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高三英语全套单元练习卷 Unit 16 Finding jobs
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Unit 16 Finding jobs
I. Useful phrases and expressions:         
find a job  谋职              
choose a job  择业             
end up 最后,终于  
be suited to 适合,适应于     
human nature 人性   
play an important part 起重要作用     
after school (university) 毕业  
rely on  依靠        
be used to doing  习惯       
open up  开辟,开创          
further education  深造     
congratulations on  祝贺
do well in  做得好             
a bright future 光明的前途      
point out    指出
II. Patterns:
1. First, it is important to recognize what kind of person you are and which special qualities make you different from everyone else.
首先,重要的是你得认识自己是个什么样的人,你具有什么样的特殊品质, 使你不同于其他任何人。
    What kind of person are you?     I’m a clever one.
    What are you like?              I’m clever.
    make sb. / sth. different from 作“使某人/某物不同于…”解
    Her rich experience makes her different from others in finding a job.
    He was brought up in fashionable district. But that didn’t make him different from others.
2.…and it sounds as though you have plenty of both of these already.  …从信看来,这两个方
    It seemed as if they knew much about it.
    It appears as though it is going to rain.
3. So celebrate your success, and invite your parents to celebrate with you, however hard it may
    be for them. 因此,你得庆祝你的成功,并且邀请你的父母跟你一道庆祝,不管这样做对他们来说是多么难。
    However +副词/形容词+主语+谓语+主句
    However cold it is, they always go swimming in winter.
    However hard he tried, he never seems to do the work satisfactorily.
III. Language points:
Lesson  93
1. Many young people end up in a job to which they are not suited.
be suited to(for) 适合、适合于
Do you think you are suited to this kind of work?
This car is not well suited for (to) rough road.
be suited to be…
I am suited to be a teacher.
2. The best job is one which uses your skill in doing something together with your interest in the subject. 最好的职业是既能用得上你会做某件事的技能,而又是你感兴趣的事。
(1)The teacher is one who teaches the students.
(2)Walking is one which helps make you healthy.
Lesson 94
1. Personally, I think it is important to follow your interests and your abilities…依我看,我想重
    (1)Personally, I don’t believe that report.
    (2)Luckily, he was in when I called.
    (3)Strangely, I’ve never seen that popular television show.
2. Then, as with young birds, the time comes for the young to leave.
3. As we say, the day must come when the young are grown and flown.
    (1)As all his friends agree, he was unusually warn-hearted, loving and generous.
    (2)As everybody knows, they will graduate from middle school in half a year.
    (3)The days will never be forgotten when people suffered under the rule of the Japanese. 
    (4)A new teacher will come tomorrow who will teach you geography.
1. 时间状语从句
when, whenever(=every time ), as, while, after, before, till, until, since, ever since, once, every time
常用的结构有:as soon as; no sooner… than; hardly (scarcely) …when…,by the time, the moment.
As spring comes, all flowers begin to bloom.
While I was walking along the street, I saw a man knocked down by a truck.
because, since, as, now that(=since)
Since you don’t understand, I’ll explain it again.
Now that we are alone, we can speak freely.
    where, wherever
    Make marks where you have any questions.
4. 目的状语从句
    so that; in order that; in case(以防,以免)
    I got up early this morning so that I could catch the first bus.
    I have to stay at home all day in case there is news of my son.
5. 结果状语从句
    so… that; such…that
    My mother lives so far away that I hardly ever see her.  
6. 条件状语从句
    if, unless, so(as) long as, on condition that, if only(=if); once
    常用结构:the +比较级…,the+比较级…
    Unless you work hard, you’ll fail.
    The harder you work, the greater progress you will make.
    You can go out on condition that you promise to be back before 10.
7. 让步状语从句
    although, though, as ,even if ,even though, however, whatever, whoever, whichever, 
    whenever, wherever
    常用结构:no matter when(where, who, what, which, how)
    We wouldn’t lose heart even if we should fail ten times.
    Whoever breaks the law , he will be punished.
8. 方式状语从句
    than, as…as, so…as
    Hardly(scarcely) had +主语+过去分词 + when +主语+过去式
    No sooner had +主语+过去分词 + than +主语+过去式
    Hardly had he arrived when she started complaining.
    表语+as(though)+主谓结构…   Child as he was, he had to help support his family.
    Not until…+助动词(情态动词)+主语+动词形式…
    Not until midnight did it stop raining.
    Not until she took off her dark glasses did I recognize her.
1. 称呼方式取决于与写信人的关系。如:Dear Madam,  Dear Sir,   Dear Mr. Smith 等。
2. 信的开头应表明求职的原因及愿望。信中进行自我介绍。结尾部分提出愿望及联系方式。
3. 结束语通常用 Yours truly,  Yours sincerely,
                                                 P.O. Box 0831
                                                        September 10,2001
P.O.Box 2703
Dear Editor-in-chief,
  I learn from the newspaper that an English editor is wanted in your office. I am writing to apply for the post.
  My name is Chen Qiang, 26, male. I graduated from the English Department of Shanghai Foreign Language Institute and have been a school teacher of English for four years. I take pleasure in the job of an editor. I can speak good English as well as Chinese. It would be a great honor if I were accepted. Please give me an answer if these satisfy you.
                                                       Yours faithfully,
                                                       Chen Qiang
假如你是王林,李明是你的好友,他对Brown先生的公司感兴趣,打算到该公司谋职。 请根据下面李明的简历表,为他写一封推荐信。
   李明    性别 男 国籍 中国
 出生地   山东,济南  婚否   已婚   出生日期 1968.5.1
 通信地址   北京人民路148号  电话                      6600537
 职业   律师  教育程度 大学毕业
 外语水平   擅长英语,懂些日语
  其他   有三年工作经历,办事认真,待人诚恳,与人和睦相处

Dear Mr. Brown,
I’d like to introduce my friend to you, Mr.Li Ming, who is going to apply for a position in your firm. He graduated from a university three years ago and since then he has worked as a lawyer. He is good at English and knows some Japanese. He worked hard and is careful in everything he does. He is honest, kind and easy to get on with. He was born on May 1, 1968 in Jinan,Shandong Province, China. He is married and lives at No 148 Renmin Road, Beijing, and his telephone number is 6600537. He shows great interest in your firm. If he is accepted, he will do his best. I’m sure he will be fit for the position.
    Hope for an early reply.
                                                      Yours faithfully,
                                                      Wang Lin
  1. It gives me much pleasure to learn that waitresses are wanted in your company. I’d like to be a waitress of yours. Could you let me have a position?
2. I was very delighted to hear that your hotel is looking for a secretary. This is a job I am interested in.
3. As I am going to graduate from the university, I would like to apply for a position with your company.
4. After reading the advertisement for a secretary in today’s China Daily, I want to offer myself for the position.
5. I am twenty years of age, female and have had two years’ experience in teaching.
6. I am a girl, aged 23. I am single and healthy.
7. I am a good … and have a thorough knowledge of the English language.
8. I won the first prize in … competition.
9. In my spare time I enjoy ….
10. be good at,   do well in,     like…best,    
11. I can speak English as well as French…
12. I majored in …
13. graduate from… /after graduation
14. Since graduating in 1994, I have held a job as a secretary in a trade company.
15. It shall be appreciated if you believe that my qualifications are satisfactory to you.
16. I do hope that my qualifications and experience meet your demands.
17. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
18. I can be reached by telephone at 62551131.
              Wanted: 80 Holiday Camp Assistants for USA Summer Camps
Age 18---25  male and female
Must be able to do at least some of the following:
 play a musical instrument
 sing
 play baseball/basketball/volleyball
 swim
Work is offered during the following periods:
June 21---July20               July 20---August 18         August 18---September 16
Experience preferred.
Write, saying when you can work, and giving phone/Email number to:
Holiday Extra, PO BOX 2720, Denver, Colorado, USA.
注:信的开头已给出。字数: 100 左右。
Dear Sir or Madam ,
I have read your advertisement for Holiday Camp Assistants and would like to_______________________________________________________________________________
Dear Sir or Madam ,
    I have read your advertisement for Holiday Camp Assistants and would like to apply for a job during the period of July 29 to August 18. I am 18 years old. I can play the violin and I like playing volleyball. And I am a good swimmer. Besides, I used to work in a summer training program, teaching the kids swimming and training the school girls’ volleyball team.  I went on some one-day school trips, during one of which I took a group of students to the seaside where they learnt to swim. I enjoy this kind of work. It’s great fun.
    You can contact me on the following number or at the address.
    Phone: 66776226
    Email: liming@yeah.net
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
                                                  Yours sincerely,
                                                   Li Ming

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