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1 江苏省苏州市2019-2020学年高二第二学期期中英语


Istanbul & Faces

Titled "Timeless City: Istanbul & Faces", the Turkey photography exhibition celebrates the 30th anniversary of Istanbul and Shanghai's sistership. The 42-year-old photographer focuses on the distinctive(独特的)historical quarters and the atmosphere that spreads in Istanbul. His work also pays respects to its people as well, with well-defined portraits. 

Date: Till Jan. 18, 10 a. m. -4 p. m.        Venue: Shanghai Art Collection Museum. 

Knitted Works

The knitted(编织的)show is aimed at raising awareness of post natal depression. The works were created by more than 20 mothers from different cities. All the knitted dolls and other works will be sold with the profits(利益)going to charity when the exhibition ends. If you are interested in the knitted works, you can order a special piece. 

Date: Till Jan. 1, 7 a. m. -9p. m.   Venue: Bl Jinxiu Fun. 

Old Shanghai Teahouse

The newly-opened zone at Shanghai Dungeon features nostalgic sets and experiences for visitors to have "scary fun". Visitors can wear traditional Chinese costumes and take photos with the performers. 

Date: Daily, 11 a. m. -8 p. m. Venue: Mosaic Shanghai Mail. 

Musical Titanic

The Tony Awards winning musical "Titanic" is in Shanghai with more than 100 characters cast. The impressive stage effects promise to take the audience to the bottom of the ocean. 

Date: Till Jan 22, 2 p. m. -7: 30 p. m.  Venue: SAIC Shanghai Culture Square. 

21. Where should you go if you want to learn more about Turkey's history? 

A. Shanghai Art Collection Museum. 

B. Mosaic Shanghai Mail. 

C. B1 Jinxiu Fun. 

D. SAIC Shanghai Culture Square. 

22. What can we know about knitted works? 

A. People can have a talk with the creators. 

B. All the works can be sold when the show begins. 

C. The show offers people chances to learn how to make one. 

D. They were made by people from different places. 

23. What makes the Musical Titanic special? 

A. Its opening time is the longest. 

B. It raises money for a special purpose. 

C. It offers a lifelike experience under water. 

D. It allows interacting with performers. 


Food experts say washing could spread the germs on your turkey in the kitchen sink or nearby food. But it's been a challenge trying to convince cooks to stop rinsing(冲洗)off raw poultry. Germs that can make people sick are common in the guts of healthy poultry and are legally allowed to be on raw turkey and chicken. The assumption is that nobody eats their poultry raw, and that thorough cooking will kill the bacteria. 

The do-not-wash raw poultry advice from the USDA is relatively new and perhaps hasn't caught on because it goes against the common belief that washing makes things clean, said Chapman. Benjamin Chapman, a study author and food safety expert at North Carolina State University, said the instinct to wash raw poultry goes back at least decades when people relied more on visual clues to spot problems with poultry. Meanwhile, washing hands and surfaces are also important. 

But food preparation is a complicated act, and germs from poultry can be spread even if it's not washed, especially when birds are removed from packaging. 

The USDA-funded study stresses that point. Researchers sprayed raw chicken with a harmless strain of E. coli(大肠杆菌)and watched volunteer cooks at test kitchens. Among those who washed their raw chicken, about a quarter ended up spreading the bacteria to their lettuce. But even some of those who did not rinse the chicken got germs on the lettuce. And there are_other opportunities for germs to survive on turkeys: melting and cooking. 

To ensure a bird is thoroughly cooked, they say to use a thermometer to check that the deepest and thickest parts of it have reached 165 degrees. Even after the meal is cooked, you aren't out of the danger zone. To keep turkeys and other leftovers safe, experts say they should be refrigerated after two hours. 

24. People don't accept USDA 's advice because

A. the advice is relatively new. 

B. cooks clean the turkey before cooking it. 

C. heat can kill most. germs and no one eats raw food. 

D. cleaning seems more trustworthy. 

25. What can be concluded from Paragraph 4? 

A. Germs from a turkey can be spread whether it is washed or not. 

B. Food packages carry germs. 

C. Hands and surfaces are easy to get E. coli. 

D. Multiple methods should be applied to food to get rid of germs. 

26. Which way may help to cook a turkey safely? 

A. Rinse off the turkey before it is heated. 

B. Keep the turkey away from the lettuce and refrigerator. 

C. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the turkey. 

D. Wash hands and packages before taking out the turkey. 

27. From which section of a magazine is the text probably taken? 

A. Cooking. 

B. Technology. 

C. Medicine

D. Science. 


Light is a complex phenomenon classically explained with a simple model based on rays and wavefronts. Many of the aspects of light have been explored, but few people notice them happening in their real lives. For example, most of us observe some type of optical interference almost daily, but usually don't realize the events in play behind the ever-changing display of colors produced when light

waves interfere with each other. One of the best examples of interference is shown by the light reflected from a film of oil floating on water. Another example is the thin film of a soap bubble, which reflects a series of light with beautiful colors when shined by natural or man-made light sources. 

Electromagnetic radiation(电磁辐射),the larger family of wave-like phenomena to which visible light belongs, is the primary vehicle transporting energy through the vast reaches of the universe. The means by which visible light is sent out or absorbed, and how it predictably reacts under different conditions as it travels through space and the atmosphere, form the basis of the existence of color in our universe. The human eye is sensitive to a form of electromagnetic radiation that lies in the wavelength range between 400 and 700 nanometers(纳米),commonly known as the visible light spectrum, which is the only source of color. When combined, all of the wavelengths present in visible light form colorless white light. Red, green, and blue colors are classically considered the primary colors because they are fundamental to human vision. Light is observed as white by humans when our eyes are affected by equal amounts of red, green, and blue light at the same time. 

The concept of color temperature is of great importance in photography and digital imaging, regardless of whether the image capture device is a camera or a microscope. A lack of proper color temperature balance between the microscope light source and the image sensor is the most common reason for unexpected color shifts in photomicrography(显微照相术)and digital imaging. If the color temperature of the light source is too low for the film, photomicrographs will have an overall yellowish

or reddish cast and will appear warm. On the other hand, when the color temperature of the light source

is too high for the film, photomicrographs will have a blue cast and will appear cool. As problematic as

these color shifts may seem, they're always easily corrected by the proper use of conversion and light

balancing filters(滤光器)。

28. Which of the following is right according to the 1st paragraph of the passage? 

A. Most of us aren't explicit about how colors are produced. 

B. Light is classically defined in terms of rays and wavefronts. 

C. People can understand optical interference by watching films. 

D. Shined by natural or man-made light sources, films reflect a series of light. 

29. What can we learn about electromagnetic radiation? 

A. It moves in a straight line. 

B. Color originates from it. 

C. Green lights are not part of it. 

D. Its wavelength can't be 500 nanometers. 

30. The color shifts on photomicrographs

A. are difficult to get right once formed

B. are caused by the high colors more often

C. prove that how important the color temperature is in imaging

D. are caused by the high color temperature of the light source

31. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? 

A. Light and imaging

B. Light and color

C. Light and temperature

D. Light and radiation


Today's world is not an easy adjustment for young adults. Key skill set for success is persistence(毅力),a characteristic that researchers say is heavily influenced by fathers. Researchers from Brigham Young University discovered that fathers are in a unique position to help their adolescent children learn persistence. 

BYU professors Laura Padilla-Walker and Randal Day arrived at these findings after following 325 American families over several years. And over time, the persistence gained through fathers led to

higher achievement in school. 

"There are relatively few studies that stress the unique role of fathers, "Padilla-Walker said. "This research also helps to prove that characteristics such as persistence-which can be taught-are key to a child's life success. "

Researchers determined that dads need to practice an "authoritative" parenting style. Authoritative parenting is not authoritarian: rigid, demanding or controlling. Rather, an authoritative parenting style includes some of the following characteristics: children feel warmth and love from their father; responsibility and the reasons behind rules are stressed children are given an appropriate level of autonomy(自主权)。

In the study, about 52 percent of the dads exhibited above-average levels of authoritative parenting. A key finding is that over time, children raised by an authoritative father were significantly more likely to develop persistence, which leads to better outcomes in school. 

This particular study examined 11 to 14-year-olds living in two-parent homes. Yet the researchers suggest that single parents still may play a role in teaching the benefits of persistence, which is an avenue of future research. 

32. What is special about the BYU professors' study? 

A. It was based on a number of large families. 

B. It centered on fathers' role in parenting. 

C. It analyzed different kinds of parenting styles. 

D. It aimed to improve kids' achievement in school. 

33. What would an authoritative father do when raising his children? 

A. Ignore their demands. 

B. Make decisions for them. 

C. Explain the rules to them. 

D. Control their behaviors. 

34. Which group can be a focus of future studies according to the researchers? 

A. Children aged from 11 to 14. 

B. Single parents. 

C. Authoritarian fathers. 

D. Mothers in two-parent homes. 

35. Which of the following is the best title for the text? 

A. Three Characteristics of Authoritative Fathers. 

B. Key Skills for Young Adults to Succeed in Future. 

C. Family Relationship Influences School Performance. 

D. Children Tend to Learn Determination from Father. 

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