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Filial piety(孝心) is China's most important morality and involves strong deference(顺心) to one's parents. Thus, filial piety is an important value when it comes to treating one's immediate family, elders and superiors in general.


Filial piety was originally mentioned in the Western Zhou,__1.__.


Filial piety is a general attitude of offering love, respect,support, and deference to one's parents and other elders in the family, such as grandparents or older siblings._2.__.Besides,it involves working hard in order to provide material comforts for parents.

The idea stems from the fact that parents give life to their children,and subsequently support them throughout their developing years in terms of providing food, education,and material needs._3.__.

Chinese character

By looking at the Chinese character for filial piety,you will learn a lot about the term's definition.

_4.__The character is a combination of the character lao, which means “old” and zi, which means son. The top half of the character lao forms the top half of the character xiao,whereas the character that represents son forms the bottom half of the character.

_5.__. The character xiao shows that the older person or generation is being supported by the son, or children in general.

A.let me tell you the definition of filial piety

B.Filial piety is clarified by the Chinese character xiao

C.Filial piety is one of the most important Chinese traditions

D.This placement is symbolic and tells of what filial piety means

E.which includes carrying on the family line and respecting the elders

F.Acts of filial piety include obeying parent's wishes,taking care of them when they are old

G.Extending beyond one's family,filial piety also applies to all elders like teachers,professional superiors,or anyone who is older in age.



How to Grow Organic Potatoes in Containers

A homegrown potato that has just been dug out of the soil is an amazing treat. Like tomatoes, the taste of fresh potatoes is different from that of those bought in the store. By growing your own,you also have the opportunity to plant unusual varieties._1.E__

Prepare potatoes for growing. Cut the potatoes before planting. If your potatoes are small, you can simply plant them. When you cut your potatoes, make sure you have at least two eyes on each piece._2.G__. Most of us have no idea how heavy 50 grams is and there's no need to weigh it,just use your best guess.

Water your newly planted potatoes well. Check the container at least once a day._3.D__. If it feels dry, it's time to water. If it's very hot or windy, you may have to water your potato container gardens more than once a day. Make sure to water deeply by waiting until water runs out the bottom.

Hill your potatoes as they grow._4.F__, you need to hill them in case they will break. This is done by adding a couple of inches of soil around your potato plants. Be careful not to break;the plants in the process. Repeat the hilling process a few more times as your plants grow. You can also stop once the soil reaches the top of your container.

_5.B__.After the plants have flowered, you can dig out your potatoes to eat. You can pull out a few potatoes at a time. You can also wait until the plants turn yellow and then harvest all of the potatoes at once.

A.If your potato plants are too short

B.Harvest your homegrown potatoes

C.Water your potatoes whenever the soil is dry

D.Stick your finger at least an inch into the soil

E.Below are some tips for growing your own potatoes

F.Once your potato plants have grown about six inches

G.It's also recommended that each weighs at least 50 grams



I did not go on my first hike until my mid-30s.I could blame it on the fact that I grew up on the Great Plains of South Dakota and North Dakota. _1.D__ Having never gone, I didn't see the value and always shook my head when asked.

_2.G__ At the urging of my wife, and with my two young kids, we walked a beautiful forest path on a cool August morning. I carried a small backpack with water and snacks(小吃).When we reached the top,we ate lunch together overlooking a perfectly still pond and a scenic Vermont.

A few weeks ago, my 11-year-old son, my 61-year-old dad,and I hiked Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. Last weekend,I hiked down the Grand Canyon with my son along the South Kaibab Trail. And later this week, my wife and daughter will join us to walk the Waterfall Trail in the White Tank Mountains._3.B__

Now, just to be clear, by no means would I classify myself;as an expert hiker._4.A__ And I have no plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or walk the Appalachian Trail. But waking early on a Saturday morning to walk 3-5 miles along a forest path with lunch in the backpack is a journey I'd recommend to anyone.

It is healthy physical exercise that creates wonderful memories._5.F__And given the chance, hiking teaches us important truths about life.

A.Most of our hikes only last 2 hours.

B.I've fallen in love with climbing mountains.

C.I love the stillness and calm of an empty path.

D.But mostly, to be honest, I just wasn't interested.

E.If you can climb a mountain, you can do anything.

F.It provides an opportunity to slow down and disconnect.

G.I went on my first hike a few years back while living in Vermont 



If you're a gamer who's constantly glued to your phone, it could be time to ask for medical help.

On June 18, 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially listed “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition._1.A__

“Video games are like a non-financial kind of gambling(赌博) from a psychological point of view,” Mark D. Griffiths, a professor from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, told the Associated Press (AP). “Gamblers use money as a way of keeping score, while gamers use points.”


“People need to understand this doesn't mean every child who spends hours in their room playing games is an addict,otherwise doctors are going to be flooded with requests for help,”Joan Harvey, a spokeswoman for the British Psychological Society, told AP.

_3.F__For example, a 21-year-old Chinese woman surnamed Wu in Guangdong province went blind in one eye after playing the mobile game King of Glory for a whole day. “On days when I have no work, I usually get up at 6 am, eat breakfast and play until 4 pm,” she told the South China Morning Post. “Then I'll eat something, have a nap(小睡) and play until 1 am.”

Wu isn't alone. According to a study published by China Youth Daily, about one in five young Chinese people play online video games for at least four to five hours per day._4.B__In April 2018, the Ministry of Education issued a notice asking Chinese schools and parents to prevent students from becoming addicted to the Internet and games.

Other countries have also taken action._5.D__ Meanwhile,in Japan, some mobile phones have a special mode for children that lets their parents control what games they can download and how long they can play.

A.This means it's now on the same list as other mental illnesses.

B.Thankfully, measures have been taken to deal with the problem.

C.We often see people around us playing games on their mobile phones.

D.In South Korea, children are forbidden to play video games after midnight.

E.WHO's main work is to improve the mental health of individuals and society.

 F.But if you lose control over your gaming habits, you'll face serious problems.

G.However, it doesn't matter if you play your favorite game now and then.



What's the purpose of building patience abilities? In a word,happiness. Better relationships, more success. But indeed it takes efforts to build them successfully._1.__Thus, when the big ones come, we will have developed the patience we need for hard times.

Understand the addictive nature of anger and impatience. We, human beings, are still constructed with our old reptilian (爬行动物的) brain that protects our physical and emotional survival. On the emotional survival side, we want our way to get ahead, to achieve, and to “look good”. Let's just face it._2.__So the first step in growing patience is to get in touch with the addictive quality of the opposite of patience—anger,impatience, blame and shame. We all have them. And we can grow beyond them.

Upgrade our attitude towards discomfort and pain. Pain has its purposes and pushes us to find solutions—we try to change the other person, situation or thing that we think is causing our discomfort. But the problem is that it is not the outside thing that's the source of our pain, but how our mind is set._3.__

Pay attention when the impatience or pain starts. Most of us don't really realize it when we are feeling even the smallest—but very present—painful feelings._4.__But to really care for ourselves, get curious about what's actually happening in the moment inside you. Focusing on what's actually happening,you can notice the worry of not wanting what's happening,the resistance.

_5.__When you find yourself impatient, or angry with yourself, you can remind yourself that you are growing, and that,“Sure, this is understandable; this is what happens to me when I'm bothered.” You can say to yourself, “It's true. I don't like this; this is uncomfortable, but I can tolerate it.”

A.Practice positive self-talk.

B.So the solution to pain is an inside job.

C.Patience abilities benefit you in many ways.

D.Learn to forgive yourself for being impatient in hard times.

E.We ignore the fact that we're in pain and focus completely on fixing the problem.

F.The urge to protect ourselves and what we consider valuable is absolutely habit-forming.

G.Effective ways are recommended to train ourselves to work with little pain and annoyance.



There are several different types of fire departments. Some hire full-time paid firefighters and some are run entirely by volunteers._1.__, a firefighter must go through strict physical and academic training to ensure a strong knowledge of fire safety and the physical strength to handle the tasks required by a fire department.

Joining a fire department requires that both physical and written tests are passed with scores showing a thorough knowledge of fire safety._2.__

The first step in joining a fire department as a paid firefighter is to submit an application as well as acquire the appropriate training. Usually firefighters must have a high school diploma, and some complete two-or-four-year programs in fire science at community colleges and universities._3.__, and if a candidate already has connections at a fire department, he may apply for a position straight out of high school.

Once a candidate applies and is accepted for training at a fire department, he must then complete several weeks of training at the department's training center._4.__.When this is done,the candidate is sent to a fire company for a period of probation(见习). He has to continue training in the new position while being directed by experienced firefighters._5.__.An application must be submitted to the volunteer fire department,then if the application is accepted, the candidate will take a training program and then be required to pass a physical and written test. Firefighters must also become certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). The level of EMT certification is determined by the individual departments.

A.Although it is demanding

B.Whichever type is desired

C.However, an academic program is not required

D.For volunteer firefighters the procedure is similar

E.But joining a volunteer fire department is totally different

F.Training consists of classroom work and practical training

G.Also,a candidate must be able to respond quickly in emergencies



Some people put their bicycles away once they learn how to drive a car. For many people, bicycling is not just an easy way of getting around town but also an exciting sport._1.C__.

One kind of race is the time trial. Each racer leaves the starting line at a different time and heads hard for the finish line. The cyclist who covers the distance in the shortest amount of time wins the race._2.B__, because the bicycles are spread out and are not likely to run into each other.

Another kind of race is more difficult. A few city blocks are closed to traffic. Then all the racers line up in a tight pack and begin racing at the same time._3.F__.The race requires more than speed. It also requires skillful handling of the bicycle as it runs at full speed around other bicycles. The racer who completes all the laps first is the winner.

_4.D__. Racers have to cover anywhere from 35 miles to almost 3,000 miles. The race course may be a straight stretch of road or a long series of roads across the country. The prize goes to the first person who crosses the finish line.

Between races cyclists stay in good condition by doing exercise that builds up their strength so that they can keep riding for long periods of time._5.A__, they often join bicycling groups and become licensed racers. Then they can enter special races all over the country. If you're a cyclist, keep practicing. You could become a star.

A.As cyclists become more experienced

B.A time trial is a very safe race for beginners

C.Serious cyclists often arrange to take part in races

D.Road races are usually the longest cycling contests

E.Most people will seize possible chances to get around town

F.They cover many laps (一圈), going around and around the city blocks

G.When cyclists still need to build themselves up for those special races



Little Etiquette(礼仪) Rules for Flying on an Airplane

Being a polite passenger starts with just a few easy steps.

Help your fellow traveler

_1.__, offer to lift a fellow passenger's up there,too. Not only is it kind, but it could make the boarding process more efficient for everyone else.

Keep your personal things, well, personal

It's important to be mindful of your personal belongings._2.__, as you walk down the aisles (过道), by keeping it in front of you and close to your body. And once you sit down,you should stay there, and make sure you have everything you will need for the flight once you settle in your seat. Reaching over other passengers to access the overhead storage during the flight is uncomfortable for everyone.


In the narrow space of an airplane, maintaining your personal space will go a long way towards making a smoother ride for everyone. Let the middle-seat passenger use the armrests (it's the least you can do), and keep your legs within the width of the chair frame.

Be willing to swap seats with a family

Airlines sometimes reserve certain seats for special passengers or charge extra fees for adjacent (毗连的) ones,making it tough for family members to buy seats together._4.__, offer to switch seats so that a family can sit beside each other; it's a kind gesture that they won't forget._5.__, as switching seats while everyone is boarding can be an inconvenience for those standing in the walkways.

A.If you're traveling alone

B.If they avoid eye contact

C.Avoid bringing smelly food

D.Respect your (limited) space

E.Avoid hitting other passengers with your bag

F.While you're loading your carry-on bag into the overhead space

G.But be sure to delay swapping until the plane has reached the safe altitude


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