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1.What’s the probable relationship between the two speakers?
A. Husband and wife.       B. Strangers.          C. Father and daughter.
2. What’s the man going to do tonight?
A. Go to the cinema.      B. Sell the tickets.        C. See a friend.
3. Where probably is the man’s book now?
A. In the kitchen.         B. Under the chair.        C. On the shelf.
4. Where probably is Mr. Baker now?
A. At his office.         B. At a restaurant.            C. At the travel service.
5. How many children are there in the classroom?
A. Five.                         B. Seven.                C. Twelve.
6. What will the man do in a minute?
A. Sit down.       B. Have a rest.      C. Help cook supper.
7. What does the man mean?
 A. Tony is under the water.
B. Tony is not feeling well.
 C. Tony is watching the weather report.
8. What can we learn from the conversation?
 A. The man talked to a stranger just now.
 B. The stranger asked the two speakers the way to the bus stop.
 C. Neither the woman nor the stranger knows where the bus stop is.
9. What number did the man dial?
A. 65643216.          B. 65647216.        C. 65673216.
10. What is Mr. Smith doing right now?
  A. Repairing the phone.      B. Making the phone call.   C. Standing by a phone.
第二节 (本节有5小题,每小题2分,共10分)
听下面一段材料, 回答11—13三小题.
11. What will the woman do?
A. Go on a trip to Spain.      B. Move to Spain.    C. Study in Spain.
12. What will the woman do with her apartment?
A. Sell it.              B. Rent it.           C. Give it up.
13. What can we learn about the woman’s apartment from the conversation?
A. It has some good furniture inside.
B. The landlord is not very kind.
C. It is near the university.
听下面一段材料, 回答14—15两小题.
14. How will the woman go to Shanghai?
A. By train.                B. By air.           C. By bus.
15. How long will the woman stay in Shanghai?
A. About a week.       B. Just the weekend.            C. Four days.

16.Paris is ___ most beautiful city,where you can see___ famous Eiffel Tower.
A.a;the      B.a; 不填          C.the;a     D.不填;the
17. The corn powder with two other things _______ water to make all kinds of good.
A. are mixed with     B. is mixed with     C. are mixed by     D. is mixed by
18. Maria has to baby-sit.That’s___ she can’t come out with us.
A. why         B. how            C. when             D. what
19. People often want to know what my job is.Often I___ that question.
  A. ask         B. am asking              C. get asked       D. get asking
20. Jim talked for about half an hour yesterday. Never ______ him talk so much.
 A.I heard        B. did I hear        C.I had heard       D. had I heard
21. —Did you visit the famous museum?
  —No. We ________ it, but we spent too much time shopping.
 A. could have visited                  B. must have visited
 C. can’t have visited                  D. shouldn’t have visited
22.We didn’t plan to meet. We met ________ in the street.
 A. by the way          B. by chance       C. on purpose        D. in surprise
23.The motorcycle competition in the desert, ________ lasted ten days, is over now.
 A. it          B. where             C. which               D. that
24.---I heard Back Street Boys will sing at the New Theater.
  ---Where did you ________?
 A. pick that up     B. put that up      C. make that up     D. take that up
25.—This bag is perfect. Miss, how much does it cost?
   —________, but I don’t work here.
 A.I don’t know       B. I’m sorry     C. Maybe very dear        D. You can’t afford it

  Once upon a time, bee-keepers killed their bees every autumn. Why, you  26   ask. Well, the answer is this. To get some  27   , bee-keepers and farmers used to  28  small wooden boxes in a corner of the farmyard. Bees would come and  29  the box with honeycomb.  30  , there was no way of getting the honey out  31  killing the bees. So they used to burn a chemical  32  the box in order to kill the bees and then take the honey.
  Now, bee-keepers  33  beehives to collect honey. In the beehive there are a number of wooden  34  with spaces between them  35  can be lifted out. In later summer, the squares, which are now  36  of honeycomb are lifted out. The squares are put in  37  special machine and turned round and round very fast for several minutes. Turning the squares round and round  38  this  39  out the honey. Then the honey is collected and  40  jars. After that the empty squares are returned to the hive for the bees to fill with honey the following year.
26. A. need    B. may     C. should    D. must
27. A. honey    B. bees     C. honeycomb   D. space
28. A. put in    B. put away    C. put off    D. put out
29. A. fill    B. cover     C. supply     D. satisfy
30. A. Still    B. And     C. However      D. So
31. A. for    B. in     C. by      D. without
32. A. on    B. close to    C. in the front of   D. far from
33. A. want    B. take     C. use     D. expect
34. A. squares   B. boxes    C. sticks     D. bowls
35. A. many    B. they     C. it     D. which
36. A. full    B. filled     C . afraid    D. emptied
37. A. the    B. a     C. another    D. 不填
38. A. for    B. in     C. like     D. to
39. A. forces    B. makes    C. helps     D. drives
40. A. led into   B. brought into   C. poured into   D. got into

四、 阅读理解(共16小题;每小题2分,满分32分)
第一节 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。
A strange thing happens to nearly everybody at night. They turn off the lights, put up the covers and close their eyes. Six or seven hours later, they wake up again. Strange, isn’t it?
    Sleep puzzles science. Scientists and doctors would rather talk about why one can’t fall asleep. They are not so sure what causes sleep.
    The best conditions for sleep, they say, are good health and meal neither too big nor too small. No worries and a comfortable place to sleep in are important, too. They advise against two in one bed.
    Strange things happen during sleep. For example, you move often. You would feel tired if you didn’t. You also dream. Part of your brain is still awake when you dream. Dreaming happens when the memory and imagination parts of your brain are still awake. Experiments have shown that bad dreams may be caused by a stomachache.
    Don’t worry if you dream. Some great stories and poems were begun while the writers slept.
41. Sleep puzzles scientists because they are not certain _______. 
A. why one can’t fall asleep
B. why one wakes up six or seven sleeping hours later
C. both A and B
D. what causes sleep
42. You would feel tired during sleep if you ________.
A. move often  B. sleep on your back C. didn’t move D. went back too later
43. Dreaming happens when _______.
   A. you are in a deep sleep     B. you are not comfortable
   C. part of our brain is still awake   D. there’s too much noise  in the room
44. The best title for this passage is ________.
   A. Why You Dream      B. The Strangeness of Sleep
   C. What Happens During Sleep   D. The Cause of Sleep

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