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1、Hunting is allowed in this area, though not officially permitted.这个地区是可以狩猎的,尽管法律上不允许。allow指听凭不禁止,含有消极的意味。permit指正式地允许或根据法律规定许可, 比allow来得积极。

2、I received his gift from him, but I didn’t accept it .我收到他的礼物,但我没有接受

3、You should be ashamed of your shameful behaviors.你应该为你的可耻的行为感到羞愧

4、The boss insisted that the man had stolen the money and insisted that he (should) leave the company at once.老板坚持说那个人偷了钱并坚持要求他立刻离开公司。

5、There are so many cakes for me to choose from that I can’t make up my mind which to choose.有那么多的蛋糕可供从中选择,我无法决定选择哪一个。

6、Be sure to get to the airport on time, and make sure everything is ready before you start.务必要准时到机场并且确保在出发前一切都准备好了。

7、It seemed that she was not a bit worried, but in fact, she was not a little worried about it.表面看来她似乎一点也不担心,事实上她非常担心。

8、He felt so sleepy that he soon fell asleep.他觉得很瞌睡很快就睡着了。

9、I called at his house, but he wasn’t in. So I left a message telling him that I would call on him the next day.我到他家拜访,可他不在家。所以我留下口信告诉他第二天再去拜访他。

10、I know him, but when I saw him last night, I could hardly recognize him.我知道他,但当我昨天见到他的时候几乎没认出他来。

11、The motor cost me 4300 Yuan. But I don’t think it’s worth that much.这辆摩托花了我4300元,但认为它不这个钱。

12、They got married in 1995. So far they have been married for 10 years.他们是1995年结的婚(瞬间动作),到现在已经结婚(延续动作)十年了。

13、when she found her necklace missing, she knew that the necklace was lost forever.当她发现项链不见了便知道它再也找不着了

14、Don’t believe what he says. Work hard and believe in yourself, and you’ll succeed one day.不要相信他说的话,努力学习,相信你自己,你会成功的。

15、He cut down the tree and cut it up for winter use.他把树砍倒砍碎准备过冬用。

16、The sailor has rich experience and he often tells us his interesting experiences.这水手有丰富的经验,他经常给我们讲他有趣的经历

17. I was greatly moved by this moving story. 我被这个感人的故事深深感动了。

18、I’m very pleased with my own cooking .It has a pleasant smell and I’m sure it will please my husband.我对自己做的菜感到满意,菜闻起来不错,肯定能丈夫高兴的。

19、The boy lied that a hen was lying under the tree laying eggs.那男孩撒谎说有只母鸡(躺)在树下生蛋

20、My suitcase contains some clothes, including a few sweaters and trousers.我箱子里面有些衣服,包括几件毛衣和几条裤子。

    附:The whole book contains 12units, including two mainly revisions.整个这本书十二个单元,包括两个单元的总复习。

21、These shoes cost too much. What’s more, they are much too small for me.这鞋花费太多,而且我穿着小。

附:I’ve got too much work to do on a much too cold winter night.在一个非常寒冷的冬夜,我有太多的工作要做。

22、I can’t think of his name, but I’ll think about what he has said to me.我他的名字,但我会考虑他跟我说过的话。

23、I used to rise very late during the summer vacation, but I’ve got used to getting up very early .我(过去)在暑假期间常常起得很晚,但现在习惯了起得很早。

24、He is sitting in the front of the car and can see a pond clearly in front of the car.他坐在轿车前部可以清楚地看见有一个池塘在前面

25、Last year, my total income, with my reward added to, added up to 15000yuan.去年我的总收入,加上奖金,总计为一万五千元。

26、The bed made of wood is mad up of three separate parts.这张(由)的床三部分组成

27、Japan lies to the east of China in the east of Asia. It faces the Pacific on the east.日本在亚洲东部(范围内),中国东面(不接壤),东临太平洋(接壤)。

28、We were all deeply shocked when we heard that some workers were deep in the well.当我们得知一些工人被深埋井下时都深感震惊。

29、His life was in danger when facing the dangerous tiger.面对危险的老虎,他的生命处于危险之中。 

30、He lives alone in a lonely mountain village, but he doesn’t feel lonely.他独自一人住在一个偏僻的山村里,但并不觉得孤独

31、——David has made great progress recently.最近戴维进步很大。

——So he has, and so have you.他确实进步很大,你也是

32、Gibert discovered electricity, but Edison invented the light bulb.吉波特发现了电,然而是爱迪生发明了电灯。

33、For once we heard a loud noise so we stood at once.有一次我们听到一声巨响,都立刻站了起来。

34、I read the newspaper and read of his death.我读了报纸,得知他死去的消息。

35、She looked for her cellphone everywhere and found it at last.她到处找她的手机,最后找着了。

36、Whatever David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind to live with him whatever (no matter what) happens.对海伦来说,无论戴维说什么(名词性从句)都是对的。这就是为什么她决心无论发生什么事(状语从句)都要和他在一起。

37、An ordinary worker in Beijing earns 1800 yuan a month, which is common nowadays.北京一个普通工人一个月能赚一千八百元,如今也很常见了。

38、He went specially to see her in such an especially hot summer.在这样一个特别炎热的夏天,他特意地去看她。

39、A respectable man is one who is worthy of being respected.一个令人尊敬的人是值得受人尊敬的

40、Though he is not young any longer, he has a youthful attitude towards life.尽管他已不再年轻,他对人生仍有年轻人般的态度。

41、One may have a character, but may have many characteristics, all of which constitute one’s character.一个人可能只有一种“性格”,但可能有多种“特征,特点”,所有这些“特征特点”便构成了一个人“总的特征,品质”。

42、It is possible(有可能) but not probable (很可能)that it will rain before evening.傍晚前可能下雨,但不见得会下。

43、Electronic games don’t have many effects on grown-ups but affect students a great deal.电子游戏对成年人影响不大,但是对学生影响很大。

44、Sometimes changes take place in matter and the substances never return to their former condition.有时物质(总称,不可数)发生变化,(这些具体的物质,可数)再也不会恢复到原来的状态。

45、The doctor treated her headache with a new medicine, but didn’t cure her. 医生用一种新药为她头痛,但没把她治好

46、He worked no more than (仅仅,只有)a week, so he could get not more than (至多,不超过)100 yuan. 他干了一个星期,因此他至多能得到一百元。

47、I used to be dependent on my parents. Now I’m independent of them. 我从前一切都依赖父母,现在我独立了。

48、You may be tired with reading, but you should not be tired of it. 看书可能使疲劳,但不应该对看书感到厌烦

49、Here is another tip: Don’t touch the tip with the tips of your fingers. 还有一条提示:别用手指尖小费

50、He is shooting at a bird, but he doesn’t shoot it.他一只鸟射击,但没有射中

51、Anything imaginary is the products of an imaginative person’s mind.任何虚构的东西都是有想象力的人的产物。



52、Considering Tom (to be) fit for the office, the boss considered taking him on.认为汤姆称职,老板考虑雇用他。

53、My father is an officer in the army, while his father is an official in the government.我爸爸是部队里的军官,而他爸爸是政府官员

54、She had borne two children but they were born deaf.她生了两个孩子,但他们生来就聋。主动语态中,只能用borne,在被动语态中由引导行为主体要用borne,其他情况用born。

55、One may be conscious of fear, but not altogether aware of the danger which is going on about him.人们可能会心感恐惧,但并不能全然察觉到周围将发生什么危险。

56、You shouldn’t have scolded the boy at all, he is a child after all; above all, he made only two mistakes in all.你根本不该责备那男孩,他毕竟还是个孩子;更重要的是,他总共才出了两次错。At all根本; after all毕竟; above all首先; in all总共

57、This article is well worth reading, but it is not worthy of being translated(=to be translated).这篇文章很值得一读,但不值得翻译。

58、I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.我发现给孩子提建议的最好的办法是先弄明白他们想做什么,然后再建议他们去做什么。Find指一种客观结果,
      find out实指主观有意识的找出、查明。

59、I have kept company with him for five years, and I enjoy his company. Now we’re working in the same company.我和他结交已经五年了,我喜欢与他在一起。现在,我们在同一个公司工作。company公司;同伴;keep company with---结交

62、She is very strict not only with all of us, but in all her own work..她不仅对我们都很严格她自己的工作要求也很严格

63、Questions are easy to answer but it is hard to solve the problems.回答问题容易,但要解决这些问题很难。

64、The reason for his departure was that he wanted to look into the cause of the accident.他离开的缘由是想调查事故的原因

65、Everybody in the class ( besides the teacher) except Li Ming himself thinks that the composition is very good except for some spelling mistakes.班里的人(甚至老师)除了李明本人都认为这作文除了一些拼写错误之外,写的不错。

66、The man who used to work in a chemical works is now a chemistry teacher.那个过去在化工厂工作的人现在是一个化学老师。

67、The writer went to the village every day
so as to get familiar with the everyday life there.作家每天去那村子,为的是想了解那儿的日常生活。

68、People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.人们通常因为不能辩论争吵

69、I saw a saw saw a log into four.我看到一把把一根木头成了四块。

70、A number of teachers are present today, the number of them is 300.许多教师今天都出席了,(数量)有300人。

71、I would like to go out for a walk; I like walking in the rain.我出去散散步,我喜欢在雨中行走。

72、A reason explains why you do something. A cause makes something happen. Reason 解释做某事的原因,cause(导致)某事发生。

73、The wet wood on the fire was on fire an hour ago.一小时前在炉子上的湿木头着火了。

74、The policeman seized the thief who snatched the girl’s purse.警察抓住那个女孩钱包的小偷。

75、It would be foolish to let such an opportunity slip, it is the chance of a lifetime.让这样千载难逢的(好)机会溜掉,实在是太愚蠢了。

76、The enemy soldiers were fleeing in all directions, but few of them could escape.敌兵四处逃窜,但很少能逃出去。

77、At last we found him in a trap in the forest, still living but not alive.最后我们在森林里的陷阱里找到他的时候,他虽然还活着,但已是奄奄一息

78、I often attend meeting and sometimes I take part in its discussion.我经常出席会议,有时参加大会的讨论。

79、Though we lost the first two games, we managed to win the match at last.尽管我们输了前两,但最终还是赢得了这场比赛的胜利。

80、The teacher is preparing the reviewing exercises, and the students are preparing for the final examination.老师正在准备复习用的练习,而学生们正在期末考试做准备

81、Have you read Steinway’s latest novel? It’s much better than his last one. 你读过斯坦威的最新小说吗?比他的上一部小说好多了。

82、“Is there (any) room for me to sit down here?”  “Yes, there’s a place in the corner.”   “这里有我坐的地方吗?”“是的,在角上有。”

83、Yesterday I beat John at chess. He won only one set, while I won two sets.昨天我和约翰下棋,赢了他。他只赢了一盘,而我赢了两盘。

84、When no more letters came from her, I knew she was no longer in Canada.当她没有信来时,我就知道她不再在加拿大了。

85、In order to keep the children from swimming in sea, he keeps them staying at home all day.为了不让孩子们去海里游泳,他他们整天呆在家里。

86、I threw a stone to Tom and he picked it up and threw it at the dog.我把一块石头扔给汤姆,他拾起那块石头狗。

87、Jane’s pale face suggested that she was ill, and her parents suggested that she (should) have a medical examination.简苍白的脸色表明她生病了,她父母建议她做一下医学检查。

88、Their reform is a decided victory, but whether it is a decisive one only time can tell.他们的改革取得了成功,但是否决定性的胜利只能用时间来回答。

89、In the corner of the office stands a desk, on the corner of which lies a book.在办公室的角落里有一张桌子,在桌角上放着一本书。

90、My favorite TV show has a favorable review in the newspaper.我特别喜爱的电视节目得到报纸的评。

91、Mr. Black was afraid to climb the tree, for he was afraid of falling down from it.布莱克先生不敢爬树,因为他从树上掉下来。

92、The manager was angry at seeing his employee murmuring in the office then warned them not to whisper again.经理看到员工在办公室里窃窃私语非常生气,于是警告他们不要再私下交谈。

93、Mrs. Smith, you can’t take as much the fruit as freely though they are free today.斯密斯夫人,尽管这些水果今天免费,但也不能不受限制拿那么多。

94、He took my bag in error, while I took yours by mistake.他不巧错拿了我的包,而我错拿了你的包。

95、The little girl is fond of ice cream but she doesn’t like ice cream today.这小女孩一向喜爱冰淇淋,但今天却不喜欢

96、He got up early so as to catch the train. And in order to rise early, he set the alarm clock the previous night.他起的很早,为的是能赶上那趟火车;而为了能早起,他前天晚上就定了闹钟。

97、Since I’m not nearly ready, I have almost nothing to say.由于远没有准备好,我几乎没什么可说的。

98、Joe is a computer fan-he likes surfing the Internet all the time and playing computer games.乔是个电脑迷,他喜欢上网,喜欢玩电脑游戏

99、The majority of people are against the plan. I mean, most of the people are against the plan.大多数人都反对这计划。

100、Compared with your ***, mine is ***.I often compare it to ***.你的***相比,我的是***。我常比作***。

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