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高三英语全套单元练习卷 Unit 15  Popular youth culture
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Unit 15  Popular youth culture
1. On the annual International Volunteers Day, the world acknowledges the work of millions of people who give their time to help others.
on : at specific time of
They arrived on the morning of July 1st.
She was rushed to hospital but was dead on arrival.
The bus starts on the hour, i.e. every hour exactly.
2. I really feel I am doing something worthwhile and I am having a great time doing it.
worthwhile: adj. deserving the effort needed, the time or money spent
worth  perp.
worthy adj.
It’s worth much more than I paid for it.
It isn’t worth waiting for him.
The performance is worthy to be remembered.
We had a long wait, but it was worthwhile because we got the tickets.
Have a great time(in)doing it.
3. Coming to another country to study requires a big adjustment and it takes a while to fit in.
4. although the styles may change from year to year, jeans never go completely out of fashion.
out of / in fashion: considered/ not very modern now
After a fashion: although not very well
John can speak Russian, after a fashion, but can’t read it at all.
5. Liu Huanrong, a volunteer who has helped many teenagers addicted to online gaming, believes that the most important thing for today’s youth is to have balance in their lives.
addicted to: dependent on something,esp a drug; unable to stop having
My children are hopelessly addicted to television.
6. As a teenager, Miss Liu was involved in a fire, in which 91% of her skin was burnt and she lost the use of her hands.
involve … in/with: cause sb.or oneself to become connected or concerned
Don’t involve other people in your mad schemes.
The job involves traveling abroad for three months each year.
[例1]  In 1920, the writer was born in Fengyang, which was _____ to be on the map.
A. a too small town        B. a town too small   
C. such a small town       D. so small a town
解析:不定式to be on the map作补充说明的成分,所以应该和形容词连在一起,就像adj.+ enough to do一样。
[例2] The typist worked late into the night, _____ a report for the manager.
A. prepared     B. preparing      C. was preparing      D. to prepare
解析:这道题考非谓语动词 doing表示伴随状况,晚上熬夜就是在准备报告。
[例3] _____ ant in the ant city is much smaller than the queen.
A. Any other    B. Other    C. Any   D. Another
解析:any ant 和any other ant之间的差别主要在于需不需要排除比较对象the queen。
[例4] A walk in the park and a visit to the sea every day is all he _____.
A. hopes    B. wishes    C. asks    D. wants
[例5] _____ doesn’t seem to have been any difficulty solving the problem.
A. It      B. He      C. That      D. There
解析:很明显这句话表示存在的 there be句型,中间使用了seem to do的结构。
[例6] —Would you tell me _____ about your cousin?
    —I’d like to do _____ but tell you about him; he is far from what I have expected of him.
A. something; nothing        B. anything; nothing  
C. something; anything       D. anything; something
一. 选择题
1. —I prefer a computer made in your company, but I may need some more information about
the product.
—         .
A. Thank you         B. It’s a pleasure      C. You are welcome      D. At your service
2. The World Trade Organization(WTO)finally opened its door to China on November 10,
      a 15-year wait.
A. to end        B. ended       C. ending        D. ends
3. —Victor looks unhappy.
—Yes. He always ______ our success.
A. cheers      B. envies     C. admires     D. stops
4. The young man owes his success to many people, his parents            .
A. after all       B. by chance      C. on purpose        D. in particular
5. —Why were you not at the concert last night?
I          a close game between Seattle Sonics and Miami Bucks.
A. watched       B. was watching       C. have been watching       D. had watched
6. With a lot of difficult problems      , the manager felt worried all the time.
A. to settle    B. settling       C. settled       D. being settled
7. Shelly had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of
passing it on her first ______.
A. intention         B. attempt      C. purpose          D. desire
8. —Do you think the weather is good enough for a picnic?
 —Yes. You couldn’t hope for           at this time of year.
A. a nice day        B. the nicer day       C. the nicest day        D. a nicer day
9. This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen      comfortably.
A. is worn     B. wears     C. wear    D. wearing
10. I asked Ann and       of her brothers, but none of them knew the way .
A. one      B. both    C. either   D. neither
11. The stone under her feet rolled down; she was        into the river, and she called out for help.
A. being pushed    B. pushed       C. pulled     D. being pulled
12. During the test we were supposed to stay in our seats, keep our eyes on our work,          to anyone.
A. and not speak              B. but could not talk    
C. instead of speaking          D. rather than speak
13. —He looks unhappy.
—Yes, but he can’t say what it is           is bothering him.
A. as         B. what         C. that        D. which
14. Temperatures in the United States         measured according to the Fahrenheit Scale, on
which 32 degrees       the freezing point of water and 212 degrees the boiling point.
A. are; is        B. are; are       C. is; are     D. is; is
15. It would be worth trying         you should not get immediate success.
A. unless      B. whether     C. as if      D. even though
二. 阅读理解
Because of a full display of her skill and grace, a crowd of 5,000 could not look away from 22-year-old Russian Svetlana Khorkina(霍尔金娜)at the World Gymnas¬tics Championships (世界体操锦标赛).
The “ Queen of Gymnastics ” won three gold medals at the games held in Belgium from October 29 to November 6. Her medals were won on the vaults(跳马), the uneven bars(高低杠)and for the individual all-round tide. This is the first time a woman has won three gold medals at a world championships since 1993. “ Wow, I’m so happy, ” Khorkina said. “ I simply wanted to show what I was capable of. ” Khorkina’s excellent combination of grace and acro¬batics(杂技) has won her just about every major medal. She has also won a unique(独特的)series of four world titles in a row.
From 1996 to 2000, she won two medals at the Olympic Games, and topped the world Championships as well as the European Championships. Yet there is more to the Olympic, world and European cham¬pion than her medals. Khorkina moves skillfully from one role to another. Some¬times she’s a charming quickness, some¬times an athletic superwoman, and some¬times a fashionable girl.
She claims the hard training and many competitions have not changed her. In her spare time, Khorkina is just a common neighborhood girl. She talks with friends on her mobile phone while enjoying buttered bread; when there are no other cars around, she drives her new Renault on the auto-drome(赛车跑道)at high speeds.
When she was only 18, Khorkina was pictured without her top on for Playboy magazine. It greatly angered her father. But Khorkina said that if the contract was sat¬isfactory, she would be pictured again.
At the start of this recent world event, Khorkina made a fashion statement showing how modem she is. She wore a midnight blue velvet(丝绒)dress with sequined shoulders and a low neckline.
“Although I enjoy people calling me a symbol of Russian sports, I’d like to pursue my chosen lifestyle,” she said. “I want to be myself ” Khorkina has her own dreams. She thinks of becoming an independent business woman involved in modeling. But she would also like to do something for gymnastics in her hometown of Belgorod.
16. The main idea of paragraph 5 is       .
A. Khorkina remains what she used to be in her spare time though she is world-famous
B. Khorkina is just a common girl in her spare time
C. Khorkina is rather young though she has won many gold medals
D. Khorkina is a lovely and charming girl
17. Khorkina is called Queen of Gymnas¬tics", probably because _____ .
A. her full display of skill and grace at the World Gymnastics Championships
B. she has won three gold medals at the games held from October 29 to November 6
C. she has won so many gold medals including those  gotten  at the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the European Champi¬onships
D. this is the first time that a woman has won 3 gold medals at a world Championships since 1993
18. After Khorkina has won three gold medals at the games held in Belgium, she feels _____.
A. unhappy         B. proud      C. delighted        D. surprised
19. Khorkina has won just about every major medal _____ .
A. because she is very beautiful
B. because she is regarded as the "Queen of Gymnastics"
C. because of her combination of grace and acrobatics
D. because she is an expert in gymnast¬ics of the first class
1—5   DCBDB      6—10  ABDBB     11—15 DACAD    
16—19   ACCC
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