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第一节  完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


I was once told that I shouldn't have kids, because it could be born with Asperger's(艾斯伯格综合症),like me. I answered, “Would you have given the same advice to my     41    ?” Well,” came the answer, “look at all the 42       and pain you’ve had. Surely you wouldn't    43     on that a child.”

Well, it's   44      that living my life has been difficult. I have dealt with my fair share of     45    and rejection. In a perfect world, I wouldn't want a child to     46    the same problems, But I also had to wonder, “Is life just about    47      pain?”

Looking back on my life, 1 find that the most painful experiences taught me the most     48     lessons. But you never learn what those    49      will be until you're on the other side. How can you judge a person's life 50 they have had them?

When I was     51    , my mother used to tell me a (n)    52      story. While pregnant(怀孕),she asked a friend to take a picture of     53    to show her big belly(肚子). When the picture was developed, there, on the film, in a perfect ring around her belly, was a beautiful pink light. She showed it to a wise friend, who said, “This 54   will be very special.”

You see, with her    55     , my mother taught me about my own value. She made an abstract (抽象的) concept, my     56    , into something concrete that I could     57     a picture. When I was sad or discouraged, I'd pull the      58    up in my mind's eye,    59    myself, “You're special. You’re here to do something that

60       else can do.” It kept me going, giving me reason for hope.

41. A. childrenB. parentsC. doctorsD. relatives

42. A. care B. wealthC. dreamsD. difficulties

43. A. wishB. believeC. predictD. reject

44. A. painfulB. meaningfulC. wrongD. true

45. A. happinessB. memoriesC. painD. duties

46. A. go throughB. rely onC. take inD. put aside

47. A. avoidingB. sufferingC. causingD. relieving

48. A. interestingB. unbelievableC. difficultD. valuable

49. A. problernsB. experiencesC. lessonsD. purposes

50. A. whenB. beforeC. afterD. until

51. A. angryB. littleC. freeD. tired

52. A. unusualB. terribleC. imaginaryD. strange

53. A. meB. herC. themD. us

54. A. pictureB. ringC. childD. light

55. A. friendsB. wordsC. love D. story

56. A. diseaseB. lifeC. worthD. childhood

57. A. understandB. confuseC. paintD. appreciate

58. A. conceptB. pictureC. emotionD. encouragement

59. A. cheatingB. provingC. remindingD. improving

60. A. everyoneB. anyoneC. someoneD. no one

第一节  完形填空(满分30分)

41~45 BDADC46~50 AADCB51~55 BABCD56~60 CABCD


第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


In life, we will succeed and fail often for reasons that are entirely out of our   41  . We can work harder than anyone else in the office and still not be   42  . We can be incredibly nice and love someone deeply, and they may not love us   43  .

    The bottom line is that life is not   44  .

That is a bitter   45   to swallow for many of us. As a result, some people   46   after being hit by even one unfair blow from life. But if we let life’s unfairness   47   us, we will never receive the beautiful blessings that life has   48   for us.

My first   49   marriage felt very unfair to me. No matter how hard I had tried to be a good wife, I could not make the relationship   50  . I could have been   51   by that experience. But I believed that I could be   52   married one day   53   I always wanted to experience traditional family life. And then, I met this kind, thoughtful, generous man.

What I’ve learned over the years is that we can do all the things that   54   a good outcome, but get   55   things in return instead.

When we are faced with life’s seeming unfairness, our   56   needs to jump in. When life doesn’t go   57   plan, we have to let go of the outcome that we have been   58   and keep trying, and doing the right thing.   59   that life is neither fair nor straightforward. And by knowing that if we remain confident, we can drive our unfair experiences away and use them for our   60  .

41. A. reachB. controlC. dateD. order

42. A. promotedB. paidC. pleasedD. proved

43. A. moreB. backC. enoughD. unconditionally

44. A. easyB. smoothC. fairD. ideal

45. A. feeling B. wordC. fact D. pill

46. A. died downB. looked downC. shut downD. settled down

47. A. confuseB. manageC. betrayD. defeat

48. A. in chargeB. in returnC. in placeD. in store

49. A. arrangedB. failedC. happyD. trial

50. A. workB. startC. endD. worsen

51. A. teasedB. discouragedC. hurtD. shocked

52. A. proudlyB. casuallyC. happilyD. shortly

53. A. unlessB. whileC. becauseD. though

54. A. bringB. requireC. serveD. deserve

55. A. badB. inferiorC. sillyD. cheap

56. A. faithB. courageC. judgementD. effort

57. A. ahead ofB. according toC. regardless ofD. related to

58. A. achievingB. affectingC. expectingD. declining

59. A. AcceptB. AssumeC. FancyD. Consider

60. A. careerB. marriageC. fateD. benefit


41-45 BABCD46-50 CDDBA51-55 BCCDA56-60 ABCAD


第一节 (共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


Seven years ago I began accompanying my father to the farmers’ market to sell vegetables we harvested from our farm. In the beginning I did what I could to   41   him.

As time went on, I increasingly   42   gardening, so I planted a garden of my own and became a vendor(小贩)myself. The farmers’ market soon became my workplace for many summers to come. The vendors at the market are   43   to share their gardening knowledge. My   44   in the farmers’ market helped me grow and opened doors I had never   45  . 

As I learned to manage my own gardening business,  46   came quickly. I had to rise early in the morning at 4 a.m. to go to the market with my fresh produce, which   47   I would be there to greet   48   customers. 

  49  , the President of the Farmers’ Union invited me to become a member. I greatly enjoyed this   50  . Many members of the Farmers’ Union were very   51  . I learned a lot from them.

Actually it is important to   52   the knowledge I gained to the next generation so that knowledge will not   53  . I am very   54   for the gardening knowledge vendors taught to me over the years. I am happy when    55   about the different varieties of plants and how to raise them. I also want to   56   the knowledge that I gain at Washington University with others and be a positive   57  . I think that knowledge is worthless   58   it is shared with others. I am a very determined person who   59   putting forth the extra effort to achieve. I will try my best to reach my full   60   and contribute to society.

41. A. assistB. adviseC. appreciateD. protect

42. A. avoidedB. practiced C. enjoyedD. prepared

43. A. braveB. willingC. politeD. content

44. A. changeB. wisdomC. educationD. participation 

45. A. answeredB. wonderedC. valuedD. imagined

46. A. competitionB. failureC. surpriseD. responsibility 

47. A. ensuredB. indicatedC. predictedD. recorded

48. A. honestB. earlyC. familiarD. particular 

49. A. UnfortunatelyB. ObviouslyC. UnbelievablyD. Secretly

50. A. adventureB. taskC. momentD. chance 

51. A. experiencedB. positiveC. confidentD. elegant

52. A. give awayB. think overC. pass onD. show off

53. A. helpB. doubleC. spreadD. die

54. A. famousB. anxiousC. thankfulD. regretful

55. A. puzzledB. worriedC. informedD. questioned

56. A. shareB. combineC. rememberD. compare

57. A. influenceB. factC. mindD. goal

58. A. onceB. unlessC. whileD. if

59. A. results inB. dreams ofC. believes inD. approves of

60. A. deadlineB. potentialC. imaginationD. conclusion


41-45 ACBDD46-50 DABCD51-55 ACDCD56-60 AABCB

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