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Cakan is a successful businessman from Montenegro,who has earned himself nicknames(昵称) like “the best boss” and “Brother” by being surprisingly generous to his employees.

Cakan,who owns “Cakan Sports”,the largest sporting goods store chain in Montenegro,has been making news headlines for years,but not for his professional success.He is best known for the generosity he shows to his faithful and hard¬working employees.The businessman firmly believes that his company can boom only if he keeps his employees happy,and to that end,he has offered the best of them some pretty unbelievable presents.

Cakan first surprised his workers back in 2012,when he offered four of them brand new cars—2 VW Golf 6 and 2 VW polo—complete with paid insurance.They were some of the oldest and most hard¬working employees of Cakan Sports,and since the company had recently moved its operations outside the city,Cakan thought his best people shouldn’t have to struggle to get to work.“When we saw them,we were speechless,” Danijela,one of the receivers,remembers.“While the boss was saying ‘this is a gift for you’,all I could think of was ‘this is not real,this can’t be happening to us’.” But this was just one of the generous ways Cakan has rewarded his employees over the years.In 2014,after hearing that one of his workers had been saving up his paychecks so he could buy a ticket to the World Cup soccer final,in Brazil,he took him there himself,at his own expense.

Asked why he doesn’t use a cheaper means of motivating his employees,like a small raise or a cash bonus,Cakan had this to say,“Money comes and goes,but memories are forever.” Asked why many of his employees call him “Brother”,Cakan told a reporter that it was because “brothers always help each other”.

1.What is Cakan best noted for?

A.His frequent headline news for years.

B.His great success in his business.

C.His extreme generosity to his employees.

D.His largest sporting goods store chain.

2.Why did Cakan offer his four best workers new cars?

A.To make them travel to work easily.

B.To reward their creative ideas in work.

C.To encourage them to get to work earlier.

D.To help them reduce traffic expenses.

3.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A.A Smart Businessman

B.A Considerate Employer

C.Hard¬working Employees

D.Unbelievable Presents


What do you usually do when you have some free time?Do you take part in any form of hobby?If your answer is no,then you should think twice.Cultivating some types of interest or hobbies might be the ideal way to develop your brain and improve your creative thinking.

Here is a common problem that many older people have.They have spent such a great deal of time raising their family that once their children are grown and left home,they all of a sudden start to experience their age.Quite often,it is not their age that is the concern.It is the fact that they are unexpectedly offered more time on their hands.

When you put in too much time not doing anything,this can affect your brain.This is just where the expression “If you don’t use it,you lose it” definitely is the truth.Your mind needs working out much like any other muscles in your body.This is why getting a hobby matters.It offers you something to do and is a perfect way to meet new people.

Enjoying a hobby is also a perfect way to improve creative thinking at any age.Even young children can profit from taking a new hobby.For retired people,enjoying a hobby which they can find entertainment in with their grandchildren will help keep them active and feel young at heart.

Several hobbies that are terrific for both your mind and your body include yoga,biking,swimming and golf.If you aren’t fond of sports,even taking a walk regularly is a wonderful way to keep active.It helps you to appreciate fresh scenery and it has been suggested that the colors green and blue help make you more creative.

As you can see above,you can get pretty much from taking a hobby.With so many choices waiting for you,begin your journey right away!

4.What can be implied about many older people from Paragraph 2?

A.They lack creative thinking.

B.They should develop their brain.

C.They concern about their age.

D.They used to have little free time.

5.Why does getting a hobby matter according to the text?

A.It strengthens one’s brain.

B.It helps build up one’s muscles.

C.It enables one to make friends.

D.It improves one’s living conditions.

6.What does the underlined word “terrific” in Paragraph 5 probably mean?

A.Specific.  B.Disgusting.

C.Wonderful.  D.Fundamental.

7.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A.Trying Different Hobbies

B.Spending Your Free Time

C.Experiencing Your Hobby Now

D.Feeling Young at Heart


Could the device,smartphone or PC,which you are using affect the moral decisions you make when using it?To test it,researchers presented multiple dilemmas to a sample set of 1,010 people.The participants were assigned a device at random.

One case of the questions participants were asked is the classic “trolley(有轨电车) problem”:A runaway trolley is headed towards,five people were tied up on a set of train tracks.You can do nothing,resulting in the death of five people,or push a man off the bridge,which will stop the trolley.The practical response is to kill one man to save five lives,which 33.5 percent of smartphone users chose,compared with 22.3 percent of PC users.

“What we found in our study is that when people used a smartphone to view classic moral problems,they were more likely to make more unemotional,reasonable decisions when presented with a highly emotional dilemma,”Dr Albert Barque¬Duran,the lead author of the study,told City,University of London.“This could be due to the increased time pressure often present with smartphones and also the increased psychological distance which can occur when we use such devices compared to PCs.”

As for why the researchers started this study,Dr Barque¬Duran noted,“Due to the fact that our social lives,work and even shopping take place online,it is important to think about how the contexts where we typically face moral decisions and are asked to engage in moral behavior have changed,and the impact this could have on the hundreds of millions of people who use such devices daily.” It’s clear that we need more researches on how our devices affect our moral decision¬making because we’re using screens at an ever¬increasing rate.

8.Why did the author mention the trolley problem?

A.To introduce a difficult problem to readers.

B.To introduce the aim of carrying out the study.

C.To show an example of the questions in the study.

D.To show the difficulty in dealing with dilemmas.

9.How do the smartphone users of the study behave in dealing with emotional dilemmas?

A.Calmly.  B.Cruelly.

C.Hesitantly.  D.Enthusiastically.

10.What can we infer from the text?

A.Shopping online has a great effect on making moral decisions.

B.The people using smartphones are more than those using PCs.

C.People who often use smartphones or PCs always meet with dilemmas.

D.It is common for people to be involved in making moral decisions in daily life.



Teenage Brains in the Digital World

When it comes to technology,adults won’t be able to keep up with their children.It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million people,but it took only 20 years for the phone to reach the same number,and 13 years for the television.In contrast,it took Facebook 3.6 years.  11  .

Over the 15 years,digital communication has brought in more changes than the printing press did in 1570.And those most likely to use them in this world are teenagers,whose brains appear to have an extraordinary capacity to adapt to the world around them.  12  , enabling teenagers to keep up with the increasing pace of digital technology and giving them an advantage when it comes to multitasking(多重任务处理).

In the US,on average teenagers spend 8.5 hours a day using computers,mobiles,and other devices to learn,interact and play.  13  ,such as talking on the phone while you’re watching TV.As they stare at these screens,they’re taking in and sorting through an incredible amount of information.

  14  .YouTube indicates that teenagers all over the world are watching the same clips and laughing at the same joke,indicating that they are more global¬minded than teenagers in the past.They may be keen on texting their friends and posting updates on social media sites.

  15  .By the age of 30,our brains will become more set in their ways,making it harder for us to adapt and cope with the new technology.

A.However,there is a cut¬off

B.Twitter only needed 88 days

C.There are concerns about how to make friends online

D.There is an advantage of the growing digital trend

E.Having a more flexible brain means certain parts of it haven’t developed yet

F.This means that the teenage brains can adapt to new technology

G.This increases to 11.5 hours if you include all the multitasking that goes on

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