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高三选修10 Unit 2 King Lear课文难句解析
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1. For whichever of you has for me the most devotion I will give to her the best part of everything I own.



Kent didn’t come today, for he has been ill.肯特今天没有来,因为他生病了。


— Why didn’t you stop thief while he was passing by?

— Because I hadn’t known he was a thief before you told me that.


   Whichever you want is yours.你要什么就拿什么。

  Choose whichever of them you like best.挑选你最喜欢的。

3)“你们中的哪一个”是“第三人称”概念,所以,句子的谓语用单数第三人称has。再比如:I’ll give it to whichever of you wants it.无论你们中的谁要,我都会给的。


2.This part is equal in value to what I give to Goneril.

剖析:介词短语in value(在价值上/方面)作状语表示范围;what I give to Goneril是宾语从句,从句引导词what作give的宾语。


3. What have you to say to delight an old man and earn the best part of his kingdom.

剖析:短语have to do 是“不得不”的意思,要注意其与must的区别。比如:I had to go to bed before 10 last night for the electricity failed.昨晚停电了,我只好十点钟前就睡觉了(客观条件所迫)。 Students must go to bed before 10 in the night.学生十点钟前必须就寝(人的主观安排)。


4. I love you as it is right and proper for a daughter to love her father, neither less nor more.

剖析:1)as…在这里引导方式状语从句,修饰谓语动词love。as 还可以引导时间状语从句、原因状语从句、让步状语从句、条件状语从句等,

2)neither… nor…既不。。。。。。也不。。。。。。(参见本单元“关键短语精讲”第9条)


5. We’ll see if either wants to be a bridegroom when she has no riches to bring to the marriage.

剖析:either指“法国国王和勃艮第公爵”两人中的任何一个(either of them)。bring to“带来”的意思;不定式短语to bring to the marriage是修饰riches的定语。



1.—There’s coffee and tea; you can have ______ . (2003全国)


A. either   B. each    C. one   D. it


2.I invited Joe and Linda to dinner, but _____ of them came. (2004北京)

A. neither   B. either   C. none   D. both


6. It’s as though the whole world has gone to sleep.

 剖析:  as though等于as if,引导表语从句。有时候从句要用虚拟语气。比如:

He fought as if his life were in danger.他挣扎着就好像有生命危险似的。

It seemed as though the night would never end.夜晚好像永无止尽。


7. And unless you want me to get rid of the rest of them too, I suggest you teach them how to behave properly. 

剖析:1)unless等于if (…) not,“除非”意思,引导条件状语从句。比如:

I will leave at 9 o’clock, unless you want to go earlier.我将9点钟出发,除非你想早一些走。

Don’t leave here unless instructed to.未得到指示不得离开!


1.The man will have to wait all day _____ the doctor works faster.(2001全国)

A. if    B. unless    C. whether    D. that


2._____ you call me to say you’re not coming, I’ll see you at the theatre.(2004吉林)

A. Though    B. Whether    C. Until    D. Unless


2)get rid of…意思是:摆脱、去掉、除去。比如:

He can’t get rid of the cold.他感冒老是不好。

3)you teach them how to behave properly是suggest的宾语从句、虚拟语气。suggest作为“建议”解释,其宾语从句用虚拟语气。比如:The doctor suggested Kent (should) be given an operation on right away.大夫建议应该立即给肯特动手术。The manager suggested that the meeting be brought to an end.经理建议结束会议。但是,作“表明、暗示”解释,其宾语从句不用虚拟语气。比如:Her expression suggested that she was angry.她的表情表明她很生气。


8. The third daughter chose not to flatter her father with dishonest claims and instead told him she loved him only as much as her duty as a daughter required.

剖析:1)not to flatter her father with dishonest claims是否定的动词不定式作chose 的宾语。

真题:The teacher asked us _____ so much noise。(2003北京)

A. don’t make    B. not make    C. not making    D. not to make

解析:这是ask sb. (not) to do 结构。故选D。

2)as a daughter required是比较方式状语从句,是“像女儿要求的那样”意思。


真题:I feel that one of my main duties _____ a teacher is to help the students to become better learners. (2004广东)

A. for    B. by    C. as    D. with


9. The king then went backwards and forwards between his two daughters until he had no soldiers at all. 

剖析:连词until的意思:“直到……”,引导时间状语从句。当主句谓语动词是瞬间动词时,要用not…until结构。比如:We won’t start until Bob comes.我们要到鲍勃来的时候才开始。My daughter hadn’t gone to bed until I came back.我的女儿一直到我回来后才去睡觉。until也可以当介词用。比如: I’ll stay here until Friday.我要在这里呆到星期五。



1.—Was his father strict with him when he was at school? (2003春招)

—Yes. He had never praised him _____ he became one of the top students in his grade.

A. after    B. unless    C. until    D. when


2.A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners’ curiosity _____ he reaches the end of the story. (2003上海)

A. when    B. unless    C. after    D. until


3.We were told that we should follow the main road _____ we reach the central railway station. (2004辽宁)

A. whenever    B. until    C. while    D. wherever


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