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 One weekend in July, Jane and her husband, Tom, had driven three hours to camp overnight by a lake in the forest. Unfortunately, on the way an unpleasant subject came up and they started to quarrel. By the time they reached the lake, Jane was so angry that she said to Tom, “I’m going to find a better spot for us to camp” and walked away.

With no path to follow, Jane just walked on for quite a long time. After she had climbed to a high place, she turned around, hoping to see the lake. To her surprise, she saw nothing but forest and, far beyond, a snowcapped mountain top. She suddenly realized that she was lost.

“Tom!” she cried. “Help!”

No reply. If only she had not left her mobile phone in that bag with Tom. Jane kept moving, but the farther she walked, the more confused she became. As night was beginning to fall, Jane was so tired that she had to stop for the night. Lying awake in the dark, Jane wanted very much to be with Tom and her family. She wanted to hold him and tell him how much she loved him.

Jane rose at the break of day, hungry and thirsty. She could hear water trickling (滴落)somewhere at a distance. Quickly she followed the sound to a stream. To her great joy, she also saw some berry bushes. She drank and ate a few berries. Never in her life had she tasted anything better. Feeling stronger now, Jane began to walk along the stream and hope it would lead her to the lake.

As she picked her way carefully along the stream, Jane heard a helicopter. Is that for me? Unfortunately, the trees made it impossible for people to see her from above. A few minutes later, another helicopter flew overhead. Jane took off her yellow blouse, thinking that she should go to an open area and flag them if they came back again.


1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 应使用5个以上短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。


But no more helicopter came and it was getting dark again.____________


It was daybreak when Jane woke up. _________________________


【1】(23分/ 25分)

But no more helicopters came and it was getting dark again. Feeling scared and helpless, Jane sat beside a tree and held her shoulder in her arms to make herself warmer. Slowly, the sun hid itself behind the mountains and it was hard to see anything. Looking through the thick darkness, Jane seemed to see Tom’s smiling face. She said to herself for thousands of times that she would not leave Tom again. With a mind to find him, Jane started to look for the lake in the darkness. An hour later, she was too tired. So she lay down on a rock.

It was daybreak when Jane woke up. It was a foggy day. Jane climbed down the rock. She heard the sound of the stream, so she walked towards the water. She suddenly heard someone’s voice. To her great joy, it was Tom! He rushed to her and hugged her wife firmly. Their cry, which was full of happiness, broke the silence of the forest. After several minutes, when the fog was swept by the wind, Jane figured out everything: last night, she walked here accidentally. Tom recognized her blouse in the morning. Most amazingly, it was Tom’s car that Jane slept on rather than a rock. 


But no more helicopters came and it was getting dark again. Immediately, an absolute darkness ruled the forest. Jane, exhausted and scared, lay down near a stone, missing her family at a distance. All the fantastic memory crowded in and she couldn’t help crying, “Hadn’t I quarreled with Tom, walked away and climbed to the high place, I wouldn’t be trapped in this awful place, confronted with the danger of dying.”She regretted with endless anxiety, and then became asleep with shining tears in her eyes. 

It was daybreak when Jane woke up. Weak as she was, she struggled to her feet, continuing searching for assistance. To her great joy, a helicopter was flying overhead again and again. Eager and excited, she flagged her yellow blouse and spared no effort to yell so as to attract others’ attention. Fortunately, she was eventually noticed and brought into the helicopter. There, she saw her husband, a man staring at her, wearing an expression of relief. As tightly as possible, she hugged him and was too thrilled to say anything. Besides, they agreed never to quarrel again, determining to live the life to the fullest. 



On a bright, warm July afternoon, Mac Hollan, a primary school teacher, was cycling from his home to Alaska with his friends. One of his friends had stopped to make a bicycle repair, but they had encouraged Mac to carry on, and they would catch up with him soon. As Mac pedaled (骑行) along alone, he thought fondly of his wife and two young daughters at home. He hoped to show them this beautiful place someday. 

Then Mac heard quick and loud breathing behind him. “Man, that's a big dog!” he thought. But when he looked to the side, he saw instantly that it wasn’t a dog at all, but a wolf, quickly catching up with him. 

Mac’s heart jumped. He found out his can of hear spray. With one hand on the bars, he fired the spray at the wolf. A bright red cloud enveloped the animal, and to Mac's relief, it fell back, shaking its head. But a minute later, it was by his side again. Then it attacked the back of Mac's bike, tearing open his tent bag. He fired at the wolf a second time, and again, it fell back only to quickly restart the chase (追赶).

Mac was pedaling hard now. He waved and yelled at passing cars but was careful not to slow down. He saw a steep uphill climb before him. He knew that once he hit the hill, he’d be easy caught up and the wolf’s teeth would be tearing into his flesh.

At this moment, Paul and Becky were driving their car on their way to Alaska. They didn’t think much of it when they saw two cyclists repairing their bike on the side of the road. A bit later, they spotted what they, too, assumed was a dog running alongside a man on a bike. As they got closer, they realized that the dog was a wolf. Mac heard a large vehicle behind him. He pulled in front of it as the wolf was catching up fast, just a dozen yards away now.


   1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

   2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

   3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头已为你写好;

   4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。 

Paragraph 1:

The car abruptly stopped in front of him. 

Paragraph 2:

A few minutes later, the other two cyclists arrived. 


The car abruptly stopped in front of him. Seeing Paul wave at him kindly and open the car door for him, Mac jumped off his bicycle and rushed into the car without any hesitation. No sooner had the poor man got in than Paul closed the door instantly. The wolf walked around the car and howled furiously at them, but just in vain. Realizing it couldn’t catch Mac anymore, the wolf ultimately gave up and walked away gloomily. On spotting the wolf swallowed by the road, Mac, bathed in perspiration, sighed with relief and sank down to the back seat. Paul handed a bottle of water to Mac, who managed a weak smile, murmuring something like “Thank you”.

A few minutes later, the other two cyclists arrived. Knowing that Mac had been chased by a wolf, they were stumped for words and paralysed with fear. The two friends extended their earnest gratitude to Paul for rescuing Mac and then took Mac back home. After such a terrible experience, the splendid landscape of Alaska seemed no longer to be a temptation to them. On the way back home, feeling the light breeze through his hair, Mac felt what happened just now was just a nightmare, but a warm glow flooded into his inner heart as he thought of Paul’s unselfish assistance. The most precious part of humans is their care for each other.



A Vacation with My Mother

I had an interesting childhood: It was filled with surprises and amusements, all because of my mother—loving, sweet, yet absent-minded and forgetful. One strange family trip we took when I was eleven tells a lot about her.

My two sets of grandparents lived in Colorado and North Dakota, and my parents decided to spend a few weeks driving to those states and seeing all the sights along the way. As the first day of our trip approached, David, my eight-year-old brother, and I unwillingly said good-bye to all of our friends. Who knew if we’d ever see them again? Finally, the moment of our departure arrived, and we loaded suitcases, books, games, camping equipment, and a tent into the car and bravely drove off. We bravely drove off again two hours later after we’d returned home to get the purse and traveler’s checks Mom had forgotten.

David and I were always a little nervous when using gas station bathrooms if Mom was driving while Dad slept. “You stand outside the door and play lookout while I go, and I’ll stand outside the door and play lookout while you go.” I had terrible pictures in my mind:

“Honey, where are the kids?”

“What?! Oh, Gosh… I thought they were being awfully quiet.”

We were never actually left behind in a strange city, but we weren’t about to take any chances.

On the fourth or fifth night, we had trouble finding a hotel with a vacancy. After driving in vain for some time, Mom suddenly got a great idea: Why didn’t we find a house with a likely-looking backyard and ask if we could set up tent there? David and I became nervous. To our great relief, Dad turned down the idea. Mom never could understand our objections. If a strange family showed up on her front doorstep, Mom would have been delighted. She thinks everyone in the world is as nice as she is. We finally found a vacancy in the next town.


1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

Paragraph 1:

The next day we remembered the brand-new tent we had brought with us.

Paragraph 2:

We drove through several states and saw lots of great sights along the way. 



The next day we remembered the brand-new tent we had brought with us. Mom insisted that we should make full use of it since we had brought it. David and I looked at Dad, hoping he could stop her crazy idea. To our great disappointment, he agreed. We spent a whole afternoon seeking a nice camping place and set up out tent before the night fell. It was the first time that I had thought Mom could be wise as I was admiring our tent. “Oh, I forgot the pillows!” What a misconception! Regardless of my neck pain, we had some great nights.

We drove through several states and saw lots of great sights along the way. The bright blue sky, the endless green grass, groups of sheep, the setting sun and the countless stars in the curtain of nights kept me spellbound. Not only did we see the picturesque scenery, we also managed to consider Mom’s scandals as a kind of fun. I really love my mom. To our relief, we arrived at grandparents’ place and went back to our home with all of four people. It was so fortunate to see my friends again.


The next day we remembered the brand-new tent we had brought with us. “We’re not going to stay in hotels anymore.” Mom suddenly said, with a firm tone, "Or our tent would be of no use." With all our objections in vain, we finally stopped on the front doorstep of a house with a big backyard. To our surprise, it was a much better experience than we had imagined. David and I had a great time trying all the camping equipment and mom was chatting happily with the kind family. Though we didn't have the tools for cooking since mom is so forgetful, we still have a good meal as there truly was someone who was as nice as mom was. 

We drove through several states and saw lots of great sights along the way. With our nose pressed hard against the window and eyes glued to the winding road ahead, David and I anticipated every day for a thrilling adventure, which was only rivaled by our joy of reuniting with our grandparents. As they told more tales of Mom, we were gradually dawned by a deepened comprehension of her. Seemingly absent-minded and forgetful as she was, she never failed to demonstrate the beauty of life to her children, and endowed us with a fun-filled childhood and a never-drained passion to embrace life.


It was summer, and my dad wanted to treat me to a vacation like never before. He decided to take me on a trip to the Wild West.

We took a plane to Albuquerque, a big city in the state of New Mexico. We reached Albuquerque in the late afternoon. Uncle Paul, my dad’s friend, picked us up from the airport and drove us up to his farm in Pecos.

His wife Tina cooked us a delicious dinner and we got to know his sons Ryan and Kyle. My dad and I spent the night in the guestroom of the farm house listening to the frogs and water rolling down the river nearby. Very early in the morning. Uncle Paul woke us up to have breakfast. "The day starts at dawn on my farm," he said. After breakfast, I went to help Aunt Tina feed the chickens, while my dad went with Uncle Paul to take the sheep out to graze (吃草). I was impressed to see my dad and Uncle Paul riding horses. They looked really cool.

In the afternoon, I asked Uncle Paul if I could take a horse ride, and he said yes, as long as my dad went with me. I wasn’t going to take a horse ride by myself anyway. So, my dad and I put on our new cowboy hats, got on our horses, and headed slowly towards the mountains. "Don’t be late for supper," Uncle Paul cried, "and keep to the track so that you don’t get lost!" "OK!" my dad cried back. After a while Uncle Paul and his farm house were out of sight . It was so peaceful and quiet and the colors of the brown rocks, the deep green pine trees, and the late afternoon sun mixed to create a magic scene. It looked like a beautiful woven (编织的) blanket spread out upon the ground just for us.


Suddenly a little rabbit jumped out in front of my horse.


We had no idea where we were and it got dark. 


Suddenly a little rabbit jumped out in front of my horse. My horse reared into the air, let out a frightened whinny, and galloped off the track. I held on for dear life, branches lashing into my arms and face. Finally he slowed down, then stopped, but looking around at the endless sea of trees. I knew we had gotten hopelessly lost. I called; the only answer was the rustling of the wind in the trees. After seemingly ages, there came a loud cry of my dad. As a quick response, I shouted in a loud voice. "Dad, I'm here!" Tracing my voice, Dad finally found me and we got reunited.

We had no idea where we were and it got dark. The moon burst through the clouds and cast its silver light all over the land. We wandered slowly on our horses, feeling at a loss what to do. Suddenly, the sound of a floating river caught my attention. "Dad, maybe we can find the farm house down the river." Dad nodded with approval. With great care, we rode our horses along the river. Shortly afterwards, the Uncle Paul's farm, sure enough, came into our sight. Finally, we got to the farm, safe and sound. What a trip like never before!



“I’m going to miss you so much, Poppy,” said the tall, thin teenager. He bent down to hug his old friend goodbye. He stood up, hugged his parents, and smiled, trying not to let his emotions (情绪) get the better of him.

His parents were not quite able to keep theirs under control. They had driven their son several hours out of town to the university where he would soon be living and studying. It was time to say goodbye for now at least. The family hugged and smiled through misty eyes and then laughed.

The boy lifted the last bag onto his shoulder, and flashed a bright smile. “I guess this is it,” he said. “I’ll see you back home in a month, okay?” His parents nodded, and they watched as he walked out of sight into the crowds of hundreds of students and parents. The boy’s mother turned to the dog, “Okay, Poppy, time to go back home.” 

The house seemed quiet as a tomb without the boy living there. All that week, Poppy didn’t seem interested in her dinner, her favorite toy, or even in her daily walk. Her owners were sad too, but they knew their son would be back to visit. Poppy didn’t.

They offered the dog some of her favorite peanut butter treats. They even let her sit on the sofa, but the old girl just wasn’t her usual cheerful self. Her owners started to get worried. “What should we do to cheer Poppy up?” asked Dad. “We’ve tried everything.”

“I have an idea, but it might be a little crazy,” smiled Mom. “Without anybody left in the house but us, this place could use a bit of fun. Let’s get a little dog for Poppy.

It didn’t take long before they walked through the front door carrying a big box. Poppy welcomed them home as usual but when she saw the box, she stopped. She put her nose on it. Her tail began wagging (摆动) ever so slowly, then faster as she caught the smell.


1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段, 每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后, 请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

Paragraph 1. 

Dad opened the box and a sweet little dog appeared. 

Paragraph 2.

A few weeks later, the boy arrived home from university. 


Dad opened the box and a sweet little dog appeared. The fluffy little creature examined her new surroundings curiously, and then quickly fixed her gaze at Poppy, who was nudging her nose toward the new dog and wagging her tail vigorously. Poppy seemed puzzled at first, but in no time, the two dogs were chasing each other around the living room, as if Poppy was showing her little guest around her new home. Her parents watched them playing around and smiled with relief – Poppy was back to her old cheerful self!

A few weeks later, the boy arrived home from the university. To his great surprise, it was not just Poppy, but two dogs, that dashed out of the house as the doorbell rang. “Meet Pipan, Poppy’s new playmate,” exclaimed Dad. “Poppy has been gloomy ever since you left for university. We thought Pipan might cheer her up”. The boy beamed while patting both dogs: “I don’t know if I should feel thrilled for having a new puppy or sad because Poppy has found a new best friend!”.




One fall, my wife Elli and I had a single goal: to photograph polar bears. We were staying at a research camp outside “the polar bear capital of the world” -  the town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada.

Taking pictures of a polar bears is amazing but also dangerous. Polar bears - like all wild animals should be photographed from a safe distance. When ‘m face to face with a polar bear, I like it to be through a camera with a telephoto lens. But sometimes, that is easier said than done. This was one of those times.

As Elli and I cooked dinner, a young male polar bear who was playing in a nearby lake sniffed, and smelled our garlic bread.

The hungry beer followed his nose to our camp, which was surrounded by a high wire fence. He pulled and bit the wire. He stood on his back legs and pushed at the wooden fence posts.

Terrified, Elli and I tried all the bear defense actions we knew. We yelled at the bear, hit pots hard, and fired blank shotgun shells into the air. Sometimes loud noises like these will scare bears off. Not this polar bear though - he just kept trying to tear down the fence with his massive paws (爪子).

I radioed the camp manager for help. He told me a helicopter was on its way, but it would be 30 minutes before it arrived. Making the best of this close encounter (相遇), I took some pictures of the bear.

Elli and I feared the fence wouldn’t last through 30 more minutes of the bear’s punishment. The camp manager suggested I use pepper spray. The spray burns the bears eyes, but doesn’t hurt them. So I approached our uninvited guest slowly and, through the fence, sprayed him in the face. With an angry roar (吼叫), the bear ran to the lake to wash his eyes.

Paragraph 1:

A few minutes later, the bear headed back to our camp. ____________________________________


Paragraph 2:

  At that very moment, the helicopter arrived. _______________________________________________




1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段, 每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。范文1

A few minutes later, the bear headed back to our camp. As its dark shape loomed near, my heart lurched, my pulse racing. An air of gloom descended upon us, as various means to scare away the beast had all been vainly attempted. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. “The bread!” I yelled. Elli, quick enough to grasp what I meant, flung the bread with all her might, sending it crashing to a distant frozen puddle, to which the bear ran at once. However, to our great dismay, having wolfed down the bread, the bear returned.

At the very moment, the helicopter arrived. As it slowly began its descent, it kicked up a cloud of dust and a strong gale swirled. Enveloped in a mixture of wind and dirt, the bear wriggled restlessly on the ground but decided, after a while, to beat a retreat. The lump in our throat finally dropped. Days later, browsing through the pictures I took of the bear on my camera, I could still feel a shiver down my spine. Yet, dangerous as the situation was at that moment, it was all worth it. (转自何老师)

2                         2021年1月8日


Pumpkin(南瓜)carving at Halloween is a family tradition. We visit a local farm every October. In the pumpkin field, I compete with my three brothers and sister to seek out the biggest pumpkin. My dad has a rule that we have to carry our pumpkins back home, and as the eldest child I have an advantage — I carried an 85-pounder back last year.

This year, it was hard to tell whether my prize or the one chosen by my 14-year-old brother, Jason, was the winner. Unfortunately we forgot to weigh them before taking out their insides, but I was determined to prove my point. All of us were hard at work at the kitchen table, with my mom filming the annual event. I’m unsure now why I thought forcing my head inside the pumpkin would settle the matter, but it seemed to make perfect sense at the time.

With the pumpkin resting on the table, hole uppermost, I bent over and pressed my head against the opening. At first I got jammed just above my eyes and then, as I went on with my task, unwilling to quit, my nose briefly prevented entry. Finally I managed to put my whole head into it, like a cork(软木塞)forced into a bottle. I was able to straighten up with the huge pumpkin resting on my shoulders.

My excitement was short-lived. The pumpkin was heavy. “I’m going to set it down, now,” I said, and with Jason helping to support its weight, I bent back over the table to give it somewhere to rest. It was only when I tried to remove my head that I realized getting out was going to be less straightforward than getting in. When I pulled hard, my nose got in the way. I got into a panic as I pressed firmly against the table and moved my head around trying to find the right angle, but it was no use. “I can’t get it out!” I shouted, my voice sounding unnaturally loud in the enclosed space.


1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

It was five or six minutes though it felt much longer.

The video was posted online the Monday before Halloween.


假定你是李华,下周有新西兰学生访问你校,你将作为学生代表致欢迎辞。请为此写一篇发言稿,内容包括:1. 表示欢迎;2. 介绍活动安排;3. 表达祝愿。注意:1. 词数为80左右;2. 可适当添加细节,以使行文连贯。

It was five or six minutes though it felt much longer. The air inside the  pumpkin was pitch-dark. .I could hear my sister’s laughter and Jason’s muffled voice talking about cutting the giant thing open. “No! Not my precious pumpkin!” I protested. Eventually, Dad helped me adjust my body to a more relaxed position, and pulled the pumpkin gently off my head. Hair in knots, nose and chain covered in pumpkin flesh, I let out a sigh of relief. That’s when I realized the camera had been rolling the whole time!

The video was posted online the Monday before Halloween.I looked just like a pumpkin head in it. Embarrassed and a little annoyed, I fled to my room, but Mom stopped me. “You haven’t read the comments yet.” I scrolled down the screen and marveled at the stories the viewers shared about Halloween. One girl recalled celebrating it with her brothers and sisters, and thanked us for “bringing her home”. The words brought warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes. I felt lucky to be a part of this mischievous yet loving family. (171 words)

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