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英  语

(考试时间:90分钟  试卷满分:120分)

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分35分)




I wished I had known earlier the fact that I was a low achiever because there was a reason beyond my control. Then I needn’t have worked so hard in my late twenties and early thirties. But I just didn’t know that. I was writing and writing. I was working for no other reason than to hear people praise me. 

Most people who go through university read at least twice as fast as I do. I can never tell my left from my right. I avoid dialing a telephone if I can help it, because I sometimes have to try three times before getting the number right. I hear that recording “The number you have reached is not in service” more than any man on earth. 

Despite my weaknesses I view my dyslexia(difficulty in reading)as a gift, not a curse(诅咒). Many dyslexics are good at right brain, namely abstract thought, and that is what my king of creative writing is. I’m starting with nothing and coming up with something that didn’t exist before. That’s my strong point. I owe my career to Ralph, Salisbury, my writing instructor at the University of Oregon, who looked past my misspellings and gave me encouragement and hope. I just carried on and never looked back. I’m also very “visual”. This means nothing in school, but when I write books or scripts, I’m seeing everything in my imagination. I write quickly. I go like the wind and can get up to15pages a day. Writing is not the problem. I have no problem downloading; it is inputting where things get messed up. 

The real fear I have for dyslexics is not that they have to struggle with messy input, but that they will quit on themselves before they finish school. Parents have to create victories whenever they can, whether it is music, sports or the arts. You want your dyslexic child to be able to say, “Yeah, reading is hard. But I have these other things I can do.”

21. According to the passage we know that_______. 

A. The author had known he was a low achiever since he was a little child

B. The author didn’t work very hard on writing in his late twenties

C. The author owed his dyslexia to his laziness in the childhood

D. The author worked hard for people’s praise

22. From Paragraph 3 we can know that_______. 

A. the author was grateful to his writing instructor

B. the author often complained about his dyslexia

C. the author had trouble with both inputting and outputting

D. having problem in inputting, the author wrote slowly

23. Which of the following proverbs can best summarize the main idea of the passage?

A. He who laughs last laughs best. 

B. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

C. Reading enriches the mind. 

D. When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. 


Students wishing to safeguard their careers against changes in the job market should opt for science rather than arts degrees, according to a survey of undergraduates. 

Engineering and chemistry were considered to be the most “future proof”, as they are courses most likely to lead to an enduring and adaptable career. 

Students polled by Pearson College were broadly optimistic that their chosen courses would prepare them for a world in which the job market could change dramatically during their working lives. 

But opinion was sharply divided over which degrees were best for future-proof careers. 

Eighty-two per cent of respondents believed engineering would help develop future-proof skills, with74per cent believing the same of chemistry and 73 per cent of computer science. 

But just 33 per cent of undergraduates believed history would lead to a future-proof career, and 40 per cent English. 

However more than two thirds of students(67 per cent)thought the world of work would be significantly different or completely unrecognizable in 20 years. 

The findings, published today, come after Education Secretary Nicky Morgan sparked controversy with claims that teenagers should steer clear of the arts and humanities and opt for science or math subjects if they want to access the widest range of jobs. 

She said that in previous decades students would only take math or science if they wanted to pursue a specific career such as medicine or pharmacy, but nowadays that “couldn’t be further from the truth”. 

“If you wanted to do something different, or even if you didn’t know what you wanted to do. . . then the arts and humanities were what you chose. Because they were useful—we were told—for all kinds of jobs. Of course now we know that couldn’t be further from the truth, that the subjects that keep young people’s options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers are the STEM(science, technology, engineering and math)subjects. ”

She also described math as “the subject that employers value most” and said that pupils who study A-level math will earn 10 per cent more over their lifetime. 

“These figures show us that too many young people are making choices aged 15 which will hold them back for the rest of their lives.” she said. 

24. In order to guarantee your future job, which kind of courses will you choose according to the survey?

A. Engineering or English. B. History or math. 

C. Math or art. D. Engineering or chemistry. 

25. What’s the students’ attitude towards their chosen courses?

A. Doubtful.       B. Worried. 

C. Optimistic. D. Objective. 

26. How do you understand the underlined words?

A. It is far away from the truth. 

B. It’s to the truth. 

C. It couldn’t be closer to the truth. 

D. It reflects the truth. 

27. What did Nicky Morgan indicate in her claim?

A. If you want to do something different, the arts and humanities are what you choose now. 

B. STEM subjects can make young people choose their future jobs freely. 

C. At college, young people should make choices for their lives. 

D. Math and science are considered to be the subjects that employers value most. 


 A glass a day keeps obesity at bay. Alcohol has always been thought to cause weight gain because of its high sugar content, but a new research suggests a glass a day could form part of a diet. Looking at past studies they found that, while heavy drinkers do put on weight, those who drink in moderation can actually lose weight. 

A spokesman for the research team at Navarro University in Spain says, “Light to moderate alcohol intake, especially of wine, may be more likely to protect against, rather than promote, weight gain.” The International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research reviewed the findings and agreed with most of the conclusions, particularly that current data do not clearly indicate if moderate drinking increases weight. 

Boston University’s Dr. Harvey Finkel found that the biologic mechanisms(生物学机制) relating alcohol to changes in body weight are not properly understood. His team pointed out the strong protective effects of moderate drinking on the risk of getting conditions like diabetes(糖尿病), which relate to increasing obesity. Some studies suggest that even very obese people may be at lower risk of diabetes if they are moderate drinkers. 

The group says alcohol provides calories that are quickly absorbed into the body and are not stored in fat, and that this process could explain the differences in its effects from those of other foods. They agree that future research should be directed towards assessing the roles of different types of alcoholic drinks, taking into consideration drinking patterns and including the past tendency of participants to gain weight. 

For now there is little evidence that consuming small to moderate amounts of alcohol on a regular basis increases one’s risk of becoming obese. What’s more, a study three years ago suggested that resveratrol, a compound present in grapes and red wine, destroys fat cells. 

28. The passage is mainly for those_______. 

A. who produce wine

B. who have a drinking habit

C. who sell alcohol

D. who wish to quit drinking

29. The underlined phrase “in moderation” in the first paragraph means “_______”. 

A. excitedlyB. carefullyC. properlyD. frequently

30. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Current data clearly show that moderate drinking increases weight. 

B. Resveratrol is proved to increase the risk of becoming fat. 

C. The specific roles of different types of alcoholic drinks are very clear. 

D. The research found moderate drinking has a strong protective effect. 



Any car accident is frightening, but an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrifying.  31 However, most deaths result from panic, without a plan or understanding what is happening to the car in the water. By adopting a brace position(防冲击姿势), acting decisively and getting out fast, you can save yourself from a sinking vehicle. 

Brace yourself for impact(撞击力). As soon as you’re aware that you’re going off the road and into a body of water, adopt a brace position. The impact could set off the airbag system in your vehicle, so you should place both hands on the steering wheel in the “ten and two” position. 

Undo your seatbelt.  32 Unbuckle the children, starting with the oldest first. Forget the cell phone call. Your car isn’t going to wait for you to make the call. 

 33 Leave the door alone at this stage and concentrate on the window. A car’s electrical system should work for up to three minutes in water, so try the method of opening it electronically first. Many people don’t think about the window as an escape option either because of panic or misinformation about doors and sinking. 

Break the window. If you aren’t able to open the window, or it only opens halfway, you’ll need to break it with an object or your foot. It may feel counter-intuitive(有悖常理的) to let water into the car.  34 

Escape when the car has equalized. If it has reached the dramatic stage where the car cabin has been filled with water and it has become balanced, you must move quickly and effectively to ensure your survival.  35 While there is still air in the car, take slow, deep breaths and focus on what you’re doing. 

A. Open the window as soon as you hit the water. 

B. Surviving a sinking car is not as difficult as you think. 

C. It takes 60 to 120 seconds for a car to fill up with water usually. 

D. Such accidents are particularly dangerous due to the risk of drowning. 

E. In conclusion, if you know what to do in the water, you will be safe. 

F. This is the first thing to attend to, yet it often gets forgotten in the panic. 

G. But the sooner the window is open, the sooner you can escape directly through it. 




 My parents had always prepared for hurricanes. It is what 36 people do in Florida because “you never know”. For us, that 37 a white metal cabinet(储藏柜) in our utility room(杂用间) filled with cans of food. We could 38 eat anything out of the cabinet because “you never know” when a hurricane will come. 

As a kid, I was 39 about the white cabinet I thought it was kind of strange to have food in the utility room. But one look from my mother 40 me from opening the door to glance inside. 

One year, Channel4reported that Hurricane Dora was 41 for the northern part of Florida. Soon the storm got 42 and the wind blew. Then, the tall pine trees started to sway. And by “sway”, I meant“ 43 over or crash down on anything in their way”. We were lucky, as the 44 went other directions and didn’t take our power out. 

However, when my mother started cooking, the power was out.  45 I figured it was time to crack open that white cabinet. But, Dad thought it was time to 46 up the charcoal grill outside where it was raining and windy. To this day, I never 47 a man’s love for his grill.  Our power came back for a while. So, my mother began cooking everything she could and 48 it away, to the neighbors, to friends without power, to anyone who was 49 up. I was hoping that the fried chicken was going to find its way to our 50 . But it didn’t. And just as the last of the food was sent out and she began to work on our dinner, yes, we lost our 51 .  It was time for20minutes’eggs on the grill. 

Oh, the white metal cabinet? No. We never  52 it. We weren’t “that bad off” as I understand it. And for years I 53 how bad off we would have to be to eat out of that cabinet. Perhaps it was just the 54 of it, the thought that it was there watching our backs 55 we wanted a can of beans or some potted meat. I don’t know if that was what was in there.  Anyway, I never looked inside. 

36. A. brave    B. seriousC. generous     D. smart

37. A. saidB. meantC. showedD. presented

38. A. foreverB. alwaysC. neverD. ever

39. A. doubtfulB. concernedC. anxiousD. curious

40. A. bannedB. keptC. defendedD. protected

41. A. reachingB. lookingC. headingD. going

42. A. roundB. downC. far   D. close

43. A. fallB. tripC. fly   D. tip

44. A. wallsB. polesC. trees       D. bushes

45. A. YetB. OtherwiseC. NeverthelessD. So

46. A. startB. useC. breakD. hold

47. A. questionB. mentionC. investigateD. appreciate

48. A. puttingB. turningC. givingD. clearing

49. A. fullB. wellC. highD. hard

50. A. cupboardB. roomC. bedD. table

51. A. foodB. powerC. waterD. money

52. A. openedB. lockedC. fixedD. cleaned

53. A. examinedB. analyzedC. wonderedD. imagined

54. A. purposeB. problemC. thoughtD. conclusion

55. A. whereverB. wheneverC. howeverD. whatever



Recent years have seen a tendency in China that tourism is growing faster. According to 56. _______recent survey made by some experts, about 47% urban residents travel 57. _______(regular), and 28% rural residents also make their tours across the country. The survey also shows that more people are interested in tourism, and 58. _______(join) the army in the future. 

59. _______(face) this trend, we can’t help 60. _______(explore) some underlying factors that are responsible. In the very first place, 61. _______the policy of reform and opening up, Chinese people’s living standard has been greatly improved, and therefore, most of them can afford 62. _______(travel) around. What’s more, it is 63. _______(believe) that people now take a more positive attitude to tourism, and regard it as a lifestyle. In 64. _______(add), tourism facilities are becoming better and better. For example, transportation develops fast, 65. _______many scenic spots are available now. 










2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。



You may have just learned that processed meat such as bacon, sausage and ham may cause cancer and unprocessed meat may be probably carcinogenic(致癌的) to humans, according to a new World Health Organization report. Or that cheese and sugar can be as addictive as a drug, we recently learned. So what in the world is there left to eat so you can stay healthy?

Doctors say it’s easy: Eat more like a Greek. Yes, your parents were right to push you to finish your vegetables. The Mediterranean diet—one heavy on vegetables, nuts and fruit, with limits on meat and dairy—is the way to go. Study after study has shown it is the key to helping you live longer and putting you at a lower risk for cancer. It even keeps your brain younger and healthier.  And while you will feel better and potentially live longer on a diet that favors vegetables and fruits, it will also help you have a healthy weight and a thinner waist line, which is good for your self-respect and mental health too. 

So, for your health’s sake, what you can do is to follow this Mediterranean diet. It’s pretty simple and it offers a wide variety too, so you won’t be bored with what’s on your plate. 

Make your meals heavy on vegetables, bean and cereal(谷物)side. You can eat fish and meat at least twice a week. If you drink, enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner. The red wine is supposed to be particularly good for your heart health. Cook with olive oil as opposed to butter. And limit the amount of fat, meat and dairy. 

If you can’t give up your bacon or burger habit, one bite will not kill you. In fact, the National Cattleman’s Beef Association says the scientific evidence does not support a direct relationship between red meat or processed meat and cancer. 

So bottom line, if you must eat meat, make it a special treat rather than a main food.

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