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高三英语全套单元练习卷 Unit 2  Crossing limits
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Unit 2  Crossing limits

Language points:


1. Some suggested it couldn’t be accomplished.

suggest:  v. ---- propose  提议,建议    suggestion  n. 

                  ---- bring (an idea, possibility) into the mind   使想起,提醒,暗示 

                            suggest+ n. / doing

                            suggest(提议,建议)+ 宾语从句 (用虚拟语气)  (should)+do  

                            suggest(使想起,提醒,暗示)+ 宾语从句 (用实际时态)

(1)Brander suggested that ______________________________ (我们早点儿去机场) .

(2)I suggest ________________________________ (用不同的方法做这件事).

(3)The little boy’s accent(口音) suggested that ___________________(他是保定人).

(4)My best friend suggested that ___________________________(我去昆明度假).

(5)If there is a quality problem, we suggest _____________________ (和…联系)the manufacturer(生产商) directly.

(6)Can you suggest _______________________(一家高档的餐厅)?

2. In the 11th century, the Africans made several voyages to the court of the Song Dynasty.

              The fleet made several expeditions before the exploration was stopped…… 

Ex: Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases below.

       make a decision/decisions   make a voyage/voyages             make peace     make room              make sense          make (a) difference  make an expedition/ expeditions

       make way      make friends        make one’s way           make one’s living  

       make noise(s)   make a suggestion             make an appointment make a mistake  

(1)It doesn’t __________ a bit of _________ if you are late for my party.

(2)When the concert ended I _______________________ out of the hall.

(3)The old lady has to _____________________ by repairing bikes.

(4)Does it ____________________ to let little children do whatever they want to?

(5)I’ve __________________________ for you with the doctor for tomorrow morning.

(6)When older men retire they _____________ for younger men to take their places.

(7)There were already five people in the car, but I tried to ______________ for her.

(8)Don’t be afraid of the dog; he only wants to _________________ with you.

(9)Presently the school leaders________________________ to the physics teachers that they prepare their lessons in the physics lab.

(10)In December delegates from the various states met in London to _____________.

(11)She hasn’t _______________________ whether she should sail or fly to America.

(12)The news spread all over the town. Pile found that he ___________________ of telling his friend the secret.

(13)The neighbors said that we ____________ too much _____________.

(14)When I give up work I shall ___________ a long sea ________.

(15)He will ____________________ to the tropical rain forest of South America to photograph wild animals there.

3. The local Tibetans and Sherpas laughed at the strange bottles containing what they referred to as “English air”.

       refer to: speak of; allude to; apply to  谈及;提及;应用于

                     turn to or go to for information  参考;咨询

       e.g. Jack was careful not to refer to the woman by name.

       Ex: Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases below.

       adjust to        apply to            be similar to     look forward to            contribute to

       devote…to            be used to             lead to           refer to         turn to          stick to

(1)The term ‘groupware’ _______________ software designed to be used by several computer users at once.

(2)I welcome any change that will ___________ something better. 

(3)Davis didn’t really _____________ much______ the game in the second half. 

(4)Few people are able to ____________ themselves fully _______ their career.  

(5)The children ____________________________ the holidays in Hawaii.  

(6)It took her two years to ________________ the life in Britain. 

(7)In which way will a human trip to Mars _________________the trips of explorers in the past? 

(8)In the course of his speech, the speaker __________several times _____ his notes.

(9)They always _____________ me when they are in trouble.

(10)If everyone _____________ the rules, we shouldn’t have any problems.

(11)What I am saying perhaps does not _____________ the students in your school.

(12)After many years’ practice, the seventy-year-old man ________________ swimming in the cold water in winter.

4. When their oxygen ran out, they had no chance of surviving.

   ran out: be used up; (of stocks, supplies) come to an end; be short of  用尽;缺乏

   e.g. We decided it would be best to go home before our money ran out.

       Ex: Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases below.

       run across   run away              run after              run for          run into         run out

       run out of

(1)We’ve just reached the motorway yesterday when the petrol __________.

(2)Bush _________________ President another time and succeeded.

(3)Lester didn’t expect to ________________ many of his friends at the TV show.

(4)Instead of devoting himself to his studies, he wastes his time ______________ girls.

(5)They returned home from South Africa when their money ______________.

(6)I ____________ the old photo when I was cleaning the book shelf.

(7)Millie never ________________________ ideas for clever party decorations.

(8)Many times Tommy said that he would ____________ from home but he never did.

(9)Joe lost control of his bike and ________________ a tree.


(一)Complete the sentences with proper words and phrases according to the initials given or the hint.

1. When Captain James Cook landed in New Zealand in 1769, he took possession of it in the n______ of the British Crown.

2. Some people wonder whether the next step in _____________(探测) the planet Mars or outer space will be sending people there in a spaceship.

3. To people of early civilizations, the world map was a great p_____________.

4. The ____________ (联系)between China and Africa over the centuries had led to the awareness of each other’s existence.

5. Some people can never go above 4,000 metres because their body is unable to ____________(适应) to these extreme conditions.

6. Under the c____________of General Liang Guanglie and General Yuri Baluyevsky, Chinese and Russian troops began military exercise in Russia’s coastal city-V yesterday.

7. Many difficulties have ______________ (出现)as a result of the change over to a new type of fuel.

8. The project to be a_______________ by the end of 2007 will expand the city’s telephone network to cover 2,000,000 users.

9. They can’t afford to e_____________ their labs properly because of lack of funds.

10. They made a silent _______________(交换)of smiles.

11. All passengers are r________________ to show their tickets when boarding.

12. The Roman Empire e____________ for several centuries before it became extinct.

13. The price of fuel is going up because of v______________ reasons.

14. I tried to contact him but was u_______ to.

15. In drawing up the plan, they went to the library to _______________(查阅) many books.

16. My money is r_______________. I must go to the bank to draw some of my savings out before I have none in hand.

17. Nowadays we r____ increasingly ____ computers for help.

18. A____________ English, he speaks several other foreign languages.

19. I gave him a present but he gave me nothing ­­­__________________.

20. He is giving her French lessons __________________ English lessons.



I do a lot of management training each year for the Circle K Company. Among the __1__ we discuss in our classes is the __2__ of quality employees (雇员).

   “What has caused you to stay __3__ enough to become a manager?” I asked. After a while a new manager took the __4__ and said slowly, “It was a baseball glove.”

   Cynthia said she used to __5__ a Circle K clerk job as an interim (临时的) one while she looked for something __6__. On her second day behind the counter, she received a(an) __7__ from her nine-year-old son, Jessie. He__8__ a baseball glove for the little League. She __9__ that as a single mother, money was __10__, and her first check would have to go for paying __11__.

   When Cynthia arrived for work the next morning, Patricia, the store manager asked her to come to her small office and handed her a box. “I overheard you __12__ to your son yesterday,” she said, “and I know that it is __13__ to explain things to kids. This is a baseball glove for Jessie. I know you have to pay bills __14__ you can buy gloves. You know we can’t __15__ good people like you as__16__as we would like to; but we do __17__ and I want you to know how __18__ you are to us.”

   The thoughtfulness, empathy (同情) and love of the store manager shows vividly that people __19__ more how much a(n) __20__ cares than how much he pays.

1. A. topics              B. problems                 C. difficulties               D. lessons

2. A. employing             B. praising                   C. keeping                   D. improving

3. A. soon                      B. long                        C. strong                    D. calm

4. A. position                 B. decision                  C. question                  D. advice

5. A. take                      B. change                 C. lose                        D. consider

6. A. lighter                B. easier                   C. better                     D. higher

7. A. letter                     B. call                         C. telegram                 D. email

8. A. bought                B. kept                     C. needed                    D. offered

9. A. complained          B. explained                 C. thought                   D. wondered

10. A. short                   B. enough                   C. spare                      D. tight

11. A. food                    B. education                       C. clothes                   D. bills

12. A. talking                 B. crying                     C. arguing                 D. scolding

13. A. easy                    B. hard                              C. simple                    D. nice

14. A. after                   B. until                        C. when                      D. before

15. A. thank                  B. keep                    C. pay                        D. fired

16. A. much             B. many                C. pleasant                  D. possible

17. A. regret                  B. agree                      C. worry                     D. care

18. A. excellent              B. important                       C. thankful                  D. thoughtful

19. A. remember            B. refuse                     C. thank                      D. think

20. A. mother                       B. clerk                       C. official                    D. employer



(1)we leave early for the airport

(2)doing it in a different way

(3)he was from Baoding

(4)I go to Kunming for my holiday

(5)contacting with

(6)an expensive restaurant


(1)make… difference            (2)made my way           (3)make her living  (4)make sense

       (5)made an appointment        (6)make way                (7)make room        (8)make friends

       (9)made the suggestion  (10)make peace      (11)made a decision       (12)made a mistake

       (13)were making…noise              (14)make…voyage        (15)make an expedition


1. refers to            2. lead to 3. contribute… to 4. devote…to

       5. were/are looking forward to     6. adjust to     7. be similar to            8. referred …to             9. turn to       10. sticks to              11. apply to            12. has been used to


1. ran out              2. ran for        3. run into      4. running after      5. ran out       6. ran across

       7. runs out of         8. run away           9. ran into



1. name             2. exploring           3. puzzle  4. contacts     5. adjust         6. command

7. arisen             8. accomplished            9. equip          10. exchange  11. required

12. existed  13. various     14. unable       15. refer to            16. running out      17. rely…on

18. Apart from           19. in return           20. in exchange for


1. A        2. C        3. B        4. C        5. A        6. C        7. B        8. C        9. B        10. D

11. D      12. A       13. B       14. D      15. C      16. A       17. D      18. B       19. A       20. D

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