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1. take after 长相或举止像 (某个长辈)(不用进行时)
Mary really takes after her mother; she has the same eyes,nose and hair. 玛丽真像她妈妈,眼睛、鼻子和头发都一个样。
2. take apart把 (小型机器、钟表等) 拆开;拆散;(在体育运动或比赛中) 把……彻底打败;对……苛求;严厉批评Take the watch apart and see if you can see what‘s wrong with it. 把手表拆开来看看你能不能检查出什么毛病。
England was really taken apart by Italy in last night‘s match. 在昨晚的比赛中,英格兰队可谓给意大利队打得溃不成军了。
3. take as 看作,认为 (=regard / consider / look on / treat …… as)
I took your nod as a sign of approval. 我把你的点头看作是同意的表示了。
4. take away 拿走;使停学,使离开;使消失;减去The child was taken away(辍学) from school. Now I‘ll give you some tablets to take away(使消失) the pain.
Take away(减去) 2 from 4 and you get 2.
take away from 贬低 (有益或令人满意之事物)的作用His refusal to accept the prize does not take away from his success in winning it. 他拒绝领奖无损于他赢得此奖的斐然成绩。
5. take back承认说错了 (话) ,收回 (诺言、话语) ;使回忆起; 送回,还回去;退(货)
I‘m sorry I was rude; I take back everything I said. 对不起我失礼了,我承认我所说的全都错了。
Seeing that old film really took me back! 观看那部旧电影的确使我回想起了过去的岁月。
6. take down拿下,取下;记下来;褪下(裤子等穿于腰以下的衣物); 把 (大型机器或大物件)拆成零部件;把……拆卸开 (tear down 推倒;拆毁 pull down 拆毁)
When the picture was taken down, the wall looked very bare. 把那幅画取下来后墙壁就显得毫无装饰了。
We‘ll have to take the engine down to get to the gearbox. 我们得先拆卸发动机,才能接触到变速箱。
7. take in接待 (某人) 留宿; 欺瞒,欺骗; 充分理解,掌握; 把 (衣服) 改窄 (let out加宽,放长,加大); 包含,包括He had nowhere to sleep so we offered to take him in. 他没有地方可睡,我们于是就提出让他留宿。
Don‘t be taken in by his promises. 不要被他的许诺所蒙骗!
It took me a long time to take in what you were saying. 我费了好长时间才弄明白你所说的话。
My dress is a bit loose round the waist—could you take it in for me? 我衣服的腰围有点宽松,你能给我改窄一些吗?
This is the total cost of the holiday, taking everything in. 这是度假的全部费用,一切都包括在内。
8. take off脱下,脱去 (尤指衣服); 解 (拿) 掉(put on 穿上); (飞机等) 升空,起飞; 休假;歇 (……天) 假; 请假; 开始有成就;开始受欢迎;开始成名; 打折扣; (尤指为了逗笑而) 模仿 (某人) 的谈吐、举止等I‘m taking Thursday off because I’m moving into a new house. 我星期四休假,因为我要搬家。
It was at this point that her acting career really took off. 正是从这个时候起,她的表演生涯真正开始走红了。
His shopkeeper took off 5 percent discount for each. 他的店员把每样东西都打折了5%. The actor made everyone laugh by taking off the members of the royal family. 这个演员模仿某些王室成员,结果逗引得人人发笑。
9. take on开始雇用; 开始具有 / 呈现 (某种品质、面貌等); 露出; 接受 (工作等) ;承担 (责任等); 开始和……争吵 (斗殴、作对、较量等)
We‘ve decided to take on a new clerk in the accounts department. 我们已决定在会计部雇用一名新职员。
His face took on a worried expression. 他的脸上露出了担忧的表情。
My doctor says I‘m too tired and has advised me not to take any more work on. 医生说我疲劳过度,劝我不要再干更多的工作。
The trade union made the mistake of trying to take on the government. 工会犯了试图和政府抗争的错误。
The bus took on more passengers. 公共汽车搭载更多乘客了。
10. take out带 (某人) 去 (某处参加社交活动等);正式取得,领得,获得; 洗去 (污迹),使褪色I‘m taking the children out to the theatre tonight. 今晚我带孩子们去看戏。
Mary and John took out a marriage license. 玛丽和约翰正式领了结婚证。
He took out the pencil marks from his drawing. 他擦去了他的画上的铅笔迹。
11. take over接手,接任;接管
Who do you think will take over now that the governor has been dismissed? 州长已被免职,你看会由谁来接任呢?
12. take to (尤指立刻) 对……产生好感,喜欢上;染上……习惯 (嗜好等);到 (某处) 休息;到……躲藏;逃往I took to Paul as soon as we met. 我一见到保罗就对他有好感。
All this gloomy news is enough to make you take to drink. 所有这些令人沮丧的消息都足以使人酗起酒来。
Father‘s ill, so he’s taken to his bed. 爸爸病了,因此卧床休息了。
13. take up开始花时间从事 (某项活动);对……产生兴趣; 开始学习 (某课程) ,选修; (事物或事件) 占用了 (时间或空间); 接受……的建议; 继续John took up acting while he was at college. 约翰在上大学时开始喜欢上演戏了。
    The job took up most of Sunday. 这项工作占用了大半个星期天。
Why don‘t you take him up on his offer of a meal? 你为什么不接受他的邀请去吃饭呢?
I‘ll take up the story where I finished yesterday. 这个故事我会从昨天讲完的地方继续讲下去。
14. take …… for / to be …… (错)当作,以为是 (mistake …… for ……)
I took him for his brother. They are extremely alike. 我把他误作是他弟弟,他们很像。
15. take a chance 碰碰运气,冒……风险
16. take a deep / long breath 深吸一口气(以鼓起勇气或仔细考虑)
17. take a hand in 干预
18. take a load / weight off sb.‘s mind 使放心 / 安心
19. take a risk / risks 冒风险
20. take a seat 坐下
21. take a vote 投票表决
22. take an interest in 对……有兴趣
23. take steps / measures to do sth. 采取措施做某事
24. take action (on) (对……)采取行动
25. take advantage of 利用;占……的便宜;不正当地利用
26. take aim (at) 瞄准
27. take …… by surprise 奇袭;出其不意地做某事;使……惊奇
28. take care 当心 (= look out / be careful )
29. take care of 照顾,料理;处理,对付;当心
30. take charge of 负责;接管
31. take cold 感冒,伤风
32. take control of 控制住,管住
33. take delight / pleasure in 以……为乐;喜欢
34. take effect 开始起作用;开始生效
35. take …… for granted 想当然地认为 (会是某种情况);认为……是理所当然的;认为没有问题
36. take …… for instance / example 以……为例
37. take hold of 抓住;吸引住
38. take …… into account / consideration 考虑到,把……考虑进去
39. take it / things easy 慢慢来,不要过于紧张 / 劳累,沉住气
40. take it or leave it 要不要都行;要么要,要么不要;不要还价
41. take note (of) 把……记下来
42. take notice (of) 注意;理会
43. take notes 作记录;记笔记
44. take / come into office 就职,上任
45. take one‘s breath away 令人惊异,令人叹为观止
46. take one’s chance(s) 碰碰自己的运气
47. take one‘s time 慢慢来,从容不迫
48. take pains 费尽力气,煞费苦心,尽力设法I took pains to explain the facts clearly.
49. take (the) trouble 费事,下工夫You must have taken a lot of trouble to find out what was true.
50. take part (in) 参加,参与
51. take pity on / upon 可怜,怜悯 (show mercy to / have mercy on)
52. take place 发生,举行
53. take pride in ( be proud of) 为……感到自豪 / 骄傲
54. take one‘s place 代替某人
55. take the opportunity 利用这个机会I shall take the first opportunity of seeing you. He may take the opportunity to point out that ……
56. take turns 轮流 (做某事)
They took turns to look after the baby. The two boys took turns at digging the hole.
57. take sides 支持;偏袒You always take sides with brother without even listening to me.
58. I take it (that) 我想;我认为I take it you‘ve heard that the mayor’s resigned. 我想你已听说市长已经辞职了。


(1) take与其它动词加上同一个介 / 副词的辨析,如06山东卷第34题;(2) take与其它动词加上不同介 / 副词的辨析,如08山东卷第29题、08宁夏卷第34题、08天津卷第7题等;
(3) take短语搭配辨析,包括take + 介词 / 副词短语,take + 名词短语,take + 名词 + 介词短语等。
3. 结合非谓语动词的用法考查take用法,如03上海卷第39题。


3.对take和其它常见动词,如give / bring / keep / put / break /get / turn等,构成的短语进行归纳辨析。


1. (08宁夏) After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane__________her job as a doctor in the countryside.
A. set outB. took over  C. took upD. set up
2. (08江西) I__________it as a basic principle of the company that suppliers of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products.
A. makeB. look  C. takeD. think
3. (07 辽宁) Don‘t be__________by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.
A. taken offB. taken out C. taken awayD. taken in
4. (06 浙江) We’re trying to ring you back,Bryan, but we think we__________your number incorrectly.
A. looked upB. took down  C. worked outD. brought about
5. (06 福建) Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane__________ .
A. takes offB. is taking off  C. has taken offD. took off
6. (06 山东) After he retired from office,Rogers__________painting for a while, but soon lost interest.
A. took upB. saved up  C. kept upD. drew up
7. (2004广东) Helen always helps her mother even though going to school__________most of her day.
A. takes upB. makes up C. saves upD. puts up
8. (2005上海) More and more people are signing up for Yoga classes nowadays,__________ advantage of the health and relaxation benefits.
A. takingB. taken  C. having takenD. having been take
9. (2008重庆) —I‘m afraid I can’t return the book to you before Friday.—__________.
A. Don‘t be afraidB. Be careful  C. Not at allD. Take your time

Keys:1. C 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. A 9. D

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