laughter in its voice. 


1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

But Caitlyn couldn’t bear to go home without it.___________________________________



Gently, she lowered it back under the water. ____________________________________



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