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高三选修10 Unit 1 Nothing ventured,nothing gained词组句型解析
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1. set out   出发、开始、装饰、宣布、陈述、移植、设计

He set out to paint the whole house but finished only the front part.他开始粉刷整个屋子,可是才刷完前面的那部分。

The wall was set out with pictures.这墙上被用画字装饰着。

真题:It’s ten years since the scientist ____ on his life’s work of discovering the valuable chemical.(江苏)

A. made for   B. set out   C. took off   D. turned up


2. give way to   给……让路、屈服撤退、跨掉

Don’t give way to grief.不要过度悲伤。

The barren land has given way to green vegetation.不毛之地已盖满葱绿的作物。

3. give off  发出(液体、气味、蒸汽、光等)

What gives off a bad smell?什么东西发出臭味啊?

give off和give out区别:give out:“分发、公布、耗尽”、“发出(气味、热)”。比如:

The enemy’s supplies began to give out.敌人的供给即将耗尽了。

Tom gave himself out to be a good swimmer.汤姆自称是优秀的游泳选手。

4. remind sb of sth  提醒某人某事

The sight of this picture reminds me of my childhood.这幅画子使我想起了童年。

5. stare at 盯着看……

It’s rude to stare at others.盯着别人看是不礼貌的。

6. on earth  究竟、在世界上。 “地球”还是要用the earth表示。

She is the most beautiful woman on earth.她是世上最漂亮的女人.

What on earth are you doing there?你到底在那里干什么?

7. in sight (of ) 见到(。。。。。。)
Peace is in sight at last after 2 years of war.经过两年的战争后,和平终于来临了。

8. above all  首先、最重要的

What we shall learn, above all, is how to study.我们首先(最重要的)是要学会如何学习。

9. deal with 与……   做生意、应付、对付、安排、处理

Deal with a man as he deals with you.以其人之道,还治其人之身。

10. think of…  想、考虑、想到、想起。。。。。。

We are thinking of going to France for our holidays but we’ve not decided for certain yet.我们打算去法国度假,可是还没有最后确定下来。

11. be about to do sth  按计划安排即将要发生。。。。。。

When I was about to leave she came back.我正准备离去时她回来了。

I am not about to stop when I’m so close to success.我不会放弃的,因为我已成功在望了。

12. die down  渐渐消失、变弱

It took a long time for the excitement to die down.过了很长时间激动的情绪才平静下来。

13. be particular about… 挑剔、(过于)讲究

He is very particular about having his breakfast at exactly 8 o’clock.他非常讲究,要在八点正吃早饭。

14. There’s no doubt that  毫无疑问。。。。。。

There’s no doubt that he will come.毫无疑问,他会来的。


I don’t doubt that he will come.我毫不怀疑,他会来的。

I doubt whether it is true. 我怀疑这是否真实。

15. I don’t mind if…  我不在乎/不管 。。。。。。

I don’t mind if it is cold or warm.我不在乎天气冷还是热。



I don’t mind how you do it, as long as you get it finished quickly.我不管你怎么做,只要你能尽快地做完这件事。

2)在would mind…句型中,从句用过去式(虚拟语气),表示“礼貌”。比如:

Would you mind if I smoked in here? 但要说:Do you mind if I smoke in here?

—Have some more beer?再喝一点啤酒吧?

—I don’t mind if I do.(= thank you, I like some)好的,再喝一点吧。

16. It’s clear that…  很明显。。。。。。

It’s clear from his actions that he loves her.从他的行动看,他很明显爱上了她。

It’s clear that we should read aloud more in the morning.很显然,我们在早晨要多朗读。

17. What qualities do you think…..? 你(们)认为。。。。。。什么样的品质?do you think是插入语,是用来征求别人的意见和看法。请比较:

Whose opinion is right? Whose opinion do you think is right? (你认为)谁的看法正确?

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