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高三英语全套单元练习卷 Unit 1 That must be a record!
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Unit 1   That must be a record!

1. More than 60,000 new records are sent in to the book each year, but they cannot all be printed.

send in: to send(a letter, piece of work for a competition,etc) to some central place

       If you want a visa, be sure to send in your application in good time.

EX.  Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases below. 

send for   send back   send off    send out    send up    send in

1) The sun _________________light and heat.

2) The Discovery __________________successfully on July 27, 2005.

3) The police _______________ when an emergency happens.

4) The whole family went to the airport _____________him________.

5) You must _______________your old driving licence with your application for a new one.

6) The T-shirt faded seriously. _________it ________to the shop.

sends out   was sent up    are sent for   to send; off    send in     Send; back 

2. Instead, the editors of the book set down the records and keep track of them in other ways. 

    set down: write down; put or lay down   I have set down everything that I can remember.

EX.  Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases below. 

set about   set an example to    set aside    set back   set down      set fire

set foot    set out(off)    set free    set up   set a record

1) He _____________all his important thoughts in his diary when they are fresh in his mind.

2) As soon as she arrived she ______________tidying up the room. 

3) Parents should __________________their children in behavior.

4) The old couple tried to _____________some extra money for some purpose.

5) The demonstrators ____________to the U.S. embassy in Britain.

6) The school _____________a special class to help those poor learners.

7) Having said goodbye to the friends, they____________ for their destination.

8) The old man ___________in his motherland again after 50 years.

9) You need to ____________the clock by 24 hours when you reach New York.

10) The slaves _____________at last after the Civil War. 

will set down    set about   set an example to   set aside   set fire 

has set up     set off /out    set foot   set back    were set free

3. When IOC President Samaranch announced that Beijing would host the 2008 Olympic Games, all Chinese watching him on TV burst into cheers.

1) burst into tears/ cheers/ laughter…突然(进入某种状态或发生某种情况)

As soon as she saw me she burst into tears.

After these warm days we shall see the trees burst into leaf.

The orchards seemed burst into blossom over night.

2) burst out laughing/crying     He burst out crying like a child.

4. The editors will decide if your idea is suitable and then send you rules and the form you need to apply for the record. 

apply for  pay for   ask for   call for  leave for   wait for  stand for  look for    send for    make for    head for    long for     care for  account for   search for

1) She entered it, ____________a cup of coffee, and sat down.

2) He ________home ________the station just a few minutes ago.

3) Diana ________________you to have a talk with you outside the office.

4) The letters UN _____________the United Nations.

5) They have been______________ the missing child for two days.

6) He __________to the banker________ a loan last month.

7) After the death of their mother, the children ____________by an aunt until they grew up.

8) I saw the car _____________me , so I stepped aside.

9) I ____________you at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.

10) Cultural exchange ________________better understanding.

11) You will have to ___________your selfishness some day.

12) We are all ____________the peace of the world.

13) He couldn’t ___________his absence for school these days.

asked for   left; for   is waiting for   stand for   looking for/searching for

applied; for   had been cared for   heading for   will call for   makes for

pay for   longing for    account for

5. These new sports are called “extreme sports” and all centre on the “X-factor”.

Then my mind becomes clear and I concentrate on the way my body moves in the air.

centre on/concentrate on/ focus on(upon): keep all one’s effort or attention to sth

eg. He concentrated all his energies on studying.

    The subject of the conference ___________________________________


    centres on the development of Chinese football in the future ten years.

6. Impressive as the record is, it fades next to the story of Armstrong’s struggle against disease.

    这里as引导让步状语从句, 相当于Although the record is impressive, …


    Poor as he is, he is honest.

    Tired as they were, they got up early next morning.

    Try as you will, you won’t manage it.


    Angry as he was, he still listened to me patiently.

7. Say the meaning of “reach” in the following sentences.

a) He reached his hand out for the book I offered him.

b) Can you reach the book on the shelf?

c) Would you please reach me the sugar?

d) Your letter of June 8 reached me to-day.

e) You can reach me at this number.

f) The cost of the war reached billions.

g) The garden reaches down to the lake.

h) The speaker’s voice didn’t reach to the back of the hall.

i) We called Mary, but she was out of reach.

j) The town is within easy reach of London.

伸出;到达、够得到;传给、递给;到达、送达;联系到;到达;延伸到;传到; 联系不到; 位于附近

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