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1、--------When do you usually ________ every morning?
--------At 6:30 and then have breakfast.
A.get up      B.get on     C.get together        D.get along
2、--------Have you ever been to Beijing?
--------Yes . I ________ there last summer.
A.go        B.went         C.have been          D.will go
3、--------_________ your classroom _________ every day?
--------Yes, it is.
A.Was, cleaned    B.Will, be cleaned    C.Is, cleaned    D.Has, been cleaned
4、-------Must I finish ________ the book in this week?
--------No, you needn’t.
A.to be read      B.to read           C.being read       D.reading
5、-------Have you decided _________ for your holiday?
-------To the Great Will.
A.where to go    B.when to go        C.how to go        D.who to go
6、-------Which of the twins will succeed?
-------The one ________ works harder, I think.
A.whom        B.who         C.which          D.whose
7、-------You went to the cinema last night, didn’t you?
--------________. I was at home.
A.Yes, I do        B.No, I don’t      C.No, I didn’t      D.Yes, I did
8、-------Is ________ here?
------No, Jack has asked for leave.
A.anybody      B.somebody      C.everybody      D.nobody
9、-----Tom is taller than Tim but not so tall as Bob. Which of them is _______?
-----Bob, of course.
A.tall       B.taller        C.tallest       D.the tallest
10、He bought _______ English book not _______ Chinese one.
A.a, a      B.the ,a       C.a , an         D.an, a
11.Not until they had walked eastward for some miles ________ the water.
A.they found    B.they did find     C.did they find      D.they didn′t  find
12.He insisted that I ________ in the room on time to prepare ________ the meeting。
A.was;for      B.am;at       C.be;for           D.should be;at
13.While ________ to foreigners,you must try your best to make yourself ________.
A.spoken…understood       B.spoken…understand
C.speaking…understood      D.speaking…understand
14.Beijing,as well as Xi′an,_________ so many places of interest。
A.is famous as     B.are famous as     C.is famous for        D.are famous for
15.Much attention ________ pronunciation if you want to speak English well。
A.should pay to   B.must be paid     C.should be paid to     D.will be paid
16. _______ a wrong address, I couldn’t find where Mr. Zhou lived.
A. Giving      B. To be given     C. Having been given      D. Having been given
17. She ______ in her letter that the building _______ was broken would be repaired soon.
A. told; of which the roof          B. spoke; whose roof
C. talked; of the roof              D. said; the roof of which
18.A car was riding ____a bus,____ sat a woman driver.
A. in front of, in front of which           B. in front of, in the front of which
C. in the front of, in front of which       D. in the front of, in the front of which
19.____ they become dirty, the lakes are not able to clean themselves
A. Once      B. since     C. As      D Because
20. In the end, we _____the village.
A. reached  B. arrived in  C. arrived    D got

Two friends were camping(野营)together. Their 21 were Jim and Tim . Tim was very lazy. On 22 first evening of their holidays Jim 23 to Tim, “Here’s some money. Go and buy some meat.” “I’m too tired,” answered Tim. “You go.” 24 Jim went to buy the meat himself. When he came back. He said to Tim. “Now, here’s the meat. Please cook it.” But Tim answered, “ 25 . I’m not good at 26 . You cook it.” So Jim cooked the meat, and cut the bread. Then he said to Tim, “Go and get 27 water, please. ” “No, I don’t want to get my clothes dirty.” Tim answered. So Jim got the 28 . At last Jim said, “The meat is 29 . Come and eat it.” “Well, I’ll do that,” answered Tim. I don’t like 30 “no all the time.”
21、A.brothers    B.names         C.friends         D.classmates
22、A.the         B.a             C.an              D./
23、A.talked      B.said          C.spoke           D.cried
24、A.As          B.But           C.So              D.Because
25、A.Not         B.Don’t        C.No              D.Yes
26、A.cooking     B.buying        C.eating          D.cutting
27、A.any         B.some          C.many            D.much
28、A.meat        B.bread         C.rice            D.water
29、A.ready      B.hot           C.dirty         D.cold
30、A.having     B.saying        C.getting       D.asking
Willson was a thief in the city. He always wandered about. Once an 31 policeman was taking him back to the city. On the way, they 32 a shop. He said to the policeman, “Let me 33 into the shop to buy some 34. We can eat it in the train. The policeman agreed and waited in front 35 the shop. He went into the shop and ran out of the back door. All the policemen of the town began to 36 him again. They soon caught him. They told 37 policemen to take him to the 38 again. On the way. Willson wanted to buy some bread again. The policeman said, “You are going to run again. This time, I’ll go to buy the bread 39. You must wait here 40 me.”
31、A.Germany      B.American       C.French       D.Japanese
32、A.saw          B.looked         C.watched      D.caught
33、A.run          B.rush           C.go           D.come
34、A.pens         B.drink          C.coats        D.bread
35、A.from         B.out            C.off          D.of
36、A.look after   B.look through   C.look for     D.look up
37、A.the same     B.a different    C.the other    D.a fat
38、A.town         B.shop           C.city         D.village
39、A.myself       B.ourselves      C.itself       D.yourself
40、A.on           B.in             C.for          D.to

On the River Thames there are a number of boat races every year and these have become very popular with the public. Perhaps the best – known of these races is the University Boat Race. This takes place just before Easter(复活节)every year and is a competition between teams from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. They row from Putney to Mertlake, a distance of about four and a quarter miles. This race has been taking place almost every year since 1829.
41、The best – known of these races is __________.
A.the Boat Race of the University of Oxford.
B.the Boat Race of the University of Cambridge
C.the Boat Race of the Olympic Games
D.the University Boat Race
42、Generally, the Boat Race takes place _________.
A.once a year     B.twice a year    C.every three years      D.every other year
43、The distance of the competition is about ________ miles.
A.4       B.5        C. 6        D.7
44、The race has been taking place for _________.
A.one hundred years           B.more than a century and a half
C.a century and a half        D.two centuries
45、The words “Putney” and “Mertlake” are _________.
A.names of places            B.names of teams
C.names of boat races        D.names of universities

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